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New & Noted Lit & Alt Mags – January 2023

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” under NewPages Blog or Mags. Find out more about many of these titles with our Guide to Literary Magazines and our Big List of Literary Magazines and Big List of Alternative Magazines. If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay the most up to date on all things literary!

Able Muse, Winter 2022/2923
American Poetry Review, January/February 2023
Anomaly, 35
Arkansas Review, August 2022
Blue Collar Review, Fall 2022
Brevity, January 2023
Catamaran, Winter 2022
Chestnut Review, Winter 2023
Cleaver, 40
Concho River Review, Fall/Winter 2022
december, Fall/Winter 2022
Five Points, v21 n3
Camas, Winter 2022
Cholla Needles, 74
Communities, Winter 2022
Corvus Review, 19
Driftwood 2023 Anthology

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New & Noted Lit & Alt Mags – September 2022

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.” Find out more about many of these titles with our Guide to Literary Magazines. If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!

Allegro Poetry Magazine, Issue 29
American Poetry Review, September/October 2022
Arc Poetry Magazine, Summer 2022
The Baltimore Review, Summer 2022
The Baltimore Review 2022 Annual
Blink-Ink, #49
Bullets into Bells, September 2022
Chestnut Review, Summer 2022
Cholla Needles, 68
Cholla Needles, 69
Communities, Fall 2022
Cutleaf, August 2022
December, Spring/Summer 2022
Fictive Dream, August-September 2022
Gargoyle, 75 [print]
Gargoyle, 76 [CD]

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New & Noted Lit and Alt Mags – August 2022

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.” Find out more about many of these titles with our Guide to Literary Magazines. If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!

Bennington Review, 10
Carve, Summer 2022
Colorado Review, Summer 2022
Conduit, Summer 2022
Crazyhorse, Spring 2022
Cutleaf, 2.17
ecotone, Spring/Summer 2022
Feminist Studies, 48.1 2022
Free Inquiry, August/September 2022
The Georgia Review, Summer 2022
The Gettysburg Review, 34.1

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New & Noted Lit and Alt Mags – July 2022

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.” If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!

Alaska Quarterly Review, Spring/Summer 2022
The American Poetry Review, July/August 2022
Arkansas Review, 53.1
Bellingham Review, 84
Blue Collar Review, Spring 2022
Brick, 109
Brilliant Flash Fiction, June 2022
Carve, Summer 2022
The Cincinnati Review, 19.1
Cleaver, Summer 2022
Cream City Review, 46.1
Cutleaf, 2.14
The Dillydoun Review, June 2022
Driftwood Press, 9.2
Event, 51.1
Five Points, 21.2
Freefall, Spring 2022
Gay & Lesbian Review, July-August 2022
Good River Review, 3
Hamilton Arts & Letters, 15.1
The Hollins Critic, June 2022
Image 112
In These Times, July 2022
Inch, Summer 2022
Kenyon Review, July/August 2022
The Lake, July 2022
The Louisville Review, Spring 2022
The Malahat Review, 218
The Missouri Review, Spring 2022
New England Review, Summer 2022
Notre Dame Review, Winter/Spring 2022
Off the Coast, Summer 2022
One Story, 290
Otis Nebula, 17
Pembroke Magazine, 54
Poetry, July/August 2022
Prairie Schooner, Fall 2021
Reckoning, 6
Room, 45.2
Ruminate, Spring/Summer 2022
Salamander, Spring/Summer 2022
The Shore, 14
Sleet, Summer 2022
Superpresent, Summer 2022
Thema, Summer 2022
The Tiger Moth Review, 8
World Literature Today, July/August 2022
The Woven Tale Press, July 2022
Writing Disorder, Summer 2022
Yellow Medicine Review, Spring 2022

New & Noted Lit and Alt Mags – June 2022

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.” If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!

Agni, 95
Allium, Spring 2022
Arkana, Issue 12
Atlanta Review, Spring-Summer 2022
Bending Genres, Issue 27
Blink Ink, #48
Bomb, Summer 2022
Catamaran, Summer 2022
Cimarron Review, Winter-Spring 2021
Collateral, Spring 2022
Conjunctions, 78
Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, #14

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New & Noted Lit and Alt Mags – May 2022

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.” If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us!

About Place, May 2022
The American Poetry Review, May/June 2022
The Baltimore Review, Spring 2022
Black Warrior Review, Fall/Winter 2021
The Briar Cliff Review, Volume 34
Camas, Summer 2022
The Cape Rock, 50
Coastal Shelf, #6 Winter 2022
Communities, Issue #195
Concho River Review, Spring/Summer 2022
Consequence, Issue 14.1
Court Green, Spring 2022
Creative Nonfiction, Spring 2022
Cutleaf, Issue 2.9

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Magazine Stand :: The Main Street Rag – Spring 2022

The Main Street Rag Spring 2022 literary magazine cover image

The newest issue of The Main Street Rag (v27 n 2) starts off with “Painting In, Painting Out: An Interview with Michel Tsouris” by Don Bertschman, and is followed up with fiction by Linda Buckmaster, Robert Garner McBrearty, Skyler Nielsen, Richard Risemberg, Terry Sanville, and Frank Scozzari; poetry by Michel Tsouris, Chris Abbate, Frederick W. Bassett, Stephen Benz, C.D. Bailey, Cindy Buchanan, Brian Builta, J.I.B., Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, John J. Ronan, Margaret Diehl, Irene Fick, Regina YC Garcia, Karen L. George, Alison Stone, Cordelia M. Hanemann, Marci Rae Johnson, Genevieve Fitzgerald, Donald Levering, James Lineberger, Christopher Louvet, Kim Malinowski, Richard Merelman, James Miller, Michael Minassian, Daniel Edward Moore, Benjamin Nash, Rikki Santer, David Sapp, Gordon Taylor, Matthew A. Toll, Tom Wayman, Jeffrey Thompson, Riand chard Widerkehr.

