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Independent Publishers & University Presses - A NewPages Guide

The best online guide to independent & university book publishers.

Book publishers, including independent publishers, university presses, and small presses listed in the NewPages guide are primarily from the U.S. and Canada. Are we missing a press? Contact us to let us know.

Disclaimer: NewPages works hard to list reputable, traditional publishers in this guide, but it is up to each individual to use their own judgement and discretion in assessing publishers before submitting to them. We highly recommend checking out Writer Beware which does a good job of identifying bad actors. If you have any concerns about any of the presses that we list, please contact us.

Featured Publishers

Bitter Oleander Press

The Bitter Oleander is always reading and endeavors to publish imaginative poetry and translations of living poets from every corner of the world.
Read more: Bitter Oleander Press

Orison Books

Orison Books is a non-profit literary press focused on the life of the spirit from a broad and inclusive range of perspectives.
Read more: Orison Books

Paycock Press

Paycock Press publishes mostly poetry and short fiction collections. We also like to develop our own quirky anthology ideas.
Read more: Paycock Press
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Complete Publisher Listings

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11:11 Press poetry

2Leaf Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction

3 Hole Press drama

3 of Cups Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

39 West Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

The 3rd Thing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

404 Ink fiction, nonfiction, poetry

42 Miles Press poetry, books, chapbooks

7.13 Books fiction

8th House Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry

A Public Space Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

The A3 Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, photography, cross-genre, chapbooks

Able Muse Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, anthologies

above/ground press (Canada) poetry, poetics, chapbooks, broadsides

AC Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Academy Chicago Publishers poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Acre Books fiction, poetry, anthology

ActionBooks poetry

Affirm Press fiction, nonfiction, children’s

Africa World Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

After Hours poetry

Airlie Press poetry

AK Press nonfiction, audio

Akashic Books fiction

Alternating Current Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

And Other Stories (UK) fiction, nonfiction

Anhinga Press poetry

Annick Press fiction, nonfiction, childrens/YA

Anomalous Press fiction, poetry, chapbooks

Anti-Oedipus Press anti-oedipal fiction, nonfiction, antifiction, outrefiction, cryofiction and superzerofiction

Anvil Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Apocalypse Party fiction, poetry

Apogee Press poetry

Applebeard Editions fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Apprentice House Press fiction, nonfiction

April Gloaming Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cross-genre, art

Apt. 9 Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, chapbooks

Arbeiter Ring Publishing (Canada) poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Archipelago Books poetry, fiction

Argos Books poetry, translations, cross-genre

Arkbound Publishing nonfiction

Arrowsmith Press translations, poetry, prose

Arsenal Pulp Press fiction, nonfiction

Arte Público Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Ashland Creek Press fiction, memoirs, essays

Assure Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Astrophil Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, cross-genre, books, chapbooks

At Bay Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Atelier26 Books fiction, nonfiction

AU Press (Canada) scholarly works, poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Augury Books poetry

Aunt Lute Books poetry, nonfiction, anthologies

Autonomedia fiction, nonfiction

Autumn Hill Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations

Autumn House Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Awst Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Aztlan Libre Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

B Cubed Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Backbone Press poetry, chapbooks

Bad Betty poetry, anthologies, chapbooks

Bamboo Ridge Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Bancroft Press fiction, nonfiction

Banff Centre Press poetry, art

Baobab Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s/YA

Barrelhouse Books poetry, anthologies, nonfiction

Barrow Street poetry

Barrytown/Station Hill Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

BatCat Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, graphic novels, chapbooks

Bateau Press poetry, fiction, chapbooks

Bauhan Publishing regional nonfiction, poetry

Baylor University Press nonfiction, children’s/YA

Beacon Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Beatdom Books nonfiction

Beaufort Books fiction, nonfiction

Beehive Books fiction, graphic novels

Bella Books lesbian fiction

Belladonna Books poetry by women

Bellevue Literary Press fiction, nonfiction

Belt Publishing nonfiction, anthologies

Ben Yehuda Press Jewish fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Better Than Starbucks Publications fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cross-genre

