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Magazine Stand :: Hole in the Head re:View – May 2022

Hole in the Head Review online literary magazine May 2022 cover image

Promoted by the editors as their “May Day Issue,” this newest online issue of Hole in the Head re:View features “Tulips, Saturday Night Fever, fat back, Jack Spicer, utopia, a corpse flower, murmurations of starlings, old New Yorkers, bronze and string, sad boomers, some jackass jacked up on coke, a cadaver, beetles, stray mutts, Hugo & Wright, St. Therese of Lisieux, a blizzard book, tickets to heaven, stardust, a declaration of war…and so much more.” Some of the writers include Charles Simic, Stephen Gibson, Gerald Yelle, Meg Pokrass & Jeff Friedman, Seth Leeper, Richard Matta, Ace Boggess, George Perreault, Anny Jones, Martine van Bijlert, Yvonne Zipter, Hannah Marshall, Christopher Paul Brown, and GTimothy Gordon. Hole in the Head re:View also published a special Ukraine issue with their friends at Nine Mile Magazine. Check that out here.

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