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Rattle – Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 issue features our 11 Rattle Poetry Prize winners. The open section features the usual wide-ranging poems with humor and heart. These poems cover love, evolution, Robin Hood, and the DMV. The conversation section takes an unusual turn, where psychologist James Pennebaker discusses his lifetime of research on the benefits of expressive writing. Learn more at the Rattle website.

Alaska Quarterly Review – Summer & Fall 2021

In this issue, find the novella “Like a Bomb Went Off” by Kristopher Jansma. Stories by Mackenzie McGee, Nathan Curtis Roberts, Jonathan Starke, Ada Zhang, Matt Greene, Heather Monley, and Laurie Baker. Essays by Jehanne Dubrow, Dawn Davies, Jane McCafferty, Alex Chertok, Kirsten Reneau, Jai Dulani, and Sara Eliza Johnson. One long poem by Bruce Bond, and other poems by Felicia Zamora, Lara Egger, and more. Find more poetry contributors at the Alaska Quarterly Review website.

Weber – Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 issue of Weber features a Bernard DeVoto Subfocus which includes an interview with Mark DeVoto, as well as work by Mark Harvey, Nate Schweber, David Rich Lewis, Russell Burrows, and Val Holley. Also in this issue: poetry by Christian Woodard, Eric Paul Shaffer, Stephen Lefebure, Taylor Graham, Joseph Powell, Angelica Alain, and more; and essays by Adam M. Sowards and Ralph Hardy. Find fiction contributors at the Weber website.

Nimrod International Journal

In the “Awards” issue: fiction by Paula Closson Buck, Jennifer Blackman, Teresa Milbrodt, and more; poetry by Emily Rose ole, Francesca Bell, Angela Sucich, Kate Kingston, Adrie Rose, Jessica Pierce, Carolyn Oliver, Zack Lesmeister, Liz Marlow, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Laura Apol, Connor Yeck, Christina Hutchins, Amy Miller, Caroline Earleywine, Gail Gudd Entrekin, Cynthia White, Dan Albergotti, Harley Anastasia Chapman, Kyoko Uchida, John Blair, and lots more.

More info at the Nimrod website.

AGNI – No. 94

Featured art by Harald Gaski and Máret Ánne Sara. Essays by Melissa Chadburn, Ananda Devi, Moncia Judge, Worapoj Panpong, George Sand, Jennifer Kwon Dobbs & Shuchi Saraswat, and Isaac Yuen; and fiction by Cristina Rivera Garza, Diaa Jubaili, Tasnim Qutait, Barbara Sutton, Che Yeun,and others. Check out poetry contributors at the AGNI website.

wildness – November 2021

Featuring some wonderful poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction from: Geoff Anderson, Shuang Ang, Claudia Delfina Cardona, Aaron Caycedo-Kimura, Stephanie Chang, Bryce Emley, Miguel Barretto García, Janalyn Guo, Bill Hollands, Ricardo Frasso Jaramillo, Karishma Jobanputra, Ravi Mangla, Shannan Mann, Sham-e-Ali Nayeem, Robert Okaji, D. A. Powell, Monica Prince, and AM Ringwalt. Find this issue at the wildness website.

Raleigh Review – 11.2

New fiction by Whitney Collins, Ryan Napier, Barbara Barrow, Sarah Schiff, and Shannon L. Bowring. Poetry by Anna Tomlinson, Betsy Johnson, Mary Ann Samyn, Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams, Lauren Green, Tianru Wang, Michael Dhyne, Aimee Seu, Ashley Sojin Kim, Dorianne Laux, Miguel Martin Perez, Chris Ketchum, Cheyenne Taylor, Isabelle Shepherd, Samuel Cheney, Riley Ratcliff, and Emma Aylor. Plus, art by David Gilman, Zwanda Cook, Annie Bates-Winship, Peter Kent, Sandra Ducoff Garber, Susan Gefvert, Toby Tover, and Ken Garber. Now at the Raleigh Review website.

