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Magazine Stand :: Club Plum – 3.4

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Founder and Editor of Club Plum Literary Journal, Thea Swanson, opens the fall 2022 issue on a somber note, “I wish I could introduce this year’s Literary Horror issue, Volume 3, Issue 4 of Club Plum, with something light, paying homage to breath-stopping make-believe horrors that entertain or instruct, or nodding to wondrous non-horror works, bringing it full circle to this issue. But we are in the midst of real horror that I must speak to instead: Schoolgirls are being murdered for refusing to wear cloth over their heads. There is so much to say here–volumes and millennia to say here–but I will only say a breath’s worth, a hijab’s worth, just one layer of the many heavy truths one piece of material contains, and it is this: the head-covering is a lie. A trick. To make one think a certain way [. . . ] I speak from experience. In a previous life, I wore a head-covering at a church for all the reasons women do this, for all those reasons imposed on us as we are brainwashed, as women are plugged into categories.” Read the full introductory remarks here.

While we do create our own horrors to entertain this time of year, there is a poignancy to many of the pieces within, perhaps reflections of the real-life horrors others cannot escape. Readers are invited to access Club Plum online and delve into works by Paige Swan, Marina Giacosa Esnal, Lalini Shanela Ranaraja, J. M. Bédard, Archangel Belletti, Salena Casha, Jacob Kamp, Noah Cohen-Greenberg, Macy Lu, Wilson Taylor, Julie Bolt, Sarah DiSilvestro, and Irina Tall Novikova.

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