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Enjoy a vetted list of Literary Magazines on NewPages.com. Browse the featured lit mags listed in NewPages to find short stories and longer fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, literary criticism, book reviews, author interviews, art, and photography. The magazine editor’s description for each sponsored literary magazine gives you an overview of editorial styles—what writers they have published and what they are looking for (with contact information, subscription rates, submission guidelines, and more).

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2river view literary magazine logo

The 2River View

2River quarterly publishes The 2River View, occasionally publishes individual authors in the 2River Chapbook Series, and blogs from Muddy Bank. All publications, online and printed, are free. Image


805 Lit + Art

805 Lit + Art publishes debut and emerging writers, poets, and artists in our quarterly, online journal. We take unsolicited and simultaneous submissions from contributors worldwide. 805 was founded in 2015 by a team of librarians and won the Innovation Award from the Florida Library Association in 2018. ImageImage

Able Muse Review literary magazine cover image

Able Muse

Able Muse is an annual review of poetry, prose, and art (including poems, fiction, essays, and book reviews). Each issue contains a featured poet and artist/photographer with a special interview. Image

About Place Journal literary magazine December 2022 cover image

About Place Journal

About Place Journal is published by the Black Earth Institute with each issue having a specific theme and edited by one of our BEI Fellows. Image

AGNI issue 99 cover image


AGNI is “a beacon of international literary culture . . . known for publishing important new writers early in their careers” (PEN). Image

Alaska Quarterly Review literary magazine Winter Spring 2023 cover image

Alaska Quarterly Review

One of America’s premier literary magazines and a source of powerful, new voices. Alaska Quarterly Review is “one of the nation’s best literary magazines,” The Washington Post Book World. Image

Allium literary magazine logo with garlic chives in bloom


Allium publishes work that is provocative, evocative, and bold. We are about inclusion—representing the range and diversity of writers’ voices. We believe the art of writing is an exploration—of a complex and evolving world. ImageImage


Apple in the Dark

Apple in the Dark is an online publication focusing on works of fiction and creative nonfiction no longer than 1,500 words. Image

The Apple Valley Review Spring 2024 cover image

Apple Valley Review

The Apple Valley Review is an online literary journal established in 2005 and published in the spring and fall. Each issue features a collection of beautifully crafted poetry, short fiction, and essays. Image



Arkana, the journal of the Arkansas Writers’ MFA Program, seeks and fosters a sense of shared wonder by publishing inclusive art that asks questions, explores mystery, and works to make visible the marginalized, the overlooked, and those whose voices have been silenced. Image

Arts & Letters Magazine issue 47 cover image

Arts & Letters

Arts & Letters is a nationally circulating literary journal, which for over two decades has attracted young, fresh voices as well as well-established poets and writers. ImageImage


The Awakenings Review

Established in 2000, The Awakenings Review is one of the nation’s leading literary reviews entirely committed to publishing the works of artists, writers, and poets with mental illness. The AR is a facet of The Awakenings Project, a Wheaton, Illinois-based group devoted to nurturing and advancing the creative works of artists with mental illness in all the arts, especially fine arts, music, drama, and literature. Image

Baltimore Review 2023 print annual cover image

Baltimore Review

Publishing since 1996, The Baltimore Review is an online and print journal of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Image Image


Bear Review

Bear Review is a biannual journal of poetry that showcases aesthetic competence and a knowledge of genre and literary tradition. We do admire experimentation and blurred genres, however, and we hope to give readers a view of the many and varied poetries written presently in English.  Image

Bellevue Literary Review 46 cover image

Bellevue Literary Review

Bellevue Literary Review is a unique literary magazine featuring short stories, essays, and poems that examine human existence through the prism of health and healing, illness and disease. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, BLR continues to highlight the creative connections between literature and medicine. Image

Beloit Fiction Journal Spring 2024 cover image

Beloit Fiction Journal

The Beloit Fiction Journal publishes the best in contemporary short fiction. Traditional and experimental narratives find a home in our pages. We publish new writers alongside established writers. Image


Bending Genres

We publish thrilling, oddball, unusual, stunning fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction pieces. Think Olympics on a case of Red Bull. Think October in April. Think Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. A world not quite right? Yes, this is Bending Genres. Image

Bennington Review Issue 12 cover image

Bennington Review

Bennington Review is a national biannual print journal of innovative, intelligent, and moving poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and film writing. Image

bioStories literary magazine logo


bioStories is conceived in the belief that every life can prove instructive, inspiring, or compelling, that every life holds moments of grace. Image

Blink Ink 55 cover image


Blink-Ink is a print literary journal home to the finest contemporary fiction of 50 words or less. Image

Blue Mountain Review December 2023 cover image

The Blue Mountain Review

The Blue Mountain Review is a journal of culture. Our passion is to represent all people from all walks of life. Stories are vital to our survival. We’d love a chance to preserve and promote yours. We feature original poetry, short stories, cross-genre, and visual art. ImageImage

