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Magazine Stand :: Prime Number Magazine – Issue 223

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The April-June 2022 issue of Prime Number Magazine features winners of their free, monthly 53-Word Story Contest selected since the last issue. In each issue, PNM asks guest editors to select their favorite poems or stories from those submitted during our open submission period. Submissions are free and only accepted the first two months of each quarter. In this issue, guest editor Adrian Rice selected poetry from Rick Campbell, Stephen Gibson, Mercedes Lawry, and Emily Townsend. Guest editor Dennis McFadden selected short fiction by Jonh Fulton, Mary Taugher, and Treena Thibodeau. The publication also showcases four authors from their publisher, Press 53. This issue includes works by Ray Morrison, Sean Sexton, Jacinta V. White, and Rhonda Browning White.

Prime Number Magazine – Jan – March 2022

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Happy New Year from everyone at Press 53 and Prime Number Magazine! In our new issue you’ll find the judges for the 2022 Prime Number Magazine Awards for Poetry and Short Fiction; winners of our monthly 53-word Short Story Contest for October, November, and December; our 2021 nominees for the Pushcart Prize, poetry selected by LaWanda Walters; fiction selected by Michael Beadle; four authors highlighted in the Press 53 Spotlight; and the guest editors for Issue 227. More information at the Prime Number website.

Prime Number Magazine – January-March 2020

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This issue offers information on the 2021 Prime Number Magazine Awards for Poetry and Short Fiction, with judges Stacy R. Nigliazzo (poetry) and Dennis McFadden (short fiction). You’ll also find our 2020 Pushcart Prize nominees, recent winners of our free 53-Word Story Contest, and poetry selections by our guest poetry editor Lindsey Royce and short fiction selections by our guest short fiction editor Rhonda Browning White.

Prime Number Magazine February/March 53-Word Story Contests

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Every month, Prime Number Magazine (published by Press 53) offers a free contest, inviting writers to respond to a prompt in 53 words.

February’s prompt was: This month, the Kansas City Chiefs return to the Super Bowl after a fifty-year run of coming up short. Vegas will run the numbers and the 49ers will run the ball. Many expect the Chiefs to run the table. In this spirit, let’s run with the word that has the most dictionary definitions.

The winning story by Elizabeth Barton will appear in the next issue of Prime Number Magazine, releasing April 1.

You still have a couple weeks if you’d like to submit to the March 53-Word Contest (deadline March 21). This month’s prompt: On March 17, people everywhere, regardless of ancestry, will wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. Green can also mean someone is envious, sick, or inexperienced. Green fruit is not ripe. The Green Party protects our environment. And putting well on a green can lead to a pro golfer winning a lot of green.

Find full submission details, check out past winners, and see what’s up with the Prime Number Magazine Awards for Poetry & Short Fiction at the journal’s website.