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Frequently Asked Questions

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NewPages is the Portal of Independents! News, information and guides to literary magazines, independent publishers, creative writing programs, independent bookstores, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more.

From Utne magazine: ", the best overall Internet portal to the alternative press, independently organizes pages of links to hundreds of magazines, independent publishers and bookstores, literary magazines, newsweeklies, and review sources. also publishes unique book and zine reviews, and an interesting weblog broadly covering the world of arts, publishing, and libraries."

How do I get my magazine listed on NewPages?

Since NewPages is first and foremost a portal for recommended reading, it is our process to see content before recommending a publication (by listing it on our website). We will, however, consider inaugural issue calls for submissions providing the publication meets our general listing criteria.

NewPages does not list every publication. We do assess each based on a variety of criteria. New publications are as equally welcome as long-standing publications. 

If your print publication is not currently listed on The NewPages Big List of Literary (or) Alternative Magazines, please send us a copy of the publication with a request to be listed. 

Regardless if a publication is in print, is digital, or is online, it must meet our basic requirements to be considered for listing: a stated and regular publication cycle, clearly defined and dated issues of the publication, an archive of previous issues, a clear editorial process for submissions, a masthead (transparency of editors, contact information), and treatment of author rights. All of this information must be on your website. We also look to make sure that the work of the editor(s) is not prominently and/or frequently included. NewPages will not list publications with anonymous staff.

If your publication is open to submissions from writers under the age of 13 years, we ask that you follow the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) guidelines. For more information, see the FTC Children’s Privacy page.

We have created a new listing of Literary Links for hybrid and experimental online and print literary endeavors that do not adhere to the traditional publishing model but that still meet a number of other criteria. Often times, these are magazines that publish on a rolling basis instead of in issues. Please review some of the publications in that list to determine if this would be a better fit for your listing.

While we respect the need to advertise, we are hesitant to list publication sites with pervasive advertising: pop-up ads; sidebar ads with inappropriate matches (i.e. a women's literary magazine with a Google-matched ad for an overseas "dating service"). It's our recommendation that those interested in starting an online publication be able to at least afford the minimal costs of housing the site and domain name as a show of professionalism.

If your publication has a "links" or "resources" page, we would hope to find NewPages listed there if you are requesting a reciprocal link. We don't hold reciprocal links hostage; we don't expect others to either.

NewPages lists very few genre publications, and those selected show strength of literary quality as well as an established history of publication and distribution.

You can submit a listing request for your magazine here.

How do I get my publisher/press listed on NewPages?

We are continually updating our online guide to book publishers. We cannot list every publisher, and there are a variety of factors we use in deciding which presses to list. For example, a press should have national distribution with a company such as Consortium or Small Press Distribution. Simply being available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor or on Amazon is not the same. Membership in national literary organizations like CLMP or exhibiting at national conferences like AWP is considered. We also depend on our own judgment from looking at the quality of books you send to us for a listing on our "New Book Arrivals" page.

If you feel your press would meet our criteria, please contact us with a link to your publisher site along with your contact information.

How do I get my creative writing program listed on NewPages?

We are continually updating our online guides to graduate and undergraduate creative writing programs. If you do not see your program listed, please contact us with a link to your program's website along with your contact information.

How do I get my writing conference/festival/event listed on NewPages?

The NewPages Big List of Writing Conferences and Events features writing conferences, book and literary festivals, writing workshops and retreats, residencies and writing centers from the U.S., Canada, International, and online. We primarily list writing events sponsored by literary magazines, independent and univeristy presses, and creative writing programs. We do not list conventions at this time.

After reviewing our current listings, if you feel that your writing event would be a good fit for NewPages, please contact us. If you are interested in placing a classified ad for your writing event, please see our advertising information.

How do I get my contest listed on NewPages?

If your organization, publication, or press meets the listing guidelines of NewPages or is currently listed on NewPages, then you qualify to have your contest listed in our Big List of Writing Contests. Please contact us to submit your contest listing request. Please note that NewPages does not list contests sponsored by organizations solely offering essay writing services or author servies.

If you would like to purchase an ad for your contest, please see our advertising information.

How do I get my bookstore listed on NewPages?

To get your bookstore listed in the NewPages Guide to Independent Bookstores, contact us.

Please include a link to the bookstore's website and full mailing address (including zip code).

How do I get my podcast, blog, or other literary site listed on NewPages?

Please contact us with a link to your website along with your contact information. 

How do I place a call for submissions or classified ad?