Between the Lines nonfiction by Canadians

Biblioasis fiction, poetry, nonfiction

Big Lucks fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Big Shoulders Books nonfiction, anthologies

Big Table Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Birds, LLC poetry

Black Inc. poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art

Black Lawrence Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Black Moss Press poetry & fiction

Black Mountain Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Black Rock Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Black Rose Books nonfiction, art

Black Square Editions fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations

Black Sun Lit fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations

Black Sunflowers Poetry Press poetry, chapbooks

Black Widow Press poetry, fiction, essays, translation

Blair fiction, nonfiction, poetry

The Blasted Tree poetry, visual poetry, fiction, drama, graphic narrative, nonfiction, multimedia art

BlazeVOX books poetry, fiction

BLF Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Bloodaxe Books (UK) poetry

Bloof Books poetry, chapbooks

Bloomsday Literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Blue Cactus Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Blue Cubicle Press poetry, fiction

Bluemoose Books fiction, nonfiction

BOA Editions Limited poetry, fiction

BOAAT Press poetry

Boiler House Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Bold Strokes Books LGBT fiction, nonfiction

Bold Type Books nonfiction

Book*hug Press (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Bordighera Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Borealis Press Canadian poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, YA fiction

Boss Fight Books nonfiction

Bottom Dog Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Bowen Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Bower House fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Brandeis University Press fiction, nonfiction

Breakwater Books (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s/YA

Brick Books (Canada) poetry by Canadians

Brick Mantel Books fiction, poetry

Bridge Eight Press fiction, poetry, anthologies

Broadkill River Press fiction, poetry

Brooklyn Arts Press poetry, fiction, art, nonfiction

Brow Books (Australia) fiction, nonfiction, cross-genre

Brown Paper Press nonfiction

Bull City Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Bullshit Press anthologies, chapbooks Image

Burning Books poetry, fiction

Burrow Press fiction, nonfiction

Button Poetry poetry

Caitlin Press (Canada) regional nonfiction, fiction, poetry

Calamari Press fiction, art, music

Calypso Editions poetry, fiction, translations

Calyx Books poetry, fiction, nonfiction, anthologies

Camphor Press fiction, nonfiction

Canarium poetry

Candlewick Press children’s/YA

Carcanet (UK) poetry

Cardboard House Press poetry, translations

Carnegie Mellon University Press poetry, fiction, short stories, nonfiction, drama

Cassava Republic Press (UK) fiction, nonfiction, children’s/YA

Catalyst Press fiction, nonfiction

Catapult fiction, nonfiction

Cave Canem African American poetry

CB editions (UK) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations

Central Avenue Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Cervená Barva Press poetry, fiction, chapbooks

Charco Press fiction

Chatwin Books fiction, poetry, art, photography

Chax Press poetry

Chelsea Green ecological fiction, nonfiction

Chemeketa Press nonfiction

Chesapeake Press fiction, nonfiction, children’s/YA

Chicago Review Press nonfiction, children’s/YA

Chin Music Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Chronicle Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, children’s/YA

Cicada Books (UK) fiction, nonfiction, art, children’s/YA

Cinco Puntos Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s/YA

Circumference Books poetry, translation

City Lights Books fiction, poetry, memoirs, literary translations nonfiction

Civil Coping Mechanisms fiction, poetry

Claret Press fiction, nonfiction

Clarity Press global issues nonfiction

Clavis Publishing children’s books

Cleis Press LGBT fiction, short story collections, nonfiction

Clemson University Press poetry, nonfiction

Coach House Books poetry, fiction

Codhill Press poetry, cross-genre, chapbooks

Coffee House Press  poetry, fiction, anthologies

Columbia University Press nonfiction, anthologies

Comma Press (UK) fiction, anthologies, translation

Conium Press fiction,

Conundrum Press comics/graphic novels, fiction, nonfiction

Cooper Dillon Books poetry, chapbooks

Cordite Books poetry

Cork University Press Irish fiction, nonfiction, art, architecture, anthologies

Cormorant Books (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Cornerpost Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Cornerstone Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Corpus Callosum Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Coteau Books (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, children’s/YA

