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Magazine Stand :: The Courtship of Winds – Winter 2023

The Courtship of Winds Winter 2023 cover image

The Courtship of Winds offers readers many new voices with “thoughtful perspectives on our shared experience.” Fully accessible to read online, the only thing this issue is ‘missing’ is drama – and the drama editors say they’d love to receive some well-crafted plays for upcoming issues. What readers will find in this issue is poetry, Paul Rabinowitz, Caroline Maun, Gale Acuff, Brenda Yates, Rebecca Ressl, Danley Romero, Sharon Kennedy-Nolle, Yvonne Pearson, Michael Ansara, Richard Matta, Richard Dinges, Jr., David Reuter, Gordon Kippola, Nathan Thomas, Bobby Parrott, Murray Silverstein, Alison Hicks, Sandra Newton, Anne Marie Wells, Bob Meszaros, Erren Kelly, Rhys Lee, Leila Farjami, Gordon Kippola, Frederick Pollack, and Will Walker; art & photography by Paul Rabinowitz and Jim Zola; essays by Yvonne Pearson, and Neil Mathison; and fiction by Gavin Kayner, Gregory T. Janetka, Regina Thomas, Teresa Burns Gunther, and Marco Etheridge.

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