Boulevard Winter 2024 issue cover image


Boulevard publishes the finest fiction, poetry, and essays since 1985. As Poet Laureate Daniel Hoffman said, “One of the half-dozen best literary journals.” ImageImage

Brilliant Flash Fiction literary magazine logo

Brilliant Flash Fiction

Founded in 2014, Brilliant Flash Fiction is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that publishes vibrant stories from around the world, illustrated with dazzling photography. Offering writing contests and writers’ tips through social media, this online journal never charges a fee for any of its services. Image

Carve Magazine Summer 2023 cover image

Carve Magazine

Carve publishes HONEST FICTION, poetry, nonfiction, interviews, illustrations, and more in quarterly print and digital issues and hosts the annual Raymond Carver Short Story Contest. Our mission is to foster a sense of camaraderie among all writers and readers and celebrate great literature with our borderless, inclusive, and diverse community. Image

cover of literary magazine Cherry Tree Issue 9

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree is an annual print journal that publishes the best poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and literary shade. Produced by the Literary House Press. Image

Chestnut Review Autumn 2023 cover image

Chestnut Review

Chestnut Review features poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, art, and photography from around the world. We are a writer-centered, selective publication with online quarterly and annual print publication. We pay our artists and staff and respond to all submissions within 30 days. ImageImage

cover of Chinese Literature and Thought Today Volume 53 Numbers 3 & 4

Chinese Literature and Thought Today

Chinese Literature & Thought Today grants the world direct access to China through high-quality translations of and fresh critical essays about contemporary Chinese literature, culture, philosophy, and intellectual history. ImageImage

Cholla Needles 80 cover image

Cholla Needles

Cholla Needles is a monthly literary magazine focused on established and emerging writers who have a distinctive voice and communicate well with readers. Image

Cover of Winter/Spring 2021 issue of literary magazine Cimarron Review

Cimarron Review

One of the oldest quarterlies in the nation, Cimarron Review publishes work with a wide-ranging aesthetic: the bold and ruminative, the sensitive and shocking, imaginative and truth-telling. Cimarron seeks the finest stories, poems, and essays from working writers across the country and around the world. Image

literary magazine Cleaver logo

Cleaver Magazine

Cleaver Magazine shares cutting-edge art and literary work from a mix of established and emerging voices. Image

literary magazine Club Plum logo

Club Plum Literary Journal

Club Plum Literary Journal publishes creative nonfiction, flash fiction, prose poetry and art by emerging and established authors whose absorbing tales and imagery unravels in voices either understated or lyrical but always powerful. Image

Online literary magazine Collateral logo


Collateral showcases literary and visual art that reveals the impact of military service and violent conflict beyond the combat zone. Image

Colorado Review Spring 2024 cover image

Colorado Review

Founded in 1956 and published three times a year, Colorado Review features contemporary short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction (memoir, personal essays) by both new and established writers. CR additionally sponsors the annual Colorado Prize for Poetry. Image

The Common issue 27 cover image

The Common

The Common publishes fiction, essays, poetry, and images that evoke a modern sense of place. Image Image Image

Consequence Spring 2023 cover image


Consequence is an international literary journal that addresses the human consequences and realities of war and geopolitical violence using literature and visual art to offer emotional as well as intellectual access to the experiences of victims, combatants, and witnesses of these conflicts. ImageImage

cover of Cool Beans Lit Issue 3, Spring 2024 issue

Cool Beans Lit

Cool Beans Lit publishes the best fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art, and photography that all coalesce into stunning issues. Our editorial focus is challenging, thoughtful, experimental, eclectic, and emotional from both new and established authors and artists. We are passionate about representing all types of voices and seek to offer a home to those who might be otherwise marginalized or underrepresented. Image

The Courtship of Winds Winter 2024 issue screenshot

The Courtship of Winds

The Courtship of Winds is a semiannual online journal that publishes poetry, prose poetry, fiction, essays, art, and short pieces of drama and music. Image

Logo of online literary magazine Cumberland River Review

Cumberland River Review

The Cumberland River Review: “Every issue is a revelation.” —Davis McCombs, National Book Critics Circle Award finalist for Ultima Thule Image

Logo of online literary magazine Cutleaf, published by EastOver Press


Cutleaf is an online literary journal with an annual print anthology published by EastOver Press. We feature work that responds to our common experience and reflects our differences. We welcome poetry, short stories, essays, and other nonfiction from established and emerging writers. Image


Dark River Review

Dark River Review is a national undergraduate literary magazine publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. We are sponsored by the Department of Languages and Literature at Alabama State University. Image

cover of The Dawn review Issue 3

The Dawn Review

The Dawn Review is an international literary magazine that promotes the surprising, the genre-bending, and the overwhelmingly human. The Dawn Review publishes all genres of written and visual work in its three annual issues. Published pieces are nominated for the Pushcart Prizes and Best of the Net.