Counterpath Press poetry, fiction, drama, cross-genre work, nonfiction, translation

Counterpoint fiction, poetry, nonfiction

CounterPunch Books nonfiction

Coven Editions fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Creature Publishing fiction, nonfiction, cross-genre, translations

Crowsnest Books fiction

Cubanabooks fiction by Cuban women

The Cultural Society fiction, poetry, art

Cuneiform Press poetry, art, typography

Curious Curls Publishing fiction, poetry, chapbooks

Cutbank Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, chapbooks

Damaged Goods Press queer/trans* poetry, flash fiction, chapbooks

Dancing Girl Press poetry, chapbooks, art, broadsides, anthologies

Darf Publishers fiction, nonfiction, poetry

David R. Godine, Publisher poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, art, photography, children’s books

Dawn Publications fiction, nonfiction, children’s/YA

Daybreak Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, children’s literature

Dead Ink Books (UK) fiction

Dedalus Books fiction, nonfiction, translations

Dedalus Press poetry

Deerbrook Editions poetry, fiction, children’s

delete press fiction, poetry

Delphinium Books fiction, nonfiction

Delve Books (CA) nonfiction

Derailleur Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, chapbooks, anthologies

Devil’s Party Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Dharma Publishing nonfiction, art

Diálogos cross-cultural, translations

Digging Press fiction, poetry, cross-genre, chapbooks

Diode Editions poetry, chapbooks

Disorder Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Divided Publishing Ltd. nonfiction, poetry

Do Book Co. (UK) nonfiction

Doire Press (Ireland) fiction, poetry

Doppelhouse Press nonfiction

Dos Madres Press poetry, chapbooks

Dottir Press fiction, nonfiction, children’s

Douglas & McIntyre (Canada) fiction, nonfiction

Drawn & Quarterly graphic novels, comics

Driftwood Press fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels

Duke University Press nonfiction, journals

Dundurn Press (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, children’s literature

Dzanc Books fiction, nonfiction

EastOver Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Eberhardt Press anarchist, antiauthoritarian nonfiction

Echo fiction, nonfiction

ECW Press (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Edge Books poetry

Edinburgh University Press (UK) nonfiction

Eifrig Publishing fiction, nonfiction, children’s/YA

Ekstasis Editions (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, children’s/YA

El Leon Literary Arts poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography, drama

The Elephants fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Elixir Press fiction, poetry

Ellipsis Press fiction

Emily Books fiction, nonfiction

Empty Bowl Press philosophy

Encounter Books nonfiction

Engine Books fiction

Eno Publishers poetry, fiction, nonfiction, anthologies

Equus Press fiction

erbacce Press poetry

Essay Press nonfiction

Etchings Press fiction, poetry

Etruscan Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Eulalia Books poetry, translations

Europa Editions fiction, mystery, noir, children’s

Exile Editions (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

The Experiment nonfiction

Factory Hollow Press poetry, nonfiction, broadsides, chapbooks

Fairlight Publishers fiction, nonfiction

Fantagraphics Books art, comics

Farrar, Straus & Giroux poetry, fiction, nonfiction, children’s books

Featherproof Books fiction, chapbooks

The Feminist Press at CUNY fiction, nonfiction

Fence Books poetry, fiction

Feral House nonfiction

Fernwood Publishing critical analysis, nonfiction

Fiction Advocate fiction, nonfiction

The Fiction Desk fiction, anthologies

Fifth Wheel Press poetry, prose, experimental works, anthologies, chapbooks

Fig Tree Books Jewish fiction

Finishing Line Press poetry, chapbooks

Firefly Books Ltd. (Canada) nonfiction

First Second :01 graphic novels

Fish Out of Water Books fiction, nonfiction

Fish Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Fitzcarraldo Editions (UK) fiction, nonfiction

