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Magazine Stand :: The Georgia Review – Spring 2022

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Celebrating 75 years of continuous publishing, The Georgia Review 75.1 issue is titled “SoPoCo” for Southern Post-Colonial and focuses on diasporic writing from or about the U.S. South. Editor Gerald Maa writes in the introduction of this 300+ pages, “This is a big volume, but it’s a crowded world. And we wanted to err on the side of maximalism rather than on giving anyone short shrift, given the groundbreaking nature of this volume.” The authors and artists included in this issue demonstrate that “the vibrancy of current Southern culture is made possible by critical contributions of the immigrant communities therein and exploring the ways that diasporic communities in this region differ from their more recognized sibling communities in the coastal urban centers.”

The issue includes “Culinary Diasporas” by Simone Delerme, Linda Golden, Kayla Stewart; SoPoCo Emerging Writer Fellowship Winners Tanya Rey, Aria Curtis, Sadia Hassan; Essays by J.D. Ho, Neema Avashia, Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi, Rahul Mehta, Thao Nguyen; Fiction by E. M. Tran, Samuel Kọ́láwọlé, Deepa Varadarajan, Chika Unigwe, Anna Kazumi Stahl, Lawrence-Minh Bùi Davis, Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh, Maria Kuznetsova, “Recipes” by Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh, Alex Stayer-Brewington, Neema Avashia, Chika Unigwe; Poetry by Sarah Lao, Lis Sanchez, Purvi Shah, Dusty Mike Perez, Darius Atefat-Peckham, Leah Brand, Stephanie Niu, Rahul Mehta, Siew David Hii, Asa Drake, Blas Falconer, Joshua Garcia, Avram Kline, Melanie Tafejian, D. S. Waldman; Art by Mark Fleuridor, Saba Taj, Yehimi Cambrón.

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