Screenshot of literary magazine The Decadent Review's website

The Decadent Review

The Decadent Review is a l’art pour art non-commercial publication focusing on poetry, criticism, literature, art, and the abstract. Image

december magazine issue 34.2 cover image


december is published twice a year and features fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction (including essays, memoir, and literary journalism), and visual art. Image


Decolonial Passage

Decolonial Passage has rolling submissions and welcomes writing from writers of all backgrounds regardless of race, gender, disability, or geographical location. Simultaneously, we center writing from African, African-American, and Black Diaspora writers. We nominate for Pushcart, Best of the Net, and PEN. Image

diode literary journal graphic logo

Diode Poetry Journal

Diode Poetry Journal: The home of electropositive poetry since 2007. Image

literary magazine Dogwood Spring 2021 cover image 321x500 pixels


Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose is an award-winning annual print journal founded in 2001—also available via LitRagger—publishing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. ImageImage

literary magazine Driftwood 2023 Anthology cover image

Driftwood Press

Driftwood Press is a literary organization that offers an editing service, online seminars, and publishes poetry collections, novellas, graphic novels, and an annual print and digital anthology. Inside the anthology, we feature fiction, poetry, comics, art, photography, interviews, and craft essays. We pay for everything we publish. Image

logo of online literary magazine Emerald City "Fiction for Life"

Emerald City

Emerald City is a quarterly online fiction magazine founded by the creative writing program at Pittsburg State University in 2019. At Emerald City, we believe fiction is a necessary part of everyday life. Image


Exposition Review

Exposition Review is a multi-genre literary journal dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established artists through narratives in all forms. Image

Fictive Dream

Fictive Dream is an ezine for contemporary fiction that gives an insight into the human condition, and often tackles difficult subjects. We like stories with a distinctive voice, clarity of thought, and precision of language. They may be challenging, unsettling, uplifting, but above all, they must be well-crafted and compelling.Image

The Fiddlehead issue 297 cover image

The Fiddlehead

The Fiddlehead, Atlantic Canada’s international literary journal, is entertainment for the thoughtful with its mix of poetry and stories by established and new writers. Image

online literary magazine Flash Frog logo

Flash Frog

Flash Frog is an online literary magazine obsessed with flash fiction. We publish one story a week accompanied by an original piece of art created just for that piece. We like our stories like we like our dart frogs: Small. Brightly colored. Deadly to the touch. Image


Foglifter Journal

Foglifter Journal continues the San Francisco Bay Area’s tradition of groundbreaking queer and trans writing and emphasizes publishing multi-marginalized voices. Image

cover of Fourth Genre's Spring 2023 issue

Fourth Genre

Published twice annually by Michigan State University Press, Fourth Genre is a literary journal that explores the boundaries of contemporary literary nonfiction. We’re interested in all forms of the essay: personal, nature, environmental, graphic, lyric, travel, cultural, political, occasional, traditional, and pretty much anything else that plays with the long tradition of the nonfiction essay. ImageImage

Ganga Review 2023 cover image

Ganga Review

The Ganga Review is a journal of international writings for liberation. The magazine is published annually in New York City by Chintamani Books. The journal includes fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, translation, and art by established and emerging writers, including people who are homeless or in prison. Image

Cover of Gargoyle Magazine's last print literary magazine issue

Gargoyle Magazine

Gargoyle Magazine has always been a scallywag magazine, a maverick magazine, a bit too academic for the underground and way too underground for the academics. Image

cover image of The Georgia Review Spring 2024 issue

The Georgia Review

Published out of the University of Georgia since 1947, The Georgia Review is an award-winning literary journal featuring exciting new work from international and local authors in all stages of their careers. Image



Glassworks is a publication of the MA in Writing program at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, founded as “GlassWorks in the Woods” in 1779. Glassworks publishes literary work from both emerging and established writers from across North America and around the world. We especially seek to promote work by new authors and those from marginalized communities. ImageImageImage

Gold Man Review

The aim of Gold Man Review, an annual literary journal, is to serve and support our community of authors residing on the West Coast. We are really proud of our West Coast vibe and are always on the lookout for unusual submissions that blur the traditional lines of storytelling. Image

Good River Review Issue 71 cover image

Good River Review

Good River Review is the literary journal of the School of Creative and Professional Writing at Spalding University. We publish two issues a year. Between issues, we regularly feature book reviews, interviews, essays on the practice of writing, and other important literary news. Image

The Greensboro Review Spring 2024 cover image

The Greensboro Review

Greensboro Review publishes fiction and poetry twice a year, each fall and spring. Work from the journal is consistently cited in collections honoring the finest new writing. Image

