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Magazine Stand :: Terrain.org – August 2023

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Focused on place, climate, and justice, Terrain.org offers readers editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, hybrid forms, videos, review, interviews, the ARTerrain gallery, the “Upsprawl” case study, and the series Letter to America – all online on a rolling basis. Their email newsletter keeps readers up-to-date on fresh content, like “Oh, possum,” an essay by Laura Jackson Roberts (with audio); “Moon: An Excerpt of A Little Bit of Land,” nonfiction by Jessica Gigot; “What Water Holds,” nonfiction by Tele Aadsen; “Earth and Motherhood, Part II: A Collection of Wildness” by Melissa Mattewson; “Rapid Lightning,” a story by Megan Campbell; “Single Family Residence,” a story by Sara Joyce Robinson; “Land in Formation: Drawings” by Nicola López; poems by Rachel Richardson, Grant Kittrell, William Wenthe, Joe Wilkens, Grant Kittrell, Teresa Mei Chue, and Joseph Powell; and “Care is a Creative Act: Interview with Awren Danahue” by Martha Park. All content is free to read online.

Find out more about many of these titles with our Guide to Literary Magazines and our Big List of Literary Magazines and Big List of Alternative Magazines. If you are a publication looking to be listed in our monthly roundup or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us.

Magazine Stand :: Terrain.org – April 2023

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In celebration of National Poetry Month April 2023, Terrain.org offers readers poetry with a summer flavor by Pattiann Rogers and Judy Halebsky, a video poem by Forrest Gander, Alison Hawthorne Deming’s interview with poet David Baker, a review of poet Erin Coughlin Hollowell’s Corvus and Crater, plus nonfiction by Sharon Kirsch and fiction by Marilyn Abildskov. Terrain.org also has an upcoming reading featuring poets Pattiann Rogers, Andrew C. Gottlieb, and Kamella Cruz in honor of National Poetry Month and Earth Day. Poetry editor Derek Sheffield hosts. Visit their website for more information.

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Terrain.org Podcast is Back!

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After a brief hiatus, the Terrain.org podcast curated by Miranda Perrone, Soundscapes, is back. Their seventh new episode is “Wildness: Life, or Death?” This 36-minute podcast features Janisse Ray reading her essay “I Have Seen the Warrior: Crossing the Okefenokee,” in which she shares her three-day experience “crossing the largest swamp east of the Mississippi.” This is enhanced by a conversation between Janisse and Miranda. The episode opens with a poem by Robert Morgan, “Portal,” and ends with a poem by Kim Parko, “Our Woman.” Terrain.org also offers a full transcript of the program with time cues.

Magazine Stand :: Terrain.org – November 2022

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Terrain.org publishes place-based editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, hybrid forms, articles, videos, reviews, interviews, the ARTerrain gallery, the Unsprawl case study, and critically acclaimed series such as Letter to America on a rolling basis. Readers to the most recent posts will find the wild in its many forms: wildlife, wild kin, wildflowers, and the wild mind it takes to reconnect with wild earth. Read poetry by Brian Turner, an interview with Gavin Van Horn, and an excerpt of David Hinton’s new book, plus a Letter to America by Rashna Wadia, a delightfully skunky poem by Sunni Brown Wilkinson, a wild story by Natalli Amato, and learn about wildflowers above the Colorado treeline in “A Life of Science.” All of Terrain.org‘s content is free and accessible to read online. Teachers (and students – tell your teachers!) Terrain.org offers Teach Terrain.org – “Outstanding place-based, ad-free literature and more for high schools, colleges, and communities” with materials ranging from “lyrical poetry to longform journalism and from detailed community case studies to interviews of some of the world’s most important thinkers. Many contributions also include audio and other interactive features such as slideshows, maps, and video.”

Magazine Stand :: Terrain.org – August 2022

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Terrain.org is an award-winning, international online journal searching for that interface—the integration—among the built and natural environments, that might be called the soul of place. Over the past 13 weeks, Terrain.org has published the Lookout: Writing + Art About Wildfire series in partnership with the Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature, and the Written Word. The series includes works by Carly Lettero, Emily Sheperd, Amy Miller, Elizabeth Spencer Spragins, Suze Woolf, Anne Haven McDonnell, Craig Santos Perez, Bradley David, Claire Thompson, Mary Kwart, Tracy Daugherty, Amiko Matsuo + Brad Monsma, Ben Rutherfurd, and Rachel Richardson.