Five Leaves Publications (UK) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

Fleur-de-Lis Press fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama

Flood Editions poetry, short fiction

FlowerSong Press poetry, anthologies

Flume Press fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, hybrid forms

Foglifter Press poetry, chapbooks, anthologies

Fomite Press fiction, poetry, drama

Fonograf Editions nonfiction, poetry, cross-genre

Foundlings Press nonfiction, poetry

Four Way Books poetry, fiction

Free Spirit Publishing children’s/YA, fiction, nonfiction

Freedom Voices poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photography

Freehand Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Frog Hollow Press Canadian poetry, short fiction, chapbooks, broadsides

Fruit Bat Press poetry, chapbooks

Future Tense Publishing fiction, nonfiction

Futurepoem Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cross-genre

Galileo Press fiction, poetry, nonfiction

Gallaudet University Press nonfiction on deafness

Gallic Books fiction, nonfiction

Gap Riot Press poetry, chapbooks

Garden-Door Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, broadsides, chapbooks

Gaspereau Press (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Gaudy Boy fiction, nonfiction, poetry

George Braziller, Inc. poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, architecture, design

Georgetown University Press nonfiction, journals

Ghost Peach Press poetry, nonfiction

Ghostbird Press poetry, art

Gibbs Smith fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, children’s

Gimmick Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Giramondo Publishing (Australia) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Glass Poetry Press poetry, chapbooks

Gold Line Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, chapbooks

Golden Antelope Press fiction, poetry, cross-genre

Golias Books poetry

Goose Lane Editions (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Grayson Books poetry, anthologies, chapbooks

Graywolf Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Great Plains Publications (Canada) nonfiction

Great Weather for MEDIA fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Green Bottle Press poetry, chapbooks

Green Integer Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

Green Lantern Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Green Linden Press poetry, chapbooks

Green Writers Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Grey Book Press poetry, chapbooks

Greystone Books (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, children’s/YA

Grid Books poetry, art, scholarly work

Gryphon House children’s books, textbooks

Guernica Editions multicultural fiction, nonfiction

Guts Publishing fiction, nonfiction

Half Letter Press nonfiction

Harbour Publishing (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, anthologies, children’s

Harvard Square Editions fiction, anthologies

Harvard University Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography

Hastings College Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Hat & Beard Press nonfiction, art

Hawthorne Books fiction, nonfiction Image

Haymarket Books nonfiction

The Head & The Hand Press nonfiction, fiction, anthologies, chapbooks

Heliotrope Books fiction, nonfiction

Heyday Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Hiding Press poetry

Highwater Press fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, children’s/YA

Histria Books fiction, nonfiction

hit & run press poetry, broadsides

Hobblebush Books poetry, chapbooks, nonfiction

Hohm Press nonfiction, poetry, translations

Holy Cow Press fiction, nonfiction, books, chapbooks, broadside

Homebound Publications fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Honno Press fiction, nonfiction

Host Publications fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, anthologies

House of Anansi Press Canadian/international poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Hub City Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, regional, art

Humorist Books fiction, essays, humor collections, parodies, novelty books, comics, poetry

Hyacinth Girl Press poetry, chapbooks

Ice Cube Press regional, fiction, nonfiction

IF SF publishing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, art, photography

Ig Publishing fiction, nonfiction

IHRAF Books anthologies on global social issues

ILR Press nonfiction, work-place issues, labor, management, social policy

Inanna Publications (Canada) feminist poetry, fiction, nonfiction

The Indigo Press fiction, nonfiction

Inlandia Institute fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Inner Traditions philosophy, psychology, metaphysics