Magazine Stand :: World Literature Today – May 2022

World Literature Today literary magazine cover image

Muses — a special section showcasing writers, artists, and their inspirations, with cover art by Holly Wilson — headlines the May/June 2022 issue of World Literature Today, the 400th issue in the magazine’s 95-year history. Rembrandt, Picasso, Kandinsky, Andrew Wyeth, and David Hockney are among the legends whose visual art inspires the featured writers. Other highlights include poetry, essays, creative nonfiction, and fiction from Canada, England, France, Israel, and Russia, as well as a previously unpublished letter by Boris Pasternak. The book review section also features a wealth of new titles from around the world, including new work by Victoria Chang, Louise Glück, and Alain Mabanckou.

Magazine Stand :: THE COMMON – Spring 2022

The Common literary magazine cover image

In 2016, THE COMMON began its relationship with the Arabic literary world when Editor in Chief Jennifer Acker and prominent Jordanian writer Hisham Bustani collaborated to publish a special issue devoted to contemporary Arabic fiction. THE COMMON now publishes annual Arabic portfolios of short fiction and visual art each spring. Palestine authors featured in this issue: Mahmoud Shukair, Samira Azzam, Suhail Matar, Abeer Khshiboon, Sheikha Hussein Helawy, Khaled Al-Jebour, Suheir Abu Oksa Daoud, Izzat Al-Ghazzawi, Ziad Khaddash, and Eyad Barghuthy. These stories are translated from Arabic to English by four celebrated translators: Ranya Abdel Rahman, Nashwa Gowanlock, Nariman Youssef, and Amika Fendi.

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Magazine Stand :: Cumberland River Review – 11.2

Cumberland River Review online literary journal cover image

Publishing quarterly poetry, fiction, essays, and art online, the newest issue of Cumberland River Review features poetry by Michael Phillips, Anne Whitehouse, Eleanor Lerman, Adina Edelman, Angie Crea O’Neal, Lee Peterson, Michael Carrino, Steven Winn, Margaret Mackinnon, Cindy King, fiction by Allen Stein, and artwork by Michael Azgour. In her poem, “Cooks and Counterweights,” Eleanor Lerman asks, “So where are the adults who said they / would take over? Who were supposed / to face the future because sacrifices were made?” Visit the CRR website to find the answer.

Magazine Stand :: Club Plum – 3.2

Club Plum Literary Journal cover image

In issue 3.2’s introductory essay, “Claim What is Ours,” Club Plum online literary journal founding editor Thea Swanson writes, “Freedom and democracy are fragile. They are precious, and they shouldn’t be precious. They should be mundane. // Writing and creating, for some of us, is mundane, and for that, we should take pause and treasure our ability to write and to create, to share our words and images, knowing how closely these acts are tied to our freedom, to our democracy.” Sharing in these very acts are the contributors to this issue: flash fiction by David Hartley, Amy Holman, Jen Schneider, and Nora Studholme; prose poetry by Kevin Carey, Larua Goldin, Sophia Holme, and Nicole Flaherty Kimball; and art by Nicola Brayan, Phyllis Green and Sabahat Ali Wani.

Magazine Stand :: Hole in the Head re:View – May 2022

Hole in the Head Review online literary magazine May 2022 cover image

Promoted by the editors as their “May Day Issue,” this newest online issue of Hole in the Head re:View features “Tulips, Saturday Night Fever, fat back, Jack Spicer, utopia, a corpse flower, murmurations of starlings, old New Yorkers, bronze and string, sad boomers, some jackass jacked up on coke, a cadaver, beetles, stray mutts, Hugo & Wright, St. Therese of Lisieux, a blizzard book, tickets to heaven, stardust, a declaration of war…and so much more.” Some of the writers include Charles Simic, Stephen Gibson, Gerald Yelle, Meg Pokrass & Jeff Friedman, Seth Leeper, Richard Matta, Ace Boggess, George Perreault, Anny Jones, Martine van Bijlert, Yvonne Zipter, Hannah Marshall, Christopher Paul Brown, and GTimothy Gordon. Hole in the Head re:View also published a special Ukraine issue with their friends at Nine Mile Magazine. Check that out here.

