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New & Noted Lit & Alt Mags – January 2023

NewPages receives many wonderful literary magazine and alternative magazine titles each month to share with our readers. You can read more about some of these titles by clicking on the “New Mag Issues” under NewPages Blog or Mags. Find out more about many of these titles with our Guide to Literary Magazines and our Big List of Literary Magazines and Big List of Alternative Magazines. If you are a publication looking to be listed here or featured on our blog and social media, please contact us. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay the most up to date on all things literary!

Able Muse, Winter 2022/2923
American Poetry Review, January/February 2023
Anomaly, 35
Arkansas Review, August 2022
Blue Collar Review, Fall 2022
Brevity, January 2023
Catamaran, Winter 2022
Chestnut Review, Winter 2023
Cleaver, 40
Concho River Review, Fall/Winter 2022
december, Fall/Winter 2022
Five Points, v21 n3
Camas, Winter 2022
Cholla Needles, 74
Communities, Winter 2022
Corvus Review, 19
Driftwood 2023 Anthology

Free Inquiry, December 2022/January 2023
Freefall, Fall 2022
The Gay & Lesbian Review, January/February 2023
Geist, 122
The Georgia Review, Winter 2022
Green Horizons, Fall 2022
The Hopper, 7.2
Image, 115
In These Times, January/February 2023
The Lake, January 2023
In These Times, December 2022
The Malahat Review, 220
The Massachusetts Review, Winter 2022
Michigan Quarterly Review, Winter 2023
Minerva Rising, 22
The Missouri Review, Fall 2022
Neologism, December 2022
New England Review, 43.3
Ninth Letter, Fall/Winter 2022-23
North Dakota Quarterly, Fall/Winter 2022
Notre Dame Review, 54
One Story, 296
Obsidian, 47.1
Palooka, 13
Poetry, January 2023
Rain Taxi, Winter 2022
Ruminate, 63 & 64
Salt Hill, 48
The Shore, 16
Sky Island Journal, Winter 2023
Socialism and Democracy, 86-87
The Society for Classical Poets Journal, January 2023
South Dakota Review, 57.1
Southwest Review, Winter 2023
Storm Cellar, vX n2
Sugar House Review, 25
Superpresent, Winter 2023
Topical Poetry, 47
Translation Review, 114.1
Under a Warm Green Linden, 14
Upstreet, 18
World Literature Today, January/February 2023

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