Insert Blanc Press poetry, chapbooks

Interlink Publishing fiction, nonfiction, children’s books

Inventory Press nonfiction, art

Invisible Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Irene Weinberger Books fiction, poetry, children’s books

Island Press environmental solutions

Ithuriel’s Spear fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Jacar Press poetry, anthologies, chapbooks

JackLeg Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Jaded Ibis Press fiction, nonfiction, cross-genre

Jamii Publishing poetry, chapbooks

JEF Books fiction, anthologies

Johns Hopkins University Press periodicals, nonfiction

June Road Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Kallisto Gaia Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, books, chapbooks, anthologies

Kattywompus Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, chapbooks, artist’s books

Kaya Press Asian diasporic literature

Kelsay Books – poetry

Kelsey St. Press poetry, fiction, mixed genre by women

Kenning Editions poetry, fiction, translation, chapbooks

Kent State University Press poetry, chapbooks, fiction, nonfiction

Kernpunkt Press fiction

Kin Press poetry, art

King Shot Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Kinsman Avenue Publishing fiction, poetry, anthologies

Knife Fork Book (KFB) (Canada) poetry, chapbooks

Kore Press poetry, women writers

Laertes Books translations

Lamar University Literary Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Lantana Publishing children’s books

Lantern Books nonfiction, Children’s books

Lanternfish Press fiction, nonfiction

Last Gasp fiction, comics, art, photography, nonfiction, children’s/YA books

Last Word Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Latah Books fiction, nonfiction

Lavender Ink poetry, fiction

Leapfrog Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Lee & Low Books multicultural children’s books

Left Fork & Flowstone Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Lehigh University Press scholarly works

The Lettered Streets Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Lily Poetry Review Books poetry, chapbooks

Linda Leith Publishing fiction, nonfiction

The Lit Pub poetry, fiction, nonfiction, hybrid works

Lithic Press poetry

Litmus Press poetry, cross-genre, translations

LittlePuss Press fiction, creative nonfiction, popular fiction

Litwin Books scholarly works, history

Liverpool University Press (UK) nonfiction, poetry

Livingston Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Long Day Press poetry, chapbooks

Longleaf Press poetry, chapbooks

Lookout Books fiction, nonfiction

Loom Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Los Galesburg fiction

Lost Horse Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Louisiana State University Press monographs, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Loyola Press faith-based fiction, nonfiction

Lynne Rienner Publishers nonfiction, journals

Maamoul Press comics, fiction, nonfiction

Mad Duck Coalition fiction, nonfiction

MadHat Press poetry, fiction, anthologies

Madville Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Magic Helicopter Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Main Street Rag Publishing Company poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction

MAMMOTH books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Mandel Vilar Press fiction, nonfiction

Manic D Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Mansfield Press (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Mason Jar Press fiction, poetry, anthologies

Maverick Duck Press poetry chapbooks

Mawenzi House (Canada) poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Mayapple Press poetry, short fiction, chapbooks

McGill-Queen’s University Press (Canada) scholarly works

McPherson & Company fiction, nonfiction

McSweeney’s Books fiction, nonfiction, translations

Measure Press poetry

Meekling Press poetry, cross-genre

Meerkat Press fiction, anthologies

Melville House Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Mercer University Press history, philosophy, religion, Southern studies

Mercury House fiction, nonfiction

Meritage Press poetry, visual art, dance, performance art, nonfiction

Metatron Press (Canada) fiction, poetry

Metonymy Press (Canada) fiction, nonfiction

MFT Press fiction, poetry

Miami University Press fiction, poetry

Michigan State University Press poetry, nonfiction, journals

Microcosm Publishing fiction, nonfiction, zines, DIY

Middle West Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid works, anthologies

Milk & Cake Press poetry, chapbooks

Milkweed Editions fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Minerva Rising Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Minnesota Historical Society Press history, art, culture of Upper Midwest

