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    With its focus on place, climate, and justice, Terrain.org publishes place-based editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, hybrid forms, articles, videos, reviews, interviews, the ARTerrain gallery, the Unsprawl case study, and critically-acclaimed series such as Letter to America on a rolling basis.

  • Editor(s): Simmons B. Buntin
  • Contact Information:

  • Organization (if applicable):
  • Address 1: P.O. Box 41484
  • City: Tucson
  • State Code: AZ
  • Postal Code: 85717
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Submission/Subscription Information:

  • Format: Online
  • Genres: Fiction, Interviews, Nonfiction, Poetry, Reviews, Video
  • Simultaneous Submissions: yes (with notice)
  • Postal Submissions: no
  • Email Submissions: no
  • Online Submissions: yes (see website)
  • Reading Period: 10/1-4/21 (regular), 5/1-9/4 (contest)
  • Response Time: 8-20 weeks
  • Payment: yes ($50)
  • Contests: yes (see website)
  • ISSN: 1932-9474
  • Founded: 1997

Publisher’s description: With a focus on place, climate, and justice, Terrain.org is an award-winning, independent magazine of literature, artwork, commentary, and design founded in 1997.

Contributions to Terrain.org are of the highest quality, by a variety of contributors for a diverse, informed, and progressive audience. Contributors range from icons in the field of nature writing, such as Wendell Berry, Jane Hirshfield, Camille T. Dungy, and Joy Harjo, to essential new voices that are changing both writing and place itself, such as Aisha Sabatini Sloan, José Angel Araguz, and Joe Wilkins. Likewise, our critically acclaimed series—including Letters to America, A Life of Science, and Pam Houston’s Twenty Words During Lockdown—respond in real time to the most urgent social and environmental justice issues of the day. The works Terrain.org publishes on a rolling schedule merge literary and graphic art with science and activism in a beautiful, interactive design.

Terrain.org is the world’s first place-based online journal. We were founded on a vision of marrying literary work—poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction—with articles and community case studies. By mixing poetry and prose with design, architecture, and urban planning, Terrain.org creates a unique community of place-based readers and contributors that has continued to expand just as the journal has expanded.

All contributions are archived indefinitely, providing the broadest possible exposure to the writers, artists, and other contributors.

Work originally appearing in Terrain.org has been included in Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses, Best American Essays, Best American Poetry, Verse Daily, Poetry Daily, several best-of-the-web series, and countless anthologies and books.

You can find Terrain.org on YouTube.

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