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Magazine Stand :: The Courtship of Winds – Winter 2023

The Courtship of Winds Winter 2023 cover image

The Courtship of Winds offers readers many new voices with “thoughtful perspectives on our shared experience.” Fully accessible to read online, the only thing this issue is ‘missing’ is drama – and the drama editors say they’d love to receive some well-crafted plays for upcoming issues. What readers will find in this issue is poetry, Paul Rabinowitz, Caroline Maun, Gale Acuff, Brenda Yates, Rebecca Ressl, Danley Romero, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle, Yvonne Pearson, Michael Ansara, Richard Matta, Richard Dinges, Jr., David Reuter, Gordon Kippola, Nathan Thomas, Bobby Parrott, Murray Silverstein, Alison Hicks, Sandra Newton, Anne Marie Wells, Bob Meszaros, Erren Kelly, Rhys Lee, Leila Farjami, Gordon Kippola, Frederick Pollack, and Will Walker; art & photography by Paul Rabinowitz and Jim Zola; essays by Yvonne Pearson, and Neil Mathison; and fiction by Gavin Kayner, Gregory T. Janetka, Regina Thomas, Teresa Burns Gunther, and Marco Etheridge.

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Magazine Stand :: The Courtship of Winds – Summer 2022

The Courtship of Winds online literary magazine Summer 2022 issue cover image

Though the leaves are turning their fall colors, there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy in the latest issue of The Courtship of Winds online literary journal publishing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and drama twice each year. Featured contributors to the newest issue include Duane Anderson, Cynthia Baker, Amita Basu, Ralph Bland, Holly Day, Nickolas Duarte, S.C. Ferguson,  Joan Gelfand, Carol Graser, Michael Green, John Grey, Cordelia Hanemann, Paul Ilechko, Rimah Jabr, Mark Jacobs, Alec Calder Johnsson, Tiffany Jolowicz, Judy Klass, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Christopher Kuhl, Stephan Lang, Tracy A. Lightsey, Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Richard Luftig, R. Nikolas Macioci, Rex McGregor, Güliz Mutlu, Yvette Naden, Stephen Policoff, Paige E. Reecer, John Repp, Daniel Sundahl, Robert Wexelblatt, Anne Whitehouse, and Arnie Yasinski. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis for each of the two yearly issues.

Magazine Stand :: The Courtship of Winds – Winter 2022

The Courtship of the Winds online literary magazine cover image

There’s still a little winter left before we turn the corner, plenty of time to catch up on the newest issue of The Courtship of the Winds online literary and art journal. New to the staff with this installment are drama editors Bill and Judy Plott. This issue is packed with poetry by Margaret B. Ingraham, Lowell Jaeger, Ken Poyner, Joseph Hardy, Hannah Jane Weber, Gordon Kippola, J. Tarwood, Sam Ambler, Gail Nielsen, DS Maolalai, Eleanore Lee, Charles Elin, Esme DeVault, Don Thompson, Jay Carson, J. R. Forman, Frederick Pollack, Alise Versella, Stephen Mead, Doug Van Hooser, and Murray Silverstein; essays by Robert F. Harris, Madhurika Sankar, Fabrizia Faustinella, David Sapp; fiction by Christie Cochrell, Benjamin Harnett, Tom Eubanks, Anne Michaud, Alex Clermont, Rin Kelly, William Hayward, David Obuchowski, Catherine Parilla, P. C. Allan, Geoffrey Heptonstall; Drama by David Brendan Hopes and Judy Klass; and artworks in concrete [including cover image] by Mario Loprete.

The Courtship of Winds – Summer 2021

This is a large issue, which seems fitting as we climb out of the Covid existence we’ve all been living—hopefully. So let the number, variety, and breadth of voices here signal a steady return to health, here at home and abroad. We continue to publish both young writers, just starting out—as young as 16 in this issue! — as well as well-established writers/creative artists with impressive resumes.