Missouri Review Books fiction, anthologies

The MIT Press nonfiction, art, photography

Monday Night Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, chapbooks

Monkfish Book Publishing Co fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Montez Press fiction, poetry, art

Monthly Review Press  nonfiction

Moon City Press poetry, fiction

Moon Tide Press poetry, anthologies

MoonPath Press poetry chapbooks

Moria Books poetry

Mosaic Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Mother Tongue fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Moving Parts Press poetry, chapbooks, nonfiction, broadsides, art

Muriel Press fiction, nonfiction

Myriad Editions (UK) fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels

Neem Tree Press (UK) fiction, nonfiction, children’s, YA

Negative Capability Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, chapbooks, anthologies

Neon Hemlock Press fiction, poetry, anthologies

New American Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

New Directions Books poetry, fiction, drama, translations, nonfiction

New Door Books fiction

New Internationalist fiction, nonfiction, children’s

New Issues Poetry & Prose poetry, fiction

New Meridian Arts fiction, nonfiction, poetry

New Michigan Press poetry, chapbooks, broadsides

New Plains Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

The New Press fiction, nonfiction, art

New Society Publishers social change nonfiction

New Star Books poetry, fiction, nonfiction, social issues

New Vessel Press fiction, nonfiction, translations

New Village Press nonfiction

New Wind Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, YA

new words {press} poetry, chapbooks

NeWest Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

Newfound poetry, fiction, nonfiction, chapbooks

Nightingale & Sparrow Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, chapbooks, anthologies

Nightwood Editions (Canada) fiction, poetry

Nimbus Publishing (Canada) children, fiction, nonfiction, photography, social/cultural history

Nine Arches Press (UK) poetry, fiction

Nixes Mate Books fiction, poetry

No Alibis Press (UK) fiction

Noemi Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

North Atlantic Books poetry, fiction, nonfiction, translations, children’s books

North Dakota State University Press nonfiction, fiction, poetry

Northern Illinois University Press fiction, nonfiction, art

Northwestern University Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Not a Cult fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

NYQ Books poetry

Oberon Books (UK) nonfiction, drama

Octopus Books poetry

Ohio State University Press poetry, short fiction, literary studies, textbooks

Ohio University / Swallow Press poetry, nonfiction

Okay Donkey Press fiction, poetry

Omnidawn fiction, poetry, translations

One Peace Books Japanese literature, translation

Oneworld Publications fiction, nonfiction

Oni Press comics, graphic novels

Ooligan Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, YA

Open Books Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, children’s/YA

Open Letter international, translation

The Operating System poetry, chapbooks

OR Books / Foxrock Books politics, culture, nonfiction, fiction

Orbis Books religious, nonfiction

Otago University Press (New Zealand) nonfiction

Other Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Otis Books/Siesmicity Editions poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Outpost19 fiction, nonfiction

Overcup Press nonfiction, art, anthologies

Owl Canyon Press fiction, translation

Oxford University Press USA fiction, nonfiction, Children’s/YA books

Palimpsest Press (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Paloma Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Palooka Press fiction, poetry, nonfiction, cross-genre, drama, graphic novels

Panhandler Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Pantera Press (Australia) fiction, nonfiction

Parallax Press socially engaged Buddhism

Parlor Press poetry, nonfiction

Parthian Books (UK) poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Pathfinder Press nonfiction

Paul Dry Books fiction, nonfiction

Peekash Press anthologies

Peepal Tree Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Pelekinesis fiction

Pen and Anvil Press poetry, chapbooks

Penn State University Press nonfiction, art

Perennial Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies, chapbooks

The Permanent Press fiction, nonfiction

Persea Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Perugia Press poetry

Phoenicia Publishing poetry, art

Piñata Books children’s literature, picture books, bilingual

Plain View Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Plan B Press poetry

Plays Inverse screenplays, drama

Pleasure Boat Studio fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Plumleaf Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Pluto Press politics, social science