NewPages offers classified advertising for Calls for Submissions, Contests, Conferences, Creative Writing Programs, and more. We offer 100 word, basic, text-only ads and ads enhanced with PDF fliers or graphics/logos. Advertising rates available on request. All advertising rates are for 30 days and ads can be extended. Rates are not prorated and the minimum 30-day rate applies to all ads.

If your organization, publication, or press meets the listing guidelines of NewPages or is currently listed on NewPages, then you qualify to place a classified ad. Please note NewPages does not accept contest advertising from organizations solely offering author services and essay services.

There is a two month ad limit for magazines posting inaugural calls for submissions. You also cannot place a call for submissions if you are currently running a contest at the same time.

Ads are posted on a rolling basis Monday through Thursday.

The PDF fliers for enhanced ads cannot be larger than 500kb in web and print quality. These can be up to 2 pages and can contain full information or guidelines. Graphics and logos should be large, web-friendly images that can reduce well.

NewPages reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

For complete details on classified advertising, please see our advertising page.

Calls for Anthology Submissions

If you are interested in posting a call for submissions for an anthology, please provide the URL or explanation of location (such as within the submission manager feature) where this information can be found:

Who are the editors and what is their experience/background relevant to this publication and/or editing and publishing?

Who will publish the book and how will it be made available (print/e-book/free/fee)?

What is the advertising/distribution plan for the finished publication?

How will writers whose works are chosen be compensated (pay/copy/other)?

What rights do authors retain in the process from submission to publication?

If you do not have answers to these questions publicly where writers can access this information prior to submission, please do not solicit NewPages for your call.

Note: We will not accept advertising for anthologies that are stand-alone contest publications.

How do I reserve banner ad placement?

We only accept advertising from publications, schools, presses, conferences, and events listed on our site. If you are listed on our site and would like to learn more about placing a banner ad, please see our advertising page.

How do I get a sponsored listing?

NewPages offers sponsored listings for literary magazines, alternative magazines, graduate creative writing programs, publishers, and conferences. Each sponsor receives a full page listing on NewPages as well as an image. For more information and pricing, please contact us.

Will you review my book?

The short answer is, maybe. To adhere to our goal to remain unbiased, we do not assign books to be reviewed to our reviewers. We provide our reviewers with a list of books to choose from, so it is entirely up to them to decide what to review. However, we are happy to have you send us copies of your book for consideration.

NewPages lists new books primarily from independent and university publishers. We will list books from major publishing houses, particularly those non-bestseller titles most likely to be overlooked by mainstream review media.

We are particularly interested in books in the categories of fiction, literary nonfiction (such as biography, philosophy, or cultural studies), general nonfiction (art, politics, environment, women's issues, LGBT), and poetry. We also accept graphic novels, chapbooks, young adult, and children’s books.

We list new titles only—published within the current year. At the start of the new year, we will continue to accept any previous year's title until April/May, at which time we will become more fussy about it having been published in the latter half of the previous year.

If you want your book to be considered for a review, please send two copies. We need to keep one in the office to check against any review that might be submitted. Advanced Reading Copies are acceptable. Regardless of what your marketing material suggests, you do not need to send your books priority mail; save your money. We do not currently accept digital books or digital ARCs for review.

The Book Stand lists books NewPages has received for review. Visitors of this feature frequently share their appreciation for our focus on quality titles from smaller, independent publishers. This page helps readers, including librarians and booksellers, in their decision-making process for purchase of titles in an overwhelming sea of publications available.

Our Address and Bogus Requests

All materials for consideration should be sent directly to NewPages. No one other than the publisher and editors are authorized to request any materials for NewPages, and even then, no other than PO Box 1580, Bay City, MI 48706 should be used for sending materials. All materials must be sent to the post office box. Please do not use UPS or FedEx.

If you feel your book meets the guidelines mentioned above, and you would like it considered for a listing, you may send copies to:

PO Box 1580
Bay City, MI 48706

Please notify us if you receive a request for review copies on behalf of NewPages from an individual who does not have a email address or from an individual who requests copies be sent to any other address.

Self-Published, Author-Published and Print On-Demand Publications

We appreciate the interest so many writers show in NewPages, and over the years there have been a growing number of self-published authors wanting to have their books listed on NewPages. NewPages will list these titles as "Received." It may take several weeks for the book to appear on the site. Please do not call or e-mail us to see if the book has been received.

If your book is self-published or printed by a POD company like iUniverse or American Star Books (formerly PublishAmerica), send only one copy if you want it listed on the Books Received/"Self-Published" page.