Hiram Poetry Review 2024 cover image

Hiram Poetry Review

The Hiram Poetry Review has been publishing witty, distinctive and heroic poetry since 1966. Image

Hole in the Head re:View 5.2 cover image

Hole In The Head Review

Hole In The Head Review was described by one reader this way: “I found it terrifically gratifying: all the poems sassy, demotic, smart, gritty, crackling with energy. I thought: I want to be with them.” We take editorial direction from Emily Dickinson, “If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that it is poetry.” Image

logo for The Howl literary magazine

The Howl

The Howl is an online platform for high-school-age creators. We publish and amplify a wide variety of written and multimedia content that whirls out of the unique storms that young people brave. Image

Humana Obscura Spring 2024 cover image

Humana Obscura

Humana Obscura is an independent, biannual literary magazine publishing the best new, emerging, and established writers and artists in the “nature space.” As our name suggests—”obscured human”—we focus on work where the human element is concealed but not entirely absent, aiming to revive the genre of nature-centric poetry and artwork in today’s modern world. ImageImage

literary magazine Hypertext Magazine (online) logo

Hypertext Magazine

An independent press since 2010, Hypertext Magazine (online) and Hypertext Review (print) are the publishing initiatives of Chicago-based Hypertext Magazine & Studio (HMS). Our publications have always amplified the work of underrepresented, emerging, and established writers and visual artists. Hypertext is the place where innovative and genre-bending work coexist with more traditional forms. We publish startling short fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, interviews, and delightful surprises that merge genres and bend rules. ImageImage

cover of literary magazine I-70 Review Summer/Fall 2021 issue

I-70 Review

I-70 Review is an annual literary magazine that publishes short fiction, poetry, and visual black and white art from both emerging and established writers. The journal holds constant to work that is surprising and fresh, believing original voice is essential in poetry and fiction. ImageImage

cover of Iowa Review Fall 2023 issue

The Iowa Review

The Iowa Review is edited by faculty, students, and staff from the renowned writing and literature programs at the University of Iowa, taking advantage of this rich environment for literary collaboration to create a worldwide conversation among those who read and write contemporary literature. ImageImage


Jelly Bucket

Print annual of Bluegrass Writer Studio, the low-res MFA program at Eastern Kentucky University. Work from Jelly Bucket has been shortlisted in the Best American anthology series, and we nominate for The Pushcart Prize and PEN America Literary Awards. First-time and emerging authors have appeared alongside Eileen Casey, Ted Cooser, Stuart Dybek, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Sonja Livingston, Frank X. Walker, and Kevin Wilson. And we read in summer! Image

Jewish Fiction .net literary magazine large logo

Jewish Fiction .net

Jewish Fiction .net is currently the only English-language journal, either print or online, devoted exclusively to publishing Jewish fiction. We proudly showcase the finest contemporary Jewish-themed fiction from around the world (either written in, or translated into, English). Stories and novel excerpts are both welcome. Image

Kaleidoscope Summer/Fall 2023 issue cover image


Kaleidoscope magazine creatively focuses on the experiences of disability through literature and the fine arts publishing personal essays, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and book reviews. Image

Minerva Rising Press, parent company of The Keeping Room, new logo

The Keeping Room

The Keeping Room is an online magazine for all women writers and artists publishing work on topics related to Women’s Wisdom, Lessons Learned, Self-care, Bodies, Relationships, and Community. Image

The Kenyon Review Summer 2024 cover image

The Kenyon Review

Building on a long tradition of excellence, the Kenyon Review has evolved from a distinguished literary magazine to a pre-eminent arts organization. KR is devoted to nurturing, publishing, and celebrating the best in contemporary writing in its flagship bimonthly print magazine and in KROnline, its distinct digital journal. ImageImageImage


L’Esprit Literary Review

L’Esprit was born in celebration of the literary revolution of consciousness represented by High Modernism and is dedicated to publishing work in that spirit. Image

the lake literary magazine logo large

The Lake

The Lake is an online poetry magazine publishing the best contemporary poetry and reviews monthly. Image


Lake Effect

Lake Effect is a literary journal based out of Penn State Behrend publishing fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Image

Screenshot of online literary magazine The Lascaux Review

The Lascaux Review

The Lascaux (rhymes with toe) Review is an online literary magazine publishing fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction of literary quality, as well as essays on the craft and business of writing. Image


Last Leaves Magazine

Here at Last Leaves we know that sharing your work can be difficult, but it’s easier in community. We strive to create a space where writers can share work together. We publish quirky, raw, and beautiful poetry and art. ImageImage

cover of literary magazine Leaders Igniting Generational Healing and Transformation (LIGHT) Issue 1


