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Magazine Stand :: Club Plum – 4.4

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Volume 4, Issue 4 of Club Plum opens the door to October for you to tiptoe inside and enjoy this “Literary Horror Issue.” Maybe the door is entry to a vulnerable memory or gives way to the horrors of a childhood home. Perhaps we will enter a shed and witness our father’s obsession, or come face-to-face with our obsession in the neighborhood bar. Half-dead birds flap around our grandmother, and hogs haunt us in the road. Sometimes, though, the haunting is soft and necessary, and we strain to listen lest we miss it as we desperately conjure our beloved ghosts. Other times, we need to let our ghosts float away like ships that we don’t recognize simply so we can go on. Dare to enter and enjoy Creative Nonfiction by Faune Albert and Ainsley Davis; Flash Nonfiction by Amy DeBellis; Flash Fiction by Mileva Anastasiadou, Daniel David Froid, Enrico Gilberti, Emily Ives-Keeler, John Kucera, and George Nevgodovskyy; Prose Poetry by Helen Stevens Chinitz, Daniel A. Rabuzzi, Jonny Shae Ransbottom, and Royal Rhodes; and Art by David Boyle, Thomas Riesner and Claudia Tong.

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