Magazine Stand :: The Greensboro Review – Spring 2022

The Greensboro Review literary magazine cover image

In his introduction to issue 111 of The Greensboro Review, Terry Kennedy writes of how he came to be the editor of this long-standing, esteemed publication under the apprenticeship of former editor Jim Clark. “I believe each great apprenticeship starts with someone believing in a person before that person believes in themselves. . . These days, what I want to do most is read. Discovering that one story, that one poem that really sings is what brings me the most joy, what gives me the most satisfaction. Put another way, I delight in believing in writers who may not yet believe in themselves.” Contributors to this issue in whom Kennedy believes include fiction by Clancy Tripp, Ellen Rhudy, Akshay Shrivastava, Molly Guinn Bradley, Robert Wood Lynn, Kevin McWilliams Coates, Kanza Javed, and poetry by Peter Kent, Nicole Adabunu, Natalia Conte, Emily Cinquemani, Melissa Studdard, Jeremy Halinen, Matt W. Miller, Jed Myers, Julia Edwards, K.R. Segriff, Emily Herring Wilson, L.A. Johnson, and Alyx Chandler.

Magazine Stand :: Sky Island Journal – Spring 2022

Sky Island Journal Spring 2022 online literary magazine cover image

Sky Island Journal’s stunning 20th issue features poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction from contributors around the globe. Accomplished, well-established authors are published—side by side—with fresh, emerging voices from around the globe, including Andrew Cusick, Bracha K. Sharp, Christina H. Felix, David Axelrod, Elaine Fowler, Feiya Zhang, Grant Chemidlin, James Barnes, John Muro, Karen Poppy, Lana Lehpamer, Linda Michel-Cassidy, Lorrie Ness, Maryam Imogen Ghouth, Michelle McMillan-Holifield, Patrick Dawson, R.B. Smith, Robert Rinehart, Samantha Liu, Sarah Normandie, Sera Gamble, William R. Stoddart, and many more. Readers are provided with a powerful, focused literary experience that transports them: one that challenges them intellectually and moves them emotionally. Always free to access, and always free from advertising, discover what over 100,000 readers in 145 countries already know; the finest new writing is here, at your fingertips.

Magazine Stand :: South Dakota Review – 56.2

South Dakota Review literary magazine cover image

I’m a huge fan of the 9×9 format South Dakota Review and the luxury of poetry that doesn’t have to be font-shrunk to fit the page and the double-column prose. This lovely new installation includes poetry by Brandon Krieg, Hollie Dugas, Laura S. Marshall, Sunni Brown Wilkinson, Samantha Padgett, Lana I. Ghannam, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Annette C. Boehm, Charlie Clark, and Adam Scheffler, essays by Lee Ann Roripaugh, E. J. Meyers, Oakley Ayden, Lori Horvitz, Margaret Erhart, and short stories by Suzy Eynon, Cassandra Woodard, Jenny McBride, and Katie Schmid.

Magazine Stand :: Zone 3 – 36.2

Zone 3 literary magazine cover image

The Fall 2021 issue of Zone 3 just hit the stands, celebrating thirty-five years of continuous publication! Editor Amy Wright opens the volume with a retrospective look at events from the founding year, 1986, and extols, “For our 35th anniversary issue, we are united in our resolve to create a safe space to hear, heed, and uplift BIPOC issues, joys, struggles, and stories. We are invested in equity. As editors, we want the conversations generated by our pages to demonstrate a full range of human experiences and intend to follow this special issue with additional themed issues dedicated to underrepresented voices.” The opening essay, “This is My American Country” by Allen M. Price is intended to “upset assumptions about what America has meant and can mean, because when our concepts, illusions, and projections break down, we see ourselves as we truly are and are becoming.” and can be read on the Zone 3 website.

Magazine Stand :: Presence – 2022

Presence literary magazine cover image

The Editor’s Statement in the newest issue of Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry begins, “An explicit goal of Presence is to publish contemporary poetry that continues the Catholic Intellectual Tradition and the Church’s long history of recognizing the value of art as a way of leading us to God through its truth, beauty and goodness.” The featured poet in this annual issue is Julia Alvarez, along with featured translations of Juana Rosa Pita’s work translated by Erin Goodman. Over five dozen poets are included in this issue as well as interviews with poet, psychologist, and publisher John Cusack Handler and poet, teacher Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, two dozen poetry book reviews, and a section called “Life’s Work” with essays that focus on Jane Hirshfield (by Vivian I. Bikulege) and Sally Read (by Pat Destito). Cover art: Transmutation, acrylic on ceramic by Beth Shadur. The next submission period for Presence is August 1 – October 1, 2022.

Magazine Stand :: Change Seven – Spring 2022

Change Seven online literary magazine cover image

Publishing four issues per year from pieces collected during two open submission periods, the newest issue of Change Seven features fiction by Rebecca Andem, Joseph Ducato, Megan Lucas, Michelle Spencer, and Josh White; poetry by Randy Blythe, James Cochran, Robert Detman, Peter Grieco, Mark Hammershick, William Heath, and Virginia Laurie; non-fiction by Stuart Baker Hawk, Lillian Brion, Saila Kariat, Anna Oberg, and Joshua Thusat; and art by Kailee Bal, Lawrence Bridges, Greg Clary, Rachel Coyne, Mark Rosalbo, Max St-Jacques, and Karah Tull. The next open reading period starts June 1.

