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Magazine Stand :: MoonPark Review – Spring 2022

MoonPark Review A Quarterly Online Journal of Short Prose cover image

The editors of MoonPark Review: A Quarterly Journal of Short Prose open this nineteenth online issue by commenting, “we were struck by the threads of longing that weave through every story. Longing for those lost, those taken, for a larger meaning, to be special, or understood, to be recognized, simply remembered, or the longing for someone to be other than who they have always been. Perhaps it is this particular moment in time, or perhaps it is a universal truth — that we all long for something, sometime, or someone.” Contributors to this issue include Abbie Barker, Vince Montague, James Mattise, Jonathan Weisberg, Lucinda Trew, Dan Hodgson, Christie Wilson, Sarp Sozdinler, Jill Witty, Kenneth M. Kapp, Rachel Lastra, Kevin Brennan, and Kip Knott. All content is free to read online, so head on over!