Kenyon Review – Nov/Dec 2021

The Nov/Dec 2021 issue of the Kenyon Review features the winners of our 2021 Short Nonfiction Contest: Brigitte Leschhorn Arrocha, Christian Butterfield, and dm armstrong; stories by Bennett Sims, Morgan Thomas, Robert Travieso, and Hananah Zaheer; an essay by Paula C. Brancato; a short play by Kemuel DeMoville; and poems by O-Jeremiah Agbaakin, Kai Carlson-Wee, Lindsay Stuart Hill, Richie Hofmann, Dayna Patterson, Colin Pope, and Arthur Sze.

More info at the Kenyon Review website.

Cutleaf – Volume 1 Issue 21

In this issue, Matt Prater celebrates the music of escape in three poems beginning with “The Slow Work of Unlearning.” Robert Sachs recounts the story of a boy named Evelyn who knew how to make the dogs howl in “A Delicious Silence.” And Jay Hodges reveals the intimate world of caring for someone with severe memory loss in a series of linked essays beginning with “Our Own Country.” Learn about this issue’s images at the Cutleaf website.

The Woven Tale Press

What’s new this month? A physical and structural approach to painting, stunning pixelated images, our usual resonate prose and poetry, and so much more. Work by Carolyn Anderson, Cliff S. Berman, Emil Brägg, Neil Carpathios, Dianne Corbeau, Ann S. Epstein, Mary Gilliland, Sherry Karver, Jeanne LaCasse, Joyce Peseroff, Kari Souders, and Lauren Taylor Grad. More info at The Woven Tale Press website.

Plume – November 2021

This month’s featured selection: “On Peach State and crafting ‘the raw materials of circumstance’”: an interview with poet Adrienne Su by Mihaela Moscaliuc. In nonfiction: “Truscon, A Division of Republic Steel, 1969-70: A Prose-Poem Sequence Disguised as a Lyrical Essay, Itself Aspiring to Be a Fictional Memoir” by Peter Johnson. Jane Zwart reviews Kasey Jueds’s The Thicket. Poetry contributors are at the Plume website.

The Main Street Rag – Fall 2021

In this issue: fiction by Jennifer Blake, Matthew C. Bush, Nathan Leslie, R. F. Mechelke, and more. Poetry by Matthew E. Henry, Jane Andrews, Richard Becker, Kay Bosgraaf, Brenton Booth, Chris Bullard, Ricks Carson, Diana Cole, Matthew J. Spireng, Beth Suter, Kevin Sweeney, Kelly Terwilliger, Mark Taksa, Eric Weil, and others. Plus a featured interview, “Teaching While Black,” with Matthew E. Henry by Shawn Pavey. Find out more at The Main Street Rag website.

The Dillydoun Review – November 2021

In the new issue of The Dillydoun Review, check out short stories by Noah Kenny, Rachel McCarren, John Nicholson, Rebeka Selmeczki, Mark R. Vickers, and Brian Will; flash fiction by Peter Amos, Matthew Downing, and Michael Edwards; nonfiction by Anna Schott; and flash nonfiction by Rachel M. Reis, Sidney Stevens, and Ronald Wetherington. Check out poetry contributors at The Dillydoun Review website.

Cutleaf – Volume 1 Issue 20

In this issue, Joe Tobias merges a surgeon’s knowledge with the instincts of poetry in three poems beginning with “Repair.” Karen Salyer McElmurray recalls pivotal moments of grief as she plans her father’s memorial at the beginning of the pandemic in “How Souls Travel.” And Benjamin Anastas explores Japanese jetlag porn and the verb tenses of a man’s life at age 47 in the short story “Going Underneath.” Learn about this issue’s images at the Cutleaf website.

Bridge – Fall 2021

This Bridge is truly an invitation to cross over into other realms. Young writers (age 14-24) created all these texts and images, from a wonderful range of places, points of view, backgrounds, gender locations, and experiences. Drama by Ethan Luk; fiction by Morgan MacVaugh, Cassandra Lawton, Deborah Yoder, Oreoluwa Oladimeji, and Catrina Prager; and nonfiction by Divya Mehrish. Find more contributors at the Bridge website.

