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Magazine Stand :: Anomaly – #36

Anomaly #36 logo image

ANMLY #36 is loaded with poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, comics, translations, and two feature folios — it’s a good day to be trans!, on trans joy, edited by SG Huerta and Queering the Nigerian Divine, edited by Logan February. Readers can access the publication for free online.

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Magazine Stand :: Anomaly – 34

Anomaly online literary magazine cover image

Providing an international “platform for works of art that challenge conventions of form and format, of voice and genre,” the newest issue of Anomaly continues to deliver on that challenge. April 2022 issue contributors include Matthew Klane and James Belflower, L. Nichols, Jesse Lee Kercheval, J.I. Kleinberg, Wylde Parsley, Tim Tim Cheng, Stephanie Kaylor, Sihle Ntuli, Roy Wang, Ros Seamark, Prince Bush, Olúwatamílọ́re Ọ̀shọ́, Nicole Callihan, Maija Haavisto, Lisa Creech Bledsoe, Upasana, Stephanie King, Scott Pomfret, Suzanne Martin, Leslie Lindsay, Cassandra Lawton, and many more. Submissions for their next issue open June 1, 2022, and while there is a small fee to cover operational costs, this fee is waived for all Black and Indigenous writers “to support those most targeted by state violence.”

Anomaly Announces New Staff

In their December 14 newsletter, Anomaly announced additions to their editorial staff with new editors in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and translation.

Ashely Adams and Mizzy Hussain join as new Nonfiction Co-Editors while the Poetry editorial team welcomes Tricia Lopez, Tianna Bratcher, Lucy Zhou, and Eleonora Natilii. The Fiction team has been revamped with Talia Wright, Dino de Haas, Carson Faust, and jonah wu with Maxine Savage joining as their new Assistant Translation Editor.

Also joining Anomaly is Meca’Ayo Cole and Addie Tsai who become the new Features & Reviews co-editors. They will be taking the lead on ANMLY’s Blog. Lip Manegio and Gillian Joseph are also joining the team as Assistant Folio Editors. They will work alongside Zeb Wimsatt to curate each issue’s feature folios.

And with this announcement, they also want you to know they are currently open to submissions of translations, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and comics through March 1, 2022. They have no-questions-asked fee waivers available for writers and artists in need. There is also no fee for Black and Indigenous contributors.

Don’t forget to swing by their website to read their latest issues and check out all of their offerings.

Read for ANMLY

ANMLY is currently looking for a new fiction reader. This volunteer position asks for two or three hours of your time per week. The publication tends to focus on work that is experimental and innovative.

Applications are open until November 15. Email the editors to apply.

Anomaly – No 33

ANMLY #33 is out. The journal is back with translations, fiction, poetry, comics, and CNF! International, intersecting, always interesting. Comics by Wild Iris, Kathryn Smith, and Halo Lahnert; poetry by Tori Ashley Matos, Sage Ravenwood, Rachel Lee, Nora Rose Thomas, Maya Salameh, KT Herr, Jae Nichelle, Fox Rinne, Dorsía Smith Silva, and more; fiction by William Dempsey, Ray Levy, Diane Glancy, and others; and nonfiction by Lauren Scheer and Josie Lê. More info at the Anomaly website.

Anomaly – No 32

Our new issue, ANMLY #32, features a special folio Neighbor Species and Shared Futures curated by Kristine Ong Muslim. Featuring work in various genres from Tilde Acuña, Richard Calayeg Cornelio, Reil Benedict Obinque, Regine Cabato, Pedantic Pedestrians, Melvin Clemente Magsanoc, and more. See what else you can expect to find in this issue at the Anomaly website.

Anomaly – No 31

In the new issue of Anomaly: comics by Tamara Jong, Jennifer Murvin, Chloe Martinez, Andie Frein, Amelia L. Williams, and Alina Viknyanskiy; poetry by Tian-Ai, Stephanie Jean, Shay Alexi, Saddiq Dzukogi, Noor Ibn Najam, Noʻu Revilla, Michal Jones, KL Lyons, Irteqa Khan, Ima Odong, Heather Simon, Eunice Kim, Chavonn Williams Shen, Bailey Cohen-Vera, Asmaa Jama, and Amanda Holiday, fiction by Laurence Klavan, LaToya Jordan, and Carson Faust; and nonfiction by Tasha Raella, Jody Chan, and Anjoli Roy.

Anomaly – No 30

Anomaly - April 2020

The latest issue of Anomaly is out. In this issue: comics by Mita Mahato, Kimball Anderson, Jason Hart, and more; fiction by Monica Macansantos, Feliz Moreno, and more; poetry by Turandot Shayegan, Rodney A. Brown, María Lysandra Hernández, Jacq Greyja, Hussain Ahmed, Hari Alluri, Gabrielle Spear, Fargo Tbakhi, Derek Berry, Ashely Adams, and more; and translated work by Zsuka Nagy, Yan An, João Luís Barreto Guimarães, and others.

Call :: Anomaly Open Reading Period

Anomaly Issue 29 screenshotThe online literary magazine from Anomalous Press, Anomaly is open to general submissions through March 1. They charge a $3 fee and offer a modest honorarium.

Plus, they have announced their new issue will launch on April 11. Featured folios include a CantoMundo tribute and Performance Poetry. They will also be doing an event at AWP 2020 with Waxwing and Newfound. Learn more…