“It takes me six months to do a story. I think it out and write it sentence by sentence—no first draft. I can’t write five words but that I can change seven.”
~ Dorothy Parker, The Paris Review, 1956

Magazine Stand :: Qu Literary Magazine – Volume 15

Qu literary magazine cover image

Published by the MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte with an editorial staff comprised of current students Qu Literary Magazine publishes fiction, poetry, essays, and script excerpts. Payment upon publication is $100 per prose piece and $50 per poem. The Winter 2022 contributors include Nathan Alling Long, G.G. Silverman, Naomi Anne Goldner, Mariah Lanzer, Susan Comninos, Alex Dodt, Susan Comninos, Michelle McMillan-Holifield, Brent Ameneyro, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Kate Horowitz, John Leonard, Seif-Eldeine, Lisa Summe, Neal Adelman, Jake Alexander, and Kristin Dombek. Each new issue is free to read online and also available to purchase in print.

Magazine Stand :: Anomaly – 34

Anomaly online literary magazine cover image

Providing an international “platform for works of art that challenge conventions of form and format, of voice and genre,” the newest issue of Anomaly continues to deliver on that challenge. April 2022 issue contributors include Matthew Klane and James Belflower, L. Nichols, Jesse Lee Kercheval, J.I. Kleinberg, Wylde Parsley, Tim Tim Cheng, Stephanie Kaylor, Sihle Ntuli, Roy Wang, Ros Seamark, Prince Bush, Olúwatamílọ́re Ọ̀shọ́, Nicole Callihan, Maija Haavisto, Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Upasana, Stephanie King, Scott Pomfret, Suzanne Martin, Leslie Lindsay, Cassandra Lawton, and many more. Submissions for their next issue open June 1, 2022, and while there is a small fee to cover operational costs, this fee is waived for all Black and Indigenous writers “to support those most targeted by state violence.”

New & Noted Lit Mags – April 2022

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” tag under “Popular Topics.”

4×2, April 2022
Adanna, Issue 11
American Writers Series, Fall 2021
Apple Valley Review, Spring 2022
Arc Poetry Magazine, 97
Bellevue Literary Review, Issue 42
Bennington Review, Issue 10
bioStories, April 2022
Blue Collar Review, Winter 21-22
Brilliant Flash Fiction, March 2022
Carve, Spring 2022
Cleaver, Issue 37
Club Plum, 13.2

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Magazine Stand :: American Writers Review – Turmoil and Recovery

American Writers Review literary magazine cover image

American Writers Review is a multi-genre literary journal published by San Fedele Press welcoming writers, artists, and photographers of all backgrounds, styles, and experience levels who want to explore their art. Their 2021 issue was the first they had themed and was grounded in the turmoil of the past two years and the hope for an eventual recovery. Submissions of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, photography, and other art for their 2022 themed issue “The End or The Beginning” are being accepted until May 31, 2022, and Wayne Benson will be their poetry editor, joining the team of D Ferrara, Pat Florio, and Dale Louise.

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Magazine Stand :: Craft – April 2022

CRAFT online literary magazine cover image

Reading submissions and posting works on a rolling basis, CRAFT publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, and various craft articles. CRAFT does not charge fees for writers or readers and is a paying market with “no capacity limits.” They also offer editorial feedback on short and flash fiction and offer a “fast response” category as well. Recent contributors to the site include Pete Stevens, Amina Gautier, Tara Isabel Sambrano, Rosaleen Lynch, Oktavia Brownlow, Zoe Ballering, Jane Marcellus, Bryan Okwesili, “Never Rush a Rabbit: Prey Animals & Choices in Fiction” craft essay by Lee Upton, and “Conversations Between Friends” with Gale Massey and Louise Marburg. CRAFT also provides a page of Resources on Racism in Publishing.

Magazine Stand :: 4×2 – April 2022

Four by Two online poetry journal logo

Every two months, Barrow Street Press editors choose four new and emerging poets who have not yet published a chapbook or full-length book of poems and then features one of their poems on the 4×2 website. Current poets include Laura Dixon, Sean Burke, KT Herr, and Kristen Holt-Browning. Past spotlight poets include Susan Kay Anderson, Miranda Beeson, Bryce Berkowitz, Pune Dracker, Pete Follansbee, Henry Goldkamp, Caroline M. Mar, Emily McKay, Pablo Medina, Nicole Melanson, James Funinami Moore, Darren Morris, Heather Newman, Doug Ramspeck, Belinda Rule, Thomas Schwank, Mahtem Shiferraw, Andy Sia, Jordana Solomon, Arthur Solway, Sophia Starmack, Hillery Stone, W.R. Weinstein, and Rachel Willems.

Magazine Stand :: The Courtship of Winds – Winter 2022

The Courtship of the Winds online literary magazine cover image

There’s still a little winter left before we turn the corner, plenty of time to catch up on the newest issue of The Courtship of the Winds online literary and art journal. New to the staff with this installment are drama editors Bill and Judy Plott. This issue is packed with poetry by Margaret B. Ingraham, Lowell Jaeger, Ken Poyner, Joseph Hardy, Hannah Jane Weber, Gordon Kippola, J. Tarwood, Sam Ambler, Gail Nielsen, DS Maolalai, Eleanore Lee, Charles Elin, Esme DeVault, Don Thompson, Jay Carson, J. R. Forman, Frederick Pollack, Alise Versella, Stephen Mead, Doug Van Hooser, and Murray Silverstein; essays by Robert F. Harris, Madhurika Sankar, Fabrizia Faustinella, David Sapp; fiction by Christie Cochrell, Benjamin Harnett, Tom Eubanks, Anne Michaud, Alex Clermont, Rin Kelly, William Hayward, David Obuchowski, Catherine Parilla, P. C. Allan, Geoffrey Heptonstall; Drama by David Brendan Hopes and Judy Klass; and artworks in concrete [including cover image] by Mario Loprete.

