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NewPages Frequently Asked Questions

The NewPages Guide to Frequently Asked Questions covers everything from listing requests, purchasing a mailing list, advertising with NewPages, getting reviewed and contributing reviews, and more! If your question is not answered below, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note: NewPages carefully reviews all magazines, presses, contests, events, and advertisers to the best of our abilities. We work hard to build and maintain vetted lists and guides to help writers and readers. We do recommend that our users also use their best judgement as well. If you have any questions or concerns over a press, magazine, contest, submission opportunity, event, or writing program, please do contact us.

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Getting Listed on NewPages

Since NewPages is first and foremost a portal for recommended reading, it is our process to see content before recommending a publication (by listing it on our website). We will, however, consider inaugural issue calls for submissions providing the publication meets our general listing criteria.

NewPages does not list every publication. We do assess each based on a variety of criteria. New publications are as equally welcome as long-standing publications. 

If your print publication is not currently listed on The NewPages Guide to Literary Magazines (or) Alternative Magazines, please send us a copy of the publication with a request to be listed. 

Regardless if a publication is in print, digital, or online, it must meet basic requirements to be considered for listing:

  • a stated and regular publication cycle
  • clearly defined and dated issues of the publication
  • an archive of previous issues
  • a clear editorial process for submissions
  • a masthead (transparency of editors, contact information)
  • a professional contact email address (submissions@ is not acceptable)
  • treatment of author rights adressed prior to submission
  • works by editor/staff not prominently and/or frequently included (self-publishing)
  • we do consider genre pubications that show literary strength

While a publication may choose not to publish its masthead and/or contact information for various reasons, NewPages will not list publications with staff who remain anonymous to us. We retain a database of contact information that we do not share publicly and will make note of names and contact information there for professional communication only.

If your publication is open to submissions from writers under the age of 13 years, we ask that you follow the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) guidelines. This includes a transparent method for obtaining parental/guardian permission when collecting information from contributors under the age of 13 years old. For more information, see the FTC Children’s Privacy page.

We have created a listing of Literary Links for hybrid and experimental online and print literary endeavors that do not adhere to the traditional publishing model but still meet a number of other criteria. Please review some of the links in that list to determine if this would be a better fit for your work.

While we respect the need to advertise, we are hesitant to list publication sites with pervasive advertising: pop-up ads; sidebar ads with inappropriate matches (i.e. a women’s literary magazine with a Google-matched ad for an overseas “dating service”). It’s our recommendation that those interested in starting an online publication be able to at least afford the minimal costs of housing the site and domain name as a show of professionalism.

If your publication has a “links” or “resources” page, we would hope to find NewPages listed there if you are requesting a reciprocal link. We don’t hold reciprocal links hostage; we don’t expect others to either. We also appreciate sharing our “Listed on NewPages” button.

You can learn more about the types of listings we provide here.

Journals with a sponsored listing in our Guide to Literary Magazines get free enhanced listings of new issues (up to 6) on our monthly New & Noted Lit & Alt Mags received. Please ensure NewPages is on your comp or new issue mailing list.

Journals without a paid listing in our Guide to Literary Magazines can fill out our listing request form to be included in our monthly post of journals with new issues. If you would like to have an individual blog post for your latest issue, you can learn more here.

We are continually updating our online guide to book publishers. We cannot list every publisher, and there are a variety of factors we use in deciding which presses to list. For example, a press should have national distribution with a company such as Consortium or Small Press Distribution. Simply being available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor or on Amazon is not the same. Membership in national literary organizations like CLMP or exhibiting at national conferences like AWP is considered. We also depend on our own judgment from looking at the quality of books you send to us for a listing on our “New Book Arrivals” page. NewPages does not list presses that regularly publish their own employees/staff/editors or that require authors to use their own funds or purchase books in order to be published.

If you feel your press would meet our criteria, please contact us with a link to your publisher site along with your contact information.

Publishers with a sponsored listing in our Guide to Indie & University Presses get free listings of up to 6 new titles in the NewPages Book Stand. Please ensure NewPages is on your comp mailing list.

Publishers without a paid listing in our Guide or authors can fill out our listing request form to be included in our monthly post of new title announcements. If you would like to have an individual blog post for a book, you can learn more here.

We are continually updating our online guides to graduate and undergraduate creative writing programs. If you do not see your program listed, please contact us with a link to your program’s website along with your contact information.

The NewPages Big List of Writing Conferences and Events features writing conferences, book and literary festivals, writing workshops and retreats, residencies, and writing centers from the U.S., Canada, International, and online. We primarily list writing events sponsored by literary magazines, independent and university presses, and creative writing programs.

We list regularly hosted events open to the general public with no membership requirements. We do not list conventions at this time.

After reviewing our current listings, if you feel that your writing or literary event would be a good fit for NewPages, please contact us.

If you are interested in placing a classified ad for your writing event, please see our advertising information.