PM Press fiction, nonfiction, pamphlets

Poltroon Press fiction, poetry, art, film

The Porcupine’s Quill (Canada) poetry, nonfiction, art

Porkbelly Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, chapbooks, broadsides

PRESS 254 poetry, chapbooks

Press 53 fiction, poetry

Press Americana/Hollywood Books/The Poetry Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

Prickly Paradigm Press nonfiction, art

Princeton University Press poetry in translation, nonfiction

Process Media nonfiction, art

Prolific Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Propeller Books fiction, nonfiction

Publishing Genius Press fiction, poetry

QC Fiction fiction, translations

Quarter Press fiction, poetry, graphic narratives, comics, art

Radioactive Cloud poetry, chapbooks

Radix Media fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Rain Mountain Press poetry, fiction, novellas, memoir, graphic novels, hybrid works

Rain Taxi poetry, chapbooks

Rare Bird Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Ravenna Press fiction, poetry

Raw Dog Screaming Press fiction, nonfiction, children’s/YA

Reaktion Books (UK) nonfiction, art, architecture, photography

Rebel Satori Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Red Bird Chapbooks fiction, poetry, chapbooks

Red Flag Poetry poetry, chapbooks

Red Hen Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Red Mountain Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Red Rook Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cross-genre

Red Wheel/Weiser self-help

Redbat Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Redbone Press fiction, poetry

Regal House Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Rescue Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, cross-genre

Restless Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, graphic novels

Ricochet Editions fiction, poetry

Rinky Dink Press poetry, chapbooks

Rixdorf Editions fiction, nonfiction, translations

Ronsdale Press (Canada) fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Roof Books nonfiction, poetry

Rose Metal Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Roseway Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama

Route (UK) poetry, fiction

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. nonfiction, literary studies

Run Amok Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, anthologies

Running Press fiction, nonfiction

Running Wild Press (also RIZE Press) fiction, nonfiction, novellas, anthologies

Rutgers University Press humanities, social sciences, sciences

Sad Press poetry, chapbooks

Saddle Road Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, chapbooks

Sagging Meniscus fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Salmon Poetry Irish poetry

Salò Press fiction, nonfiction, poetry, chapbooks

Salt Publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, children’s/YA

San Diego State University Press poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art

Sandstone Press fiction, nonfiction

Sans. PRESS fiction, anthologies

Santa Fe Writers Project Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s/YA

Sarabande Books fiction, poetry

Sasquatch Books nonfiction, children’s/YA

Scablands Books poetry, anthologies

Scarlet Tanager Books fiction, poetry, anthologies

Schaffner Press fiction, nonfiction, anthologies

Scrambler Books fiction, poetry

Scribe Publications (Australia) fiction, nonfiction

Seagull Books nonfiction, art, photography

Second Story Press fiction, nonfiction, children’s/YA

See Sharp Press nonfiction, self-help, pamphlets

Semiotext(e) poetry, fiction, theory, nonfiction, satire, science

September Publishing (UK) nonfiction

Seren Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Serpents Tail Publishing (UK) fiction, nonfiction

Serving House Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Seven Kitchens Press poetry, prose, chapbooks

Seven Stories Press fiction, nonfiction

Shabda Press poetry

Shambhala Publications religion, philosophy, self-help, nonfiction, poetry, art

Shanti Arts fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art

Shearsman Books (UK) poetry

Shoestring Press poetry, fiction

Short Flight/Long Drive Books fiction, nonfiction

Sibling Rivalry Press poetry, chapbooks

Sidekick Books poetry, anthologies

Siglio Press literary-visual hybrids. image-text works, artist-writer collaborations

Signature Editions (Canada) poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama

Silman-James Press nonfiction, drama, arts, entertainment, world affairs, media, chess

Singing Horse Press nonfiction, poetry

Slant Books fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Slapering Hol Press poetry, anthologies, chapbooks

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