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Magazine Stand :: Club Plum – 3.2

Club Plum Literary Journal cover image

In issue 3.2’s introductory essay, “Claim What is Ours,” Club Plum online literary journal founding editor Thea Swanson writes, “Freedom and democracy are fragile. They are precious, and they shouldn’t be precious. They should be mundane. // Writing and creating, for some of us, is mundane, and for that, we should take pause and treasure our ability to write and to create, to share our words and images, knowing how closely these acts are tied to our freedom, to our democracy.” Sharing in these very acts are the contributors to this issue: flash fiction by David Hartley, Amy Holman, Jen Schneider, and Nora Studholme; prose poetry by Kevin Carey, Larua Goldin, Sophia Holme, and Nicole Flaherty Kimball; and art by Nicola Brayan, Phyllis Green and Sabahat Ali Wani.

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