We are leaders igniting generational healing and transformation. We are committed to the power creativity, in all its forms, can have on our health and well-being. Our magazine LIGHT is focused on how we might reimagine public health as art, letters, stories, poetry, and whatever else the public feels is necessary to surprise us with. ImageImageImage


The Light Ekphrastic

The Light Ekphrastic is a quarterly literary magazine dedicated to the creation of new written and visual art through collaboration between artists. Image

The MacGuffin Fall 2023 cover image


The MacGuffin, a national literary magazine from Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan, is a collection of the best poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Image

The Main Street Rag Spring 2024 cover image

The Main Street Rag

The Main Street Rag is an independent literary magazine. Our support comes from subscribers, contributors, and readers. Are we a little rough around the edges? Depends on the stodginess of your perspective. We’re not seeking perfection, but freedom of expression. Send us your best. The rest will sort itself out. Image

The Malahat Review 225

The Malahat Review

One of Canada’s most admired journals, publishing contemporary poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction by emerging and established writers from across the country and around the world. ImageImage

screenshot of online literary magazine MAYDAY Magazine's website

MAYDAY Magazine

MAYDAY Magazine presents new poetry, prose, translations, political/cultural commentary, and visual art to a growing community of international readers. Image

The Meadow 2023 cover image

The Meadow

The Meadow is the annual print and online literary journal of Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada. Image

logo for online literary magazine Memoir Magazine with tagline

Memoir Magazine

Memoir Magazine features artwork, creative nonfiction and personal essays, interviews and book reviews, and aims to support storytellers through publication, education, and advocacy. ImageImage


The Midwest Quarterly A Journal of Contemporary Thought

The Midwest Quarterly is a literary magazine based out of Pittsburg State University publishing scholarly articles and poetry. Image

The Missouri Review Spring 2024 cover image

The Missouri Review

The Missouri Review is one of the premier publishers of the best new stories, essays, and poems from Pulitzer Prize winners to unpublished emerging writers. ImageImage

cover of Mistake House Issue 9 used for 2023-24 reading period

Mistake House Magazine

An annual online literary journal, Mistake House Magazine juxtaposes work by both student and professional writers and artists. Image

Months to Years online literary magazine fall 2022 issue cover image

Months To Years

Months To Years’ mission is to cultivate a beautifully designed online space to share compelling and original nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography that explores mortality and terminal illness. Image


MoonPark Review

Founded in 2017, MoonPark Review is a quarterly online journal that publishes compelling, imaginative short prose, including flash (fiction/nonfiction) and prose poetry. Thirteen prose pieces (or thirteen writers) are featured each quarter, accompanied with original illustrations. Image

Mudfish 24 cover image


Mudfish takes its title from the storyteller’s stool in Nigerian art. In diverse ways, the poems each tell a story. Featuring both new and established poets and artists—including John Ashbery, Charles Simic, and Frank Stella—this handsome, thick journal reflects the passionate, edgy, intimate voice of the 21st century. Image



Narrative is an online literary journal dedicated to advancing literature in the digital age by supporting the finest writing talent. Image

New England Review 45.1 Spring 2024

New England Review

Publishing fiction, poetry, essays, and translations since 1978, New England Review gives readers a vital snapshot of the literary moment, four times a year, in its richness, complexity, and diversity. ImageImage

New Letters Winter/Spring 2024 issue cover image

New Letters

New Letters, a magazine of writing and art founded in 1934, publishes fiction, essays, poetry, and reviews by established and emerging writers alike. New Letters is committed to publishing creative work that pushes the boundaries of form. We prize innovative use of language and uniqueness of voice above all else. Image

logo for online literary magazine New Note Poetry

New Note Poetry

New Note Poetry is an online quarterly magazine that features bold poets and their verses. We believe poetry is the jazz of the written word. We are always free to read and free to submit. Image

Nimrod International Journal Spring Summer 2024 cover image


Nimrod International Journal, founded at The University of Tulsa in 1956, has been a leader in the publication of established writers and the discovery of emerging writers for over 60 years. Each issue contains an engaging and diverse selection of poetry, short fiction, and short creative nonfiction. ImageImage

cover of Obsidian Volume 47.1


Obsidian cultivates, through publication and critical inquiry, Black imagination, innovation, and excellence—supporting Black, African, and African Diaspora creatives globally. Recognized by the NEA as one of the premier journals dedicated to Africa and African Diaspora Literatures, Obsidian is published biannually in print and year round at obsidianlit.org. ImageImage


OffCourse Literary Journal

OffCourse, since 1998, a quarterly journal for poetry, criticism, reviews, stories and essays edited by Ricardo Nirenberg. Image

One sponsored listing image


One is an award-winning literary magazine publishing work by winners and finalists for the Pulitzer Prize, MacArthur Genius Grant, and National Book Award, as well as first timers and mid-career poets. Featuring writers from six continents. Winner and Honorable Mention awards from Best of the Net. Editors’ nominations for the Pushcart Prize. Image

