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Magazine Stand :: Craft – April 2022

CRAFT online literary magazine cover image

Reading submissions and posting works on a rolling basis, CRAFT publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, and various craft articles. CRAFT does not charge fees for writers or readers and is a paying market with “no capacity limits.” They also offer editorial feedback on short and flash fiction and offer a “fast response” category as well. Recent contributors to the site include Pete Stevens, Amina Gautier, Tara Isabel Sambrano, Rosaleen Lynch, Oktavia Brownlow, Zoe Ballering, Jane Marcellus, Bryan Okwesili, “Never Rush a Rabbit: Prey Animals & Choices in Fiction” craft essay by Lee Upton, and “Conversations Between Friends” with Gale Massey and Louise Marburg. CRAFT also provides a page of Resources on Racism in Publishing.

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