Terrain.org’s submissions will open again on December 15, but ARTerrain submissions are accepted year-round, and there are currently two contests, including the Sowell Emerging Writers Prize, offering a $1,000 prize and publication by Texas Tech University Press for a nonfiction book. Visit their website for more details.

Event :: Environmental Writers Conversation

Terrain.org An Online Conversation with Sandra Steingraber and Taylor Brorby promo image

Terrain.org invites participants to attend an online conversation between acclaimed environmental writers and activists Sandra Steingraber and Taylor Brorby. In this event, noted environmental author and activist Sandra Steingraber is in conversation with Taylor Brorby about his debut memoir, Boys and Oil: Growing Up Gay in a Fractured Land. This conversation is sponsored by Terrain.org, with Zoom hosting provided by the University of Arizona,
Monday, June 27, 2022, 5 p.m. PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET. Registration is free.

Terrain.org – Feb 2022

This month online literary magazine Terrain.org published the winners of their 12th Annual Contests. Find “The Frontier” by Sean Sam, “The Snake and the Sanctuary” by Melina Walling,” and two poems by Jennifer K. Sweeney. Plus, find work by John Washington, Rob Carney, Molly Lanzarotta, Laurel Anderson, Sharon Hashimoto, Cassandra Cleghorn, Cheryl Merrill, Ian Capelli, Amy Dryansky, D.S. Walsman, and more.

Terrain.org Reading Series

Join Terrain.org next Monday for the Terrain.org Reading Series. The Zoom event will take place on Monday, September 27 at 5:00pm MST. This Q&A and reading will feature Joy Castro, Elizabeth Jacobson, and Allen Braden, and will be moderated by Juan Morales.

You can register for this online event here.

August 2021 eLitPak :: Terrain.org 12th Annual Contests in Poetry, Nonfiction, and Fiction

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click image to open full-size flier

More than $3,500 in prizes, with a $1,000 grand prize in each genre and $100 to the finalists. Judges: Poetry: Ellen Bass; Nonfiction: Aimee Nezhukumatathil; Fiction: Maurice Carlos Ruffin. Deadline: Labor Day, September 6, 2021. $20 entry fee per set of 3-5 poems (or a single long poem), story, essay or article. See full guidelines and submit online.

View the full NewPages August 2021 eLitPak newsletter.

Terrain.org – August 2020

Visit Terrain.org for the new work on the site this month. Arne Weingart reviews The Tilt Torn Away from the Seasons by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers and Melissa L. Sevigny interviews Pam Houston. Fiction by Beth Alvarado; nonfiction by Tamie Parker Song, Scott Russell Sanders, and Paul Riley; and poetry by Seth García, Garrett Hongo, Collier Brown, and more. In currents: Charles Revello, Patricia Schwartz, and others.

De-stigmatize Uncomfortable Realities: Interview with Aby Kaupang & Matthew Cooperman

NOS coverElizabeth Jacobson sat down with Aby Kaupang and Matthew Cooperman to discuss their 2018 release of NOS (disorder, not otherwise specified). The book, published by Futurepoem Books, documents the odyssey into a foreign environment of hospitals, doctors, and diagnoses. Terrain.org published an excerpt from the book along with this interview.

Interviewer Elizabeth Jacobson starts the interview with the question about choosing to make the decision to let your child live or die and explains that she grew up in a family where a different choice was made.

Aby responds, “thank you for sharing your story a bit. I hope to hear more. I say that because I care, but also because I wish more people would write/speak about the difficult choices. De-stigmatize uncomfortable realities.”

She and Matthew Cooperman go on to explain how the book started as a private journal of Aby’s and transformed into something completely different. They also talk about how their lives have changed since its publication and what new challenges they face with their daughter who is now thirteen. Check out the full interview here…and maybe prepare a tissue or two.