Oracle: Fine Arts Review logo

Oracle: Fine Arts Review

Oracle: Fine Arts Review is the University of South Alabama’s student-edited literary journal. We accept submissions during the fall semester and publish one print issue annually each summer. Image

campfire on a beach at a sunset - Otis Nebula issue archive image

Otis Nebula

Otis Nebula seeks to remedy what the internet has wrought upon common social spaces, to be as close to a campfire as you can get on a screen. To this end, we want writing for the end of the Anthropocene that doesn’t address current conditions explicitly but does demonstrate an awareness of how things are. We like poems with a pulse and stories with legs. Please keep it short ( < 1000 words preferred, regardless of genre). Send images, comics, and doodles, too. Image

cover of The Palisades Review Issue 1

Palisades Review

The Palisades Review is a print and online literary magazine that celebrates short form nonfiction. Published quarterly, we feature compressed stories that reverberate and deepen our collective sense of self, stories that are charged within by the extraordinary capacity of language to create community from individuals. ImageImage

Paterson Literary Review 2023 cover image

Paterson Literary Review

The Paterson Literary Review (PLR) is a multicultural literary review established in 1979. PLR features work by well-known writers as well as by writers whose work is so good, they should be well-known. Image

cover of Permafrost Issue 42.2

Permafrost Magazine

Permafrost is a biannual literary journal run by the MFA program in Creative Writing at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with one print and one online issue each year. We feature the highest quality fiction, poetry, nonfiction, hybrid, and artwork, from both established and emerging writers and artists. Image

Plume #144 cover image


Plume publishes the very best contemporary poetry: national and international voices presented in monthly issues with twelve poets contributing one poem each, as well as book reviews, essays, and a Featured Selection focusing on the work of a single poet, with an introduction and interview. Image

cover of literary magazine Posit Issue 34


Posit is an online journal of carefully curated poetry, prose, and art. We seek work that is innovative, thoughtful, well-crafted, and challenging—writing whose strong voice rewards the reader’s attention with layers of implication and beauty. We welcome many aesthetic styles but are especially interested in experimental work. Image

Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry 2024 issue cover image


Presence is an annual journal of the best poetry informed by the Catholic faith, also featuring book reviews and interviews. Image

Prime Number Magazine logo

Prime Number Magazine

Prime Number Magazine, a Pushcart Prize-winning online triannual journal, publishes poetry and fiction from new, emerging, and established writers of all ages from around the world. Guest editors each issue. Image


PRISM International

PRISM international is a quarterly magazine based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. We strive to uplift and shine a light on emerging and established voices across Canada and internationally, and are especially committed to providing a platform for folks who have been systematically marginalized in the literary community. We waive all entry fees for Black and Indigenous writers. Image

Red Tree Review

Red Tree Review publishes poems that surprise, harrow, and awe, featuring both emerging and established literary voices in a sharp online format. Image



Revolute is a digital literary magazine of the Randolph College MFA program and is committed to publishing engaging poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Creative work is accepted during one reading period each fall, and micro reviews are accepted year-round. Image



RHINO Poetry is a high-quality print literary journal featuring well-crafted, diverse poetry, flash fiction, and translations. Image

Rivanna Review

Rivanna Review is a quarterly print literary journal and cable TV monthly in Charlottesville, Virginia, on the Rivanna River. Image


River Heron Review

River Heron Review, established in 2018, publishes poetry from established and emerging writers in an attractive, free-access online issue twice a year. RHR remains committed to offering compelling poetry from a diverse population of writers as part of our mission to make poetry accessible to a wide audience. Image


River Teeth

River Teeth is a biannual print journal publishing the best of creative nonfiction, including narrative reportage, essays, and memoir. We are also home to Beautiful Things, a weekly online magazine of micro-essays. Image


Rogue Agent

What is it like to live in your body? We want your skin, your liver, your viscera. We want your joy and your frustration, your vulnerable poems and art. Rogue Agent is interested in amplifying voices that are traditionally marginalized, including queer, POC, and dis/abled voices. Image


Salamander specializes in publishing highly accomplished poetry, fiction, and memoirs by writers who deserve a wider audience for their work. ImageImage

cover art for the Spring 2023 issue of Santa Clara Review

Santa Clara Review

The Santa Clara Review is a student-edited literary/arts magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, short plays, art, and photography by students and professionals from around the world. We release issues in February and May each year in a full-color, perfect-bound edition, as well as online. ImageImage

Sheila-Na-Gig online poetry journal logo image

Sheila-Na-Gig online

Sheila-Na-Gig online supports work of established/emerging poets in a crisp, uncluttered space. Free poetry submissions and fee-based quarterly contests and annual full manuscript contest. Image