If your organization, publication, or press meets the listing guidelines of NewPages or is currently listed on NewPages, then you qualify to have your contest listed in our Big List of Writing Contests.

Additional criteria:

  • entry fees must be under 10% of prize value
  • author rights must be addressed
  • contests should have a dedicated page on websites that does not disappear once the contest ends and is kept up-to-date
  • there needs to be transparency of editors/publishers/board/staff and judges
  • there should be no pervasive advertising on contest website
  •  no contest-only websites/publications (sometimes exceptions made)

Please contact us to submit your contest listing request. Please note that NewPages does not list contests sponsored by organizations solely offering essay writing services, author services, or from non-literary organizations.

If you would like to purchase an ad in the NewPages Classifieds for your contest, please see our advertising information.

NewPages maintains a Guide to Independent Bookstores across the U.S. and Canada as bookstores are an integral part of society’s culture. Currently we only list brick and mortar stores. We do not list online-only, pop-up, comics-only, or mobile bookstores.

NewPages offers free enhanced listings in our Guide to Independent Bookstores. You can submit information, including updates to a current listing, here.

NewPages maintains our Literary Links and Blog by Poets and Writers pages. If you think your site would be a good fit for these sections, please contact us with a link to your website along with your contact information.

If you would like to make updates to your current listing in one of our online guides, please contact us with the name of your organization and the updated information.

If you are a bookstore looking to update your information, you can use this form here.

Sponsored Listings on NewPages

Advertising on NewPages

NewPages offers classified advertising for Calls for Submissions, Contests, and Conferences and Events. We offer 100 word, basic, text-only ads and ads enhanced with PDF fliers or images. All advertising rates are for 30 days and ads can be extended. Rates are not prorated and the minimum 30-day rate applies to all ads.

If your organization, publication, or press meets the listing guidelines of NewPages or is currently listed on NewPages, then you qualify to place a classified ad. Please note NewPages does not accept contest advertising from organizations solely offering author services and essay services nor are non-literary in nature.

Ads are posted every Tuesday through Thursday morning. NewPages does not post ads Friday through Monday.

The PDF fliers for enhanced ads cannot be larger than 500kb in web and print quality. These can be up to 2 pages and can contain full information or guidelines. Graphics and logos should be large, web-friendly images that can reduce well.

NewPages reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

For complete details on classified advertising and pricing, please see our advertising page.

If you are interested in posting a call for submissions for an anthology, please provide the URL or explanation of location (such as within the submission manager feature) where this information can be found:

  • Who are the editors and what is their experience/background relevant to this publication and/or editing and publishing?
  • Who will publish the book and how will it be made available (print/e-book/free/fee)?
  • What is the advertising/distribution plan for the finished publication?
  • How will writers whose works are chosen be compensated (pay/copy/other)?
  • What rights do authors retain in the process from submission to publication?

If you do not have answers to these questions publicly where writers can access this information prior to submission, please do not solicit NewPages for your call.

Note: We will not accept advertising for anthologies that are stand-alone contest publications

NewPages Reviews

NewPages no longer accepts publications for review as we no longer have a team of reviewers we manage.

If you would like to promote a new book or new journal issue, NewPages offers sponsored posts on our Blog.

NewPages maintains monthly lists of new issues and new and forthcoming titles. You can submit our listing request form to be included in these posts. Presses and journals with full sponsored listings receive enhanced listings with a 25-word description on these lists.

NewPages no longer accepts unsolicited reviews.

NewPages Newsletter

Every Monday afternoon, we send out a newsletter full of information about literary magazines, book publishers, creative writing programs, reviews, and news. Plus, paid subscribers receive sponsored postings of calls for submissions; writing and book contests; writing programs, festivals, and events; and more before they are live on the site—giving you the first shot at submitting.

You can sign-up here.

NewPages has three options for advertising in our Newsletter. First, we do offer banner advertising (200-pixel by 200-pixel images in JPG or PNG format).

Second, we offer a special monthly newsletter we call the eLitPak which is limited to 15 participants.

Third, we do offer solo mailings to our current newsletter subscribers.

View our advertising page for more information.

NewPages Mailing Lists

NewPages offers digital and physical mailing lists for independent bookstores, public libraries, academic libraries, and daily newspapers. For more information on how to purchase these lists, including our terms, please visit our Mailing Lists page.

NewPages business hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

An email is sent out to confirm your order and the correct place to send the lists to. This email could end up in your junk folder. If you did not receive this email, please contact Casey Hill at [email protected].

Submitting to NewPages

The short answer? NO!

NewPages does not accept submissions of creative works on our own behalf or on behalf of the journals and presses we list. Occasionally, writers will send us poems, stories, essays, etc., assuming we accept these either for our own publication or for others. We do not. Any submissions sent to us will not be returned.

My questions is not answered here.

If you have additional questions, please get in touch via our contact form.