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Magazine Stand :: The Greensboro Review – Spring 2022

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In his introduction to issue 111 of The Greensboro Review, Terry Kennedy writes of how he came to be the editor of this long-standing, esteemed publication under the apprenticeship of former editor Jim Clark. “I believe each great apprenticeship starts with someone believing in a person before that person believes in themselves. . . These days, what I want to do most is read. Discovering that one story, that one poem that really sings is what brings me the most joy, what gives me the most satisfaction. Put another way, I delight in believing in writers who may not yet believe in themselves.” Contributors to this issue in whom Kennedy believes include fiction by Clancy Tripp, Ellen Rhudy, Akshay Shrivastava, Molly Guinn Bradley, Robert Wood Lynn, Kevin McWilliams Coates, Kanza Javed, and poetry by Peter Kent, Nicole Adabunu, Natalia Conte, Emily Cinquemani, Melissa Studdard, Jeremy Halinen, Matt W. Miller, Jed Myers, Julia Edwards, K.R. Segriff, Emily Herring Wilson, L.A. Johnson, and Alyx Chandler.

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