Shenandoah has featured great literature since 1950. Supporting poets, fiction writers, nonfiction writers, comic artists, and translators. Image


Shift: A Journal of Literary Oddities

An international, student-run journal published by the Ringling College of Art and Design, Shift features fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, graphic texts, or other work in English or in translation by emerging and established writers. We welcome images, too, and delight in literary oddities that push boundaries, challenge expectations, and defy easy categorization. ImageImage

Shooter Literary Magazine

Shooter Literary Magazine is a biannual, themed print journal showcasing short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Publishes engaging literary work that appeals to both head and heart. Offers annual fiction and poetry competitions, a monthly flash fiction/nonfiction contest, and editing services. Writers and cover artists are paid for their work. Image

The Shore Issue 21 cover image

The Shore Poetry

The Shore publishes poems exploring the worlds of things and ideas, recognizing the liminality, the shifting of everything, our ability to name a thing whole. Image

Sky Island Journal Spring 2024 cover image

Sky Island Journal

Sky Island Journal is an independent, international literary journal; we discover and publish the finest poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction. Always free-access and advertising-free, we publish accomplished authors—side by side—with emerging voices for over 150,000 readers in 150 countries. Our average response time is 9 days. Image


Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine

Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine is devoted to publishing quality work that doesn’t merely strike a familiar chord but enriches our experience. Image


The Society of Classical Poets

The Society of Classical Poets website receives millions of views every year. Visitors read engaging, beautiful, topical verse that enlivens Western Civilization’s great conversation. The SCP continues the formal tradition of using meter and other time-honored techniques. We are dedicated to the continuation of Beauty, Goodness, Truth, and excellent poetry. ImageImage


Solstice Literary Magazine

Solstice experiments. We publish fine work, of course, from published established writers to emerging writers, whether formal or informal, traditional or experimental. We also publish underserved writers, or writers on the margins. We publish writers of diverse nationalities, races and religions, and also writers from diverse cultures within our culture. ImageImage


South 85 Journal

South 85 Journal promises and delivers strong setting and characters, all written by a carefully curated selection of strong creative writers.”—NewPages

South Dakota Review 58.2 cover image

South Dakota Review

South Dakota Review is a literary print journal published quarterly at The University of South Dakota. Image

Southern Humanities Review Issue 57.1 cover image

Southern Humanities Review

Southern Humanities Review publishes fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction—as well as the occasional translation—by new and established writers. Image

Sppon River Poetry Review Winter 2023 cover image

SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review)

Contemporary poetry in English from the U.S. and around the world in English translation. Image

Still Point Arts Quarterly Spring 2024 cover image

Still Point Arts Quarterly

Still Point Arts Quarterly focuses on nature, art, and spirit; a feast for the eyes and the soul. Includes art of all periods and genres, along with fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Intended for artists, nature lovers, seekers, and enthusiasts. Each issue focuses on a topic, with more information found at our submissions page. ImageImage


Storm Cellar

Independent since 2011, Storm Cellar is a journal of safety and danger in every sense. Emphasizing the Midwest, and showcasing surprising, amazing writing and art by marginalized voices including Indigenous, Black, POC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, poor, neurodivergent, and border-straddling creators, it is not a distraction from boredom but a cure. ImageImage


StoryQuarterly is a literary journal publishing emerging and established writers for over 30 years. Image

The Sunlight Press logo

The Sunlight Press

The Sunlight Press, is a nonprofit literary journal, publishing new and established voices in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, craft essays, and photography. Founded in 2017, the journal is strictly online publishing twice weekly. We’re interested in how people turn toward light and hope, respond to darkness, and navigate unknown spaces. Image

Superpresent Spring 2024 cover image


Superpresent was founded in 2020. We publish essays, fiction, poetry, visual art, film, and experimental art. ImageImageImage


Swamp Ape Review

Swamp Ape Review is a literary and visual arts journal out of Florida Atlantic University. We encourage hybrid or non-traditional pieces that unsettle our assumptions of what is possible. Image

swamp pink no. 1 cover

swamp pink

Formerly known as Crazyhorseswamp pink publishes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction semi-monthly online. Our aim is to continue publishing exceptional work from writers at all stages of their careers. We are particularly interested in submissions from writers of color and writers from marginalized and underrepresented communities. Image

Terrain.org new logo


With its focus on place, climate, and justice, Terrain.org publishes place-based editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, hybrid forms, articles, videos, reviews, interviews, the ARTerrain gallery, the Unsprawl case study, and critically-acclaimed series such as Letter to America on a rolling basis. Image

