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Magazine Stand :: Club Plum – 4.2

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Volume 4, Issue 2 of Club Plum online literary and art journal carries the weight of knowing the ones we love are often out of reach. Sometimes they are our mothers, right beside us, their mental illness having stolen them away. Sometimes they are our fathers, very old and wheelchair-bound, war-demon wrestling blocking us from what could have been. In this issue, characters and family, friends, and ghosts reside in shelters and nursing homes, in laundromats and restaurants, in TVs, trees, and memories, and in all these places, there is longing. Contributors include Anna Laura Falvey, Foster Trecost, Rhiannon Chavez, Jesse Curran, Narisma, Mary Wood, Jeff Bender, Kate LaDew, King Tina, Em Townsend, Sam Moe, Jeff Bender, Elizabeth Horton, Michael Moreth, and Carolyn Schlam.

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