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Magazine Stand :: Terrain.org – November 2022

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Terrain.org publishes place-based editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, hybrid forms, articles, videos, reviews, interviews, the ARTerrain gallery, the Unsprawl case study, and critically acclaimed series such as Letter to America on a rolling basis. Readers to the most recent posts will find the wild in its many forms: wildlife, wild kin, wildflowers, and the wild mind it takes to reconnect with wild earth. Read poetry by Brian Turner, an interview with Gavin Van Horn, and an excerpt of David Hinton’s new book, plus a Letter to America by Rashna Wadia, a delightfully skunky poem by Sunni Brown Wilkinson, a wild story by Natalli Amato, and learn about wildflowers above the Colorado treeline in “A Life of Science.” All of Terrain.org‘s content is free and accessible to read online. Teachers (and students – tell your teachers!) Terrain.org offers Teach Terrain.org – “Outstanding place-based, ad-free literature and more for high schools, colleges, and communities” with materials ranging from “lyrical poetry to longform journalism and from detailed community case studies to interviews of some of the world’s most important thinkers. Many contributions also include audio and other interactive features such as slideshows, maps, and video.”

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