Thema Spring 2024 cover image


THEMA is a journal of short stories, poetry, photography and art, each issue based on a unique theme. What do the themes mean? We don’t know! You tell us. Let each theme roll around in your head and see what unique ideas emerge. One premise—many interpretations. Image

cover of The Tiger Moth Review Issue 10

The Tiger Moth Review

The Tiger Moth Review is a new, independent art + literature online journal that publishes poetry, prose, art, and photography engaging with nature, culture, the environment and ecology. We champion minority, marginalized, and underrepresented voices, and publish works in translation. ImageImage


Tint Journal

Tint Journal, the online literary magazine for non-native English creative writing, publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by non-native English or ESL writers in biannual issues. Interview and review submissions on ESL writers or books are accepted year-round by contributors of any linguistic background. #showyourtint Image


Topical Poetry

Topical Poetry is an all-inclusive webzine that publishes poems on current events and news. It combines the power of poetry and the dynamism of modern societies. Our goal is to provide a home to quality poetic reactions! React poetically! Image


trampset is an online literary journal publishing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry on a rolling basis. Image

Under the Gum Tree Summer 2023 cover image

Under the Gum Tree

Under the Gum Tree is an independent literary arts micro-magazine. Because we strive for authentic connections through vulnerability, we exclusively publish creative nonfiction and visual art. ImageImage

Valley Voices Spring 2024 cover image

Valley Voices

Valley Voices: A Literary Review is a biannual publishing prose, poetry, interviews, and criticism from writers and scholars from the Mississippi Delta and elsewhere. Works published in Valley Voices have been selected for anthologies, scholarly books, and The Best American Poetry. Image

banner for The Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast

Viewless Wings

Viewless Wings Press was founded in 2020 to celebrate the art of poetry. Viewless Wings produces the Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast, featuring interviews and submitted poetry, publishes poetry collections, and has produced award-winning poetry films. ImageImageImage

Vita Poetica Journal Summer 2023 cover image

Vita Poetica Journal

The Vita Poetica Journal is an online quarterly publication of creative work explored through a spiritual lens. This may be engaging directly with religious faith or a broader inquiry into meaning and the human experience. Submissions of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, essays, and visual art are welcome. Image

cover of Water-Stone Review Volume 25

Water~Stone Review

Water~Stone Review is one of the most elegant, substantial literary journals anywhere on the American scene….It will nourish and uplift you.”—Naomi Shihab Nye Image


Watershed Review

Watershed Review‘s mission is to publish literature and visual art illustrating diversity in thought and experience, capturing the crucial narratives and images of our current cultural moment, as well as awareness of the shifting edges of genre. We aim to create a multifaceted gathering of voices. Image


Waterwheel Review: Literature Without Labels

Waterwheel Review publishes three pieces of writing each month, without labeling by genre. Writing is presented alongside other art forms, including photography, painting, sculpture, music, and film. Every issue is an immersive art experience with writing at its heart. Image

Waxing & Waning

Waxing & Waning is a literary journal committed to what’s on the fringe, whatever is deep and true. ImageImage

West Trade Review Spring 2023 issue cover

West Trade Review

West Trade Review is published quarterly (one print edition each spring and an online quarterly each summer, fall, and winter). We strive to put forth the best contemporary poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction (memoir/personal essays), photography, and artwork and publish a mix of established and up and coming writers/artists. ImageImage


Willawaw Journal

Willawaw Journal is an online magazine for poetry and art, published twice a year. Each issue features the poem prompt of a northwest poet laureate and sometimes a model response from the editor. Our mission is to support and encourage creativity, community, and diversity. Image

Willow Springs Spring 2024 issue cover image

Willow Springs

Willow Springs is a national literary journal featuring the best of new and established writers of contemporary poetry and prose, as well as interviews with authors of note, including Stuart Dybek, Marilynne Robinson, Joyce Carol Oates, Maggie Smith, Rebecca Brown, D. Nurkse, Jericho Brown, Ramona Ausubel, and Laura Kasischke. ImageImage

Wordrunner eChapbooks Issue 51 cover image

Wordrunner eChapbooks

Wordrunner eChapbooks is a hybrid of literary journal and online chapbook, the latter featuring mini-fiction collections by one author that are also available as ebooks. Our annual online journals are themed anthologies of fiction, CNF or memoir, and poetry. All authors are paid. ImageImage

World Literature Today May 2024 cover image

World Literature Today

The award-winning World Literature Today, your passport to world literature and culture for over ninety years. ImageImage


The Write Place at the Write Time

The Write Place at the Write Time is about the synchronistic convergences of time, place, readers, and writers that create unforgettable moments where lives change course and dreams are born. Image

The Writing Disorder Spring 2024 cover image

The Writing Disorder

Writing Disorder is a quarterly literary journal. We publish new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art. We also feature interviews and reviews. Our mission is to showcase new and emerging writers—particularly those in writing programs—as well as established writers. We welcome original and experimental work. Image

Zone 3 literary magazine spring 2022 issue cover image

Zone 3

Zone 3 publishes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from beginning and established writers. Image