THEMA – Fall 2021

In THEMA‘s Fall 2021 issue, writers and artists explore the theme “Which Virginia?” Work by Jill Munro, Dallas Gorbett, Kathleen Gunton, Virginia McGee Butler, Lynda Fox, John Lambremont Sr., J. Jackson, James Penha, Robert Boucheron, Bill Glose, June Thompson, Max Gutmann, Paula Messina, Dana Stamps II, Rachel Lister, Lorrain Merrin, H.B. Salzer, Daniel Brown, and Linda Berry. Cover photo by Chuck Galey.

More info at the THEMA website.

Poetry – November 2021

The November issue is centered around collaborative poetry and prose with work by Nilufar Karimi & Eliseo Ortiz; Miriam Karraker; Gabrielle Bates & Jennifer S. Cheng; She Who Has No Master(s); Jan Dennis Destajo & Kabel Mishka Ligot; Kim Seong Eun & Cindy Juyoung Ok; Traci Morris, Harryette Mullen, Jo Stewart, & Yolanda Wisher; Kimberly Blaeser, Molly McGlennen, & Margaret Noodin; Cindy Juyoung Ok on the collaborative process; and Noam Dorr & Cori A. Winrock. See what else you can find in this issue at the Poetry website.

Good River Review – Fall 2021

The second issue of Good River Review is out. Prose by K.B. Carle, Whitney Collins, M Shelley Conner, Melissa A. Domjan, and Quinn Grover; poetry by Chelsea Dingman, Elizabeth Dodd, Naoko Fujimoto, Beth Gordon, Kinshuk Gupta, Jacob C. Harris, Kaylor Jones, Kiki Petrosino, Jeremy Radin, Mark Lee Webb, and Nicholas Yingling. Katy Yocom interviews filmmaker Skye Wallin, as well as ATL’s Robert Barry Fleming. Plus, three book reviews. More info at the Good River Review website.

Boulevard – Fall 2021

This issue includes the winning story from the 2020 Short Fiction Contest by Seth Bockley, a Boulevard Craft Interview with Best Show host Tom Scharpling, new fiction from Joyce Carol Oates, Melissa Chadburn, Angela Ma, Liwen Xu, and Roy Parvin, new poetry from Michaela Carter, Michael Hettich, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Brooke Sahni, and Alexandra Teague, and essays by Stephen Benz, Anne Kenner, and Jessica Weatherford.

More info at the Boulevard website.

The Blue Mountain Review – September 2021

In the latest issue of The Blue Mountain Review: Faylita Hicks on the fierce divine feminine. Life, love, music, and famous pants of David Shaw. Introducing the truth of K. Iver. Swing in the joy of Sammi Garrett. Finding faith and success with the Edwards Sisters. Featured from Athens, GA: Jittery Joe’s & The Georgia Tehatre. See what else is in this issue by visiting The Blue Mountain Review website.

Anomaly – No 33

ANMLY #33 is out. The journal is back with translations, fiction, poetry, comics, and CNF! International, intersecting, always interesting. Comics by Wild Iris, Kathryn Smith, and Halo Lahnert; poetry by Tori Ashley Matos, Sage Ravenwood, Rachel Lee, Nora Rose Thomas, Maya Salameh, KT Herr, Jae Nichelle, Fox Rinne, Dorsía Smith Silva, and more; fiction by William Dempsey, Ray Levy, Diane Glancy, and others; and nonfiction by Lauren Scheer and Josie Lê. More info at the Anomaly website.

The Adroit Journal – 39

Welcome to Adroit 39 featuring words and art by Stephanie Chang, Ngoc Pham, Eliza Brownig, Julian Guy, Nur Turkmani, Amy Woolard, Paul Tran, Ari Banias, Lory Bedikian, Jack Goodman, Matilda Lin Berke, Robin Gow, Despy Boutris, Kate Lee, So Eun Kim, Seungmin Kang, David Kirby, Sharon Lin, Kyle Wang, Enshia Li, Amal Haddad, David Emeka, Sofia Montrone, Kate Wisel, Andrew Grace, the students recognized by our Adroit Prizes, and more! Cover art by Veronika Vajdova. More info at The Adroit Journal website.