Magazine Stand :: Adanna – Issue 11

Adanna literary journal cover image

Adanna is a literary journal dedicated to women that welcomes contributions that “reflect and speak to women’s issues or topics, celebrate womanhood, and shout out in passion” The 2021 annual is now available and features poetry by Emmaline Bristow, Carol Casey, Angie Dribben, Lisa English, Ariel Fintushel, Virginia Bach Folger, Deborah Gerrish, June Gould, Maryanne Hannan, Elaine Koplow, Michelle Lerner, Heather Lee Rogers, Kelly R. Samuels, Dipanwita Sen, VA Smith, Thea Swanson, Janet Tracy-Landman, and Kelley Jean White; fiction by Elayne Clift, Diane Lederman, Kelsey McWilliams, Nneamaka Onochie, Terry Sanville, Tanya E. E. E. Schmid, and Ted Shaffrey; essays by Susan Frattini, Nancy Gerber, and Lola Wang, with cover art by Linda Murphy Marshall. Submissions for the 2022 annual print edition are open until May 31, 2022.

Magazine Stand :: wildness – No. 29

wildness online literary magazine logo

Founded by Michelle Tudor and Peter Barnfather in 2015 as an imprint of Platypus Press, wildness is a biannual online literary journal publishing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction works in most styles, forms, or genres. The April 2022 issue includes poetry by Qudsia Akhtar, Lory Bedikian, Aaron Coleman, Patricia Gao, Laboni Islam, Mia Kang, Kimberly Kralowec, Caroline M. Mar, Shalini Rana, Darius Simpson, RaJon Staunton, Ọbáfẹ́mi Thanni, Caitlin Wilson, Shelley Wong, Serrina Zou, and non-fiction by Sharon Lin. All content is freely accessible for online reading, and writers are encouraged to read back issues before submitting.

Magazine Stand :: The Georgia Review – Spring 2022

The Georgia Review literary magazine cover image

Celebrating 75 years of continuous publishing, The Georgia Review 75.1 issue is titled “SoPoCo” for Southern Post-Colonial and focuses on diasporic writing from or about the U.S. South. Editor Gerald Maa writes in the introduction of this 300+ pages, “This is a big volume, but it’s a crowded world. And we wanted to err on the side of maximalism rather than on giving anyone short shrift, given the groundbreaking nature of this volume.” The authors and artists included in this issue demonstrate that “the vibrancy of current Southern culture is made possible by critical contributions of the immigrant communities therein and exploring the ways that diasporic communities in this region differ from their more recognized sibling communities in the coastal urban centers.”

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Magazine Stand :: Heron Tree – April 2022

Heron Tree online poetry journal logo

The editors of Heron Tree began posting poems for Volume 9 in February 2022. Poems are posted weekly on the site and then are collected into a free, downloadable PDF, which means all back issues are also available for free download. These are simple, well-designed publications that mimic features of a print book, making them great for personal or classroom use. Volume 9 includes works by Deborah-Zenha Adams, Karen George, Carol H. Jewell, Basiliké Pappa, K Roberts, Kelly R. Samuels, M. E. Silverman, and Jonathan Yungkans with more on the way! Subscribe – also free – to receive notification of newly published poems.

Magazine Stand :: MoonPark Review – Spring 2022

MoonPark Review A Quarterly Online Journal of Short Prose cover image

The editors of MoonPark Review: A Quarterly Journal of Short Prose open this nineteenth online issue by commenting, “we were struck by the threads of longing that weave through every story. Longing for those lost, those taken, for a larger meaning, to be special, or understood, to be recognized, simply remembered, or the longing for someone to be other than who they have always been. Perhaps it is this particular moment in time, or perhaps it is a universal truth — that we all long for something, sometime, or someone.” Contributors to this issue include Abbie Barker, Vince Montague, James Mattise, Jonathan Weisberg, Lucinda Trew, Dan Hodgson, Christie Wilson, Sarp Sozdinler, Jill Witty, Kenneth M. Kapp, Rachel Lastra, Kevin Brennan, and Kip Knott. All content is free to read online, so head on over!

Magazine Stand :: Chinese Literature Today – 10.2

Chinese Literature Today literary journal cover image

Xue Yiwei is the featured author in the newest issue of Chinese Literature Today, published by the University of Oklahoma, which includes an interview by Lin Gang translated by Stephen Nashef and half a dozen works in translation. Also included in this issue is the special section, “Chinese Women Migrant Worker’s Literature,” with works such as “Caring for the Small: Gendered Resistance and Solidarity
through Chinese Domestic Workers’ Writings” by Hui Faye Xiao, “Gender, Class, and Capital: Female Migrant Workers’ Writing in Postsocialist China and Zheng Xiaoqiong’s Poetry” by Haomin Gong, “‘In the Roar of the Machines’: Zheng Xiaoqiong’s Poetry of Witness and Resistance” by Eleanor Goodman and more. “Women Migrant Worker’s Poems: A Collection translated by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho” is also featured in this tremendous volume.