We seldom review self-published or author-subsidized books. Essentially, if you paid *any* money to have your book printed/"published," this applies to your book. If you are unclear about this distinction, it's best if you just send one copy.

Will you review my magazine?

The short answer is, maybe. To adhere to our goal to remain unbiased, we do not assign magazines to be reviewed to our reviewers. We provide our reviewers with a list of publications to choose from, so it is entirely up to them to decide what to review. However, we strongly encourage you to send new issues to NewPages.

In order for a print magazine to be reviewed, we must receive copies. We cannot, of course, guarantee that a magazine sent to us will be reviewed. The more often the magazine is received, the greater its chances of being selected for and receiving a publishable review. We also try to rotate review coverage to provide a fair chance to as many publications as possible given our limited and changing staff of review writers.

If you would like your publication to be considered for review, please add us to your ongoing mailing list:

PO Box 1580
Bay City, MI 48706

PLEASE NOTE: It is helpful if you send two copies of each issue so we can have a check-copy in house. Mags sent out for review are not returned to us. All new issues of magazines received (provided they are listed on our Big List of Literary Magazine or Big List of Alternative Magazines) will be announced on the Magazine Stand and be looked over for consideration of a blog post.

Online magazines will also be considered for review. Please send up to a 50 word description of the new issue along with publication information and magazine title to Literary Magazine Review Editor Katy Haas. This information will be posted on the Magazine Stand and notify us that a new issue is available for review.

Once a magazine review has been published, the magazine editors will be notified via e-mail. Magazines have the right to utilize the review in part or whole for republication and promotion/advertisement of their publications. Of course, must be credited for the review, and the reviewer should be mentioned as well.

Please let us know of any errors in reviews. We don’t mind at all being notified of spelling errors, misquotes, wrong issue/volume numbers, etc. While our editors try to catch all of this, the more eyes the better, and this is the beauty of web publishing: we can correct those errors. Just inform us and extend your patience in knowing we’re not perfect, but try awfully darn hard.

We are often accepting writers to review either literary magazines or books for us. If interested, please see this page for more information.

Does my magazine have to be a sponsor to be reviewed?

Nope! There is absolutely no connection between magazines that are reviewed and magazines that pay for a sponsored listing, a classified ad, a banner ad, or any other kind of promotion.

Why does NewPages only publish positive reviews?

NewPages is a recommendation site and a place to find quality publications to read and write for. We encourage our reviewers only to submit reviews of publications they can recommend. However, our reviews are not solely positive. Some criticism is encouraged as long as the good outweighs the bad.

How do I contact someone who has reviewed my work?

Some of our contributors have given contact information. They appreciate hearing from publishers and writers whose works they have reviewed, especially to receive praise for their time and efforts (which they graciously volunteer).

Correspondence for contributors may be submitted via our contact form, and will be forwarded to the writer. Many of our contributors are freelance writers and published authors; if you are interested in hiring them for writing services, you may contact them directly if they have listed their email address.

Please do not solicit NewPages contributors for reviews or send them junk e-mail. All review inquiries and materials should be sent to the NewPages address or directed via e-mail to the appropriate review editor.

How do I put a link to NewPages on my site?

All links going to are welcome. You do not need our permission to link to our site. Please do not use frames; use only direct links to the site. Please visit to have our logo or a "Reviewed on NewPages" or "Listed on NewPages" icon added to your site with a link back to NewPages.

We do have a link exchange page, so please let us know you have linked to, and send us the url where the link appears. is protected by copyright and information from the site should not be reproduced without permission from NewPages.

What is the NewPages newsletter, and how do I sign up?

Every Monday afternoon, we send out a newsletter full of information about literary magazines, book publishers, creative writing programs, reviews, webstore offers, and news. Plus, you’ll receive the week’s postings of calls for submissions and contents, four days before they go live on the site—giving you the first shot at submitting. To sign-up for free, please follow the link below:

How can I sell my publication in your webstore?

Because our webstore is still relatively new, we currently only sell literary magazines that have sponsored listings with us. However, if you're interested in participating in the NewPages Webstore, please contact Nicole Foor for more information.

How do I purchase a bookstore or library mailing list?

Please see this page for more information.

Can I send you my writing for you to publish or give feedback on?

NewPages does not accept submissions. Occasionally, writers will send us poems, stories, essays, etc., assuming we accept these either for our own publication or for others. We do not. Any submissions sent to us will not be returned.

My question is not answered here.

If you have additional questions, please get in touch via our contact form.


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