Magazine Stand :: Cherry Tree – Number 7

Cherry Tree annual print literary journal cover image

The seventh issue of Cherry Tree annual print journal produced by the Literary House Press features work by Anum Asi, Sandra Beasley, Jan Beatty, Katie Berta, Caleb Braun, Susan Briante, Elijah Burrell, Marci Cancio-Bello Calabretta, Marianne Chan, Jennifer Chang, Victoria Chang, Christopher Citro, Nicole Cooley, Paul H Curtis, Jeff Ewing, Blas Falconer, Andra Emilia Fenton, Tanya Grae, Saúl Hernández, James Hoch, Todd Kaneko, Urvi Kumbhat, Kabel Mishka Ligot, Anthony Thomas Lombardi, Andrea Marcusa, Tom McAllister, Shane McCrae, Rahul Mehta, Philip Metres, John A. Nieves, Sarah Rose Nordgren, Carolyn Oliver, Matthew Olzmann, Donald Quist, Deon Robinson, Adam Scheffler, Charlotte Seley, Paige Sullivan, David Trinidad, Michael Walsh, Jieyan Wang, Adam Webster, John Sibley Williams, and M Jaime Zuckerman, with cover art by Gerardo Villarreal.

Magazine Stand :: Molecule – Issue 6

Molecule online literary and art magazine cover image

“A Tiny Lit Mag” – Molecule online journal publishes artwork and written works of 50 words or less, and their latest issue is proof that less can indeed be much more. The journal is packed with enough to satisfy readers until the next biannual issue comes out. Even though the entries are brief and can be quickly read, I found myself savoring in re-reading and the moments after reading when I just wanted to look away from the screen and allow the well-crafted work to resonate. This installment includes interviews with Cynthia Bargar and David Kirby, drama by Will Cordeiro, Ben Stanford, and Tony Targan, and art, prose, and poetry from many others, including Adebisi Amoriis, Shell Birdis, Karina Borowicz, MJ Bujold, Jeff Burt, Robin Cantwell, Dallas Crow, Steve DeMont, Doriane Feinstein, Mae Fraser, Jeff Gately, Emilia Getzingeris, Ellery Haney, Niki Hatzidis, Larissa Monique Hauck, Doug Holderis, Santosh Kalwar, Hilary King, Joe McGurn, Ariya Mamun, Ivan de Monbrison, Chad Parenteauhas, Palline Plum Remi Recchia, Fabio Sassi, Joel Savishinsky, Scott T. Starbuck, Bill Teitelbaum, Peter Urkowitz, and Allison Whittenberg.

Magazine Stand :: bioStories – April 2022

As we come out of this pandemic – or learn to live with the endemic – we lament that we may have ‘forgotten’ how to live more communally with others. bioStories is a wonderful way to keep ourselves in tune to the lives of others and how we interact both locally and globally. Publishing nonfiction prose only, bioStories offers submission guidelines that help writers focus their craft on what the editors are looking for, and express the understanding that “real life is messy,” yet acknowledge: “human nature is idiosyncratic and frequently contradictory, and, quite often, when you look close enough, it is downright graceful.” The publication features a weekly essay on its homepage and prints two issues each year. Recent online contributions include Neil Cawley “Speech and Debate in the Time of Covid,“ Al Czarnowsky “Buck,“ Nancy Deyo “Naked Facebook Friday,“ William Keiser “A Postcard from the End,“ Jae Nolan “Better Left Unsaid,“ Kristen Ott Hogan “Give that Dog a Bone,“ Gretchen Roselli “Aunt Aggie, Bobby Kennedy, and My Parents’ Summer Theater,“ Nancy Smith Harris “Ida Ziegler,“ Aminah Wells “The Ballet Barre.“ and Andrew Yim “Grammy’s Secret.“

Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – April 2022

Wordrunner literary magazine cover image

The prose and poetry in the 12th anthology and 45th issue of Wordrunner eChapbooks is themed “Up Ending” and offers both heartache and hope, wonderfully nuanced characters, and mostly upbeat endings. Read online or download as a PDF with fiction by Nancy Bourne, Frank Diamond, D.B. Gardner, Joyce Goldenstern, Natascha Graham, Mary Lewis, and Fabriana Martinez; nonfiction by Rachel Cann, Sarah Mullen, and Mary Cuffe Perez; and poetry by Iris Dunkle, Mark Heathcote, and Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith. Wordrunner notes that “ALL AUTHORS ARE PAID and have been since this series was launched in 2010.”

Magazine Stand :: Flash Frog – April 2022

Flash Frog online literary magazine logo

Featuring stories under 1000 words, Flash Frog says they like their stories like they like their dart frogs: “small, brightly colored, and deadly to the touch.” Publishing a new story every Monday, recent contributors include Maria Poulatha, Courtney Clute, Sage Tyrtle, and Dri Chiu Tattersfield, with artwork by MarieJulie Lafrance and Rob Kaniuk. Submissions are on a rolling basis, with July being reserved for “ghost story submissions only.”

Magazine Stand :: Bennington Review – Issue Ten

Bennington Review literary magazine cover image

Housed at Bennington College, Bennington Review is a diverse treasure trove of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and film writing shared with readers in print twice a year with many contributions available to read online. While editing the Winter 21-22 issue, Michael Dumanis, with Katrina Turner, references Robert Duncan’s “Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow,” and writes, “we kept considering the simultaneous fragility and power of the open field, the purity of nature and the purity of the imagination, environment and memory. As a consequence, much of the poetry and prose in our new issue offers meadows of nature and nature of thought, literal meadows and figurative ones for us to wander into, clearings with flowers and refuges from noise, everlasting omens of what is.”

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Magazine Stand :: Prime Number Magazine – Issue 223

Prime Number Magazine logo

The April-June 2022 issue of Prime Number Magazine features winners of their free, monthly 53-Word Story Contest selected since the last issue. In each issue, PNM asks guest editors to select their favorite poems or stories from those submitted during our open submission period. Submissions are free and only accepted the first two months of each quarter. In this issue, guest editor Adrian Rice selected poetry from Rick Campbell, Stephen Gibson, Mercedes Lawry, and Emily Townsend. Guest editor Dennis McFadden selected short fiction by Jonh Fulton, Mary Taugher, and Treena Thibodeau. The publication also showcases four authors from their publisher, Press 53. This issue includes works by Ray Morrison, Sean Sexton, Jacinta V. White, and Rhonda Browning White.

Cleaver Workshops Spring-Summer 22

Cleaver Workshops logo

Cleaver literary magazine may be based out of Philadelphia, but in keeping with their “international” status, their online workshops are open to all with internet access using both Zoom and Canvas platforms in synchronous and asynchronous modalities. Upcoming workshops include:

THE WRITE TIME for practice and inspiration
Taught by Cleaver Editor Andrea Caswell

MICRO MENTORING: Flash Fiction Masterclass
Taught by Cleaver Senior Flash Editor Kathryn Kulpa

Taught by Marnie Goodfriend

UNSHAPING THE ESSAY: Experimental Forms in Creative Nonfiction
Taught by Cleaver Editor Sydney Tammarine

TELL ME WHAT YOU EAT, And I Will Tell You What You Are
Writing About Food and Ourselves taught by Kristen Martin

Visit the Cleaver Workshops page for more information.

New 5-in-5 Interview with Mohja Kahf

Glass Mountain logo

Love interviews with writers? How about bite-sized ones? Don’t forget about Glass Mountain‘s weekly 5-in-5 series. The series gives established writers 5 minutes to answer just 5 questions.

On April 15, they published their interview with Mohja Kahf. Kahf is the author of My Lover Feeds Me Grapfruit, winner of several awards (including a Trailblazer Award from the Radius of Arab American Writers), and her writing is available in Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, and German translations.

One of my favorite parts of the interview is how she expresses erasure poems as her least favorite trend, but how she values those who can devote themselves to the genre.

Erasure poems is my least favorite because it means you have to devote a lot of time to a piece of writing you want to undermine by strip-mining it to create a counter-statement that exposes the ironies of the original text, or its ambiguities or moral flaws or whatever.

Mohja Kahf, 5-in-5 interview with Glass Mountain

Stop by their site to learn who Kahf is reading right now, what work by someone else she wished she had written, what was the best money she ever spent as a writer, and what she would do if she wasn’t a writer.

Magazine Stand :: Southern Humanities Review – 55.1

Southern Humanities Review literary magazine cover image

This newest issue of Southern Humanities Review published quarterly by the Department of English at Auburn University features nonfiction by Monica Judge, Evan Joseph Massey; fiction by Scott Gloden, Kyle Francis Williams, Connor White, Ps Zhang; poetry by Lisa Ampleman, Caitlin Cowan, Esteban Ismael, Lh Lim, Lance Larsen, Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo, Emilia Phillips, Vasantha Sambamurti, Jace Raymond Smellie, Julia Thacker, and John Sibley Williams. Cover image: Cicada Summer, watercolor on paper, 2021, by Veronica Steiner. Some content can be read online and individual copies, as well as subscriptions, are available by visiting the Southern Humanities Review website.

Magazine Stand :: Blue Collar Review – Winter 21-22

Blue Collar Review literary magazine cover image

Blue Collar Review: Journal of Progressive Working Class Literature editors write in their introduction to this newest issue, “These are the kinds of poems, the kind of collection, that you will likely not find in other literary magazines and journals, though we wish that were not the case. Poems in this issue confront cultural discrimination as well as wrestling with our unchosen places and complicity in the web of racism that defines U.S. society. This includes the struggle against cultural arrogance that seeks to oppress other languages and those who speak them. Other poems speak of the accumulated loneliness and difficulties of the pandemic and questions what the ‘new normal’ will be. . . Also prominent are poems and prose on the poisoning of the poor and Black communities for profit by fossil fuel corporations in Louisiana’s ‘cancer alley’ and their power over elected officials.” The full editorial content and samples from the current issue can be read on the Blue Collar Review website.

Magazine Stand :: Apple Valley Review – Spring 2022

Apple Valley Review online literary magazine cover image

In addition to having a most gorgeous cover photograph by Kyaw Tun, the newest issue of Apple Valley Review (17.1) features creative nonfiction by Charlotte San Juan and Amy Kroin; short fiction by Péter Moesko (translated from the Hungarian by Walter Burgess and Marietta Morry) and Lucy Zhang; and poetry by Jane C. Miller, Wojciech Kass (translated from the Polish by Daniel Bourne), Lulu Liu, Paola d’Agnese (translated from the Italian by Toti O’Brien), Amanda Rachel Robins, and Nathaniel Cairney.

Magazine Stand :: Plume – #128

Plume online poetry magazine issue 128 cover image

Plume is an easily accessible and beautifully formatted online poetry magazine comes out monthly, and you’ll want to keep up with each issue of Plume. The April 2022 installment features poems by Cecilia Woloch, Tomaž Šalamun in translation by Brian Henry, Rigoberto Paredes (includes audio) translated from Spanish by Frances Simán, Olya Kenney, Nin Andrews, Maurice Manning, Louis-Philippe Dalembert (includes audio) translated from French by Nancy Naomi Carlson, Linda Bierds, Katherine Soniat, Jane Hirshfield, Garrett Hongo, and Adam Tavel, as well as an interview with Gregory Orr by Nancy Mitchell.

Magazine Stand :: THEMA – Spring 2022

Thema literary magazine cover image

THEMA editors note this publication as three goals: “to provide a stimulating forum for established and emerging literary and visual artists, to serve as source material and inspiration for teachers of creative writing, and to provide readers with a unique and entertaining collection of stories, poems, art, and photography.” Providing readers with a premise for each issue, “A Postcard From the Past” is the theme for volume 34.1, filling the issue with images of postcards, narratives about them, and images of some of the postcard handwriting as well. Upcoming themes and submission deadlines can be found on the THEMA website.

Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – X3

The Woven Tale Press online literary magazine cover image

The Woven Tale Press Magazine: A Premier Literary and Fine Art Publication Highlighting Stellar Writing and Visual arts releases ten issues per year, and the newest issue features works by Britt Breeden, Laurence Elle Groux, Carol Hamilton, Lydia Host, Ivan Kanchev, Gaya Lastovjak, Diane G. Martin, Michele O’Brien, Cynthia Parson McDaniel, Nick J. Perez, Rob Price, Darren Smith, and Sharon Wahl. Sign up for free to read it online or subscribe and have each new issue delivered fresh to your inbox!

Magazine Stand :: Bellevue Literary Review – Issue 42

Bellevue Literary Review cover image

Featured in Issue 42 of Bellevue Literary Review are the winners and honorable mentions for the John & Eileen Allman Prize for Poetry judged by Crystal Valentine, the Goldberg Prize for Fiction judged by Amy Hempel, and the Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction judged by Michele Harper. Contributors include fiction by Nitin K. Ahuja (Winner with “Step-Down”), Angie Sijun Lou (Honorable Mention with “Pale Unappy Dog”), C.C. Reid, Rachel Hall, Cécile Barlier, Jon Cohn, Madeline Haze Curtis, AJ Cameron, C.J. Hribal, Sofi Stambo; nonfiction by Avra Aron (Winner with “In My Head”), Emily Carter (Honorable Mention with “Casualty”), Lindsay Starck, Mallika Sekhar, Barbara West; poetry by Michael M. Weinstein (Winner with “Drought Pastoral”), Laura Paul Watson (Honorable Mention with “Six Weeks Into Chemotherapy”), Judith Fox, R.J. Petteway, John Kneisley, Jessica Yuan, Melissa J. Varnavas, Katherine Gaffney, Kan Ren Jie, Connemara Wadsworth, Esther Abisola Omole, Suzanne Manizza Roszak, T. Le, Stubbs, Charlene Fix, and Rachel S. Brooks.

Magazine Stand :: Valley Voices – 22.1

Valley Voices literary magazine cover image

Valley Voices: A Literary Review 22.1 is a special issue on “The Sense of Place” dedicated to Dr. Marla Cowie (1942-2021), former Professor of English and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at Mississippi Valley State. It begins with a special feature with several works by and an interview with Elaine Terranova. The issue is filled with poetry by Angela Ball, Lois Baer Barr, Matthew Brennan, David Dear, George Drew, Theodore Haddin, Juliet Hinton, Na’Taki Osborne Jelks, Steve Myers, Mamie Osborne, Charles Rammelkamp, Anina Robb, Kelly Talbot, Larry D. Thomas, Susan Weaver, and Michael P. Wright, and includes prose works by Bob Chikos, Gary Fincke, Jacqueline St. Joan, DC Berry, and Jon Peede. Front cover photograph, “Hongmei 120 Folding Camera” by John Zheng.

Magazine Stand :: Humana Obscura – Issue 4

Humana Obscura literary magazine cover image

The Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Humana Obscura – an independent nature-focused literary magazine – features work by 84 new, emerging, and established contributors from around the globe, as far as South Africa, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Australia, the Cayman Islands, Germany, and throughout North America. Contributors include Melanie Shoeniger, Susan G. Sancomb, Byron Wilson, Andre Peltier, Jaqi Holland, Kimberly Kling, Roger Camp, Ian William L., Meg Venter, Maureen Bennett, Genevieve Leavold, and more. Available to read online or order a print copy.