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Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – Vol 10 No 8

The Woven Tale Press Vol 10 No 8 cover image

The Woven Tale Press editors for Vol 10 No 8 promise readers “haunting images, eco-friendly sculpture, unusual mixed media, poetry, fiction and more!” Contributors include Craig Cotter, Stacey Fletcher, Jana Harris, Nell Jungyun, Kenneth Kesner, Roberto Loiederman, Joseph A. Miller, Natalie Oliphant, Craig Palmer, Sara Joyce Robinson, Susan B. Wadsworth. The Woven Tale Press welcomes fiction and creative nonfiction prose writing, poetry, and all mediums in the visual arts, including installation works; galleries are invited to submit the work of artists they represent. For their site, The Woven Tale Press seeks posts by both visual artists and writers, on any aspect of their creative process. Artists can submit their website URL for review consideration. If you are interested in becoming an art correspondent for The Woven Tale Press — to report on your local art scene— WTP would love to hear from you! Visit their website for full details.

Magazine Stand :: Woven Tale Press – vol. 10 no. 7

Woven Tale Press online literary and art magazine volume 10 issue 7 cover image

The Woven Tale Press promotes itself as “a hub for writing and visual arts, bringing together notable artists and writers seeking to share their work more broadly with communities actively in quest of unique voices and compelling perspectives.” Drawing readers in with Julie Harrison’s rich artwork, this newest issue features work by Mary-Jo Adjetey, Ea Anderson, L. Shapley Bassen, Chao Ding, Ron Eigner, Julie Harrison, Karen Kilcup, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios, Kim McAninch, Pawel Pacholec, and Gregg Maxwell Parker, as well as more of Harrison’s artwork and artist’s statement. All free and accessible to read online in addition to content like Art Central with interviews, exhibits, profiles, reviews and glimpses into artists’ spaces and art links from around the web.

Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – September 2022

The Woven Tale Press literary magazine v 10 n 6 2022 cover image

The newest issue of The Woven Tale Press is available for free reading online once you register, or you can order a print copy via MagCloud. This newest collection features embroidered paitings, photo transfers, installation art, poetry, prose, and more from Jessie Bloom, Stanislav Bojankov, Gray Brokaw, Maddie Hinrichs, Coralie Huon, Jeanne LaCasse, Sydney Lea, Farah Mohammad, Bruce Murphey, Mike Reis, Barbara Schweitzer, and Gina Troisi. The editors promise an eclectic mix of literary and visual arts with an effort to “grow the online presence of noteworthy writers and artists.” Many contributors have links to their own websites as well as art galleries.

Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – July 2022

The Woven Tale Press issue 10 number 5 literary magazine cover image

The July 2022 issue of The Woven Tale Press Literary and Fine Art Magazine promises “haunting portraiture, the surreal, architectural mixed media, poetry, fiction, and more!” The Woven Tale Press “strives to grow the online presence of noteworthy writers and visual artists” and encourages readers to visit contributors’ websites. Featured this month are works by Simon Berson, Ann-Marie Brown, billy cancel, Brut Carniollus, Lawrence F. Farrar, Chuck Fischer, David Mason, Robert Garner McBrearty, David Provan, Carolyn Schlam, and Elizabeth Searle. Readers can subscribe for free email delivery and view the publication online. Cover image by Carolyn Schlam.

Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – X3

The Woven Tale Press online literary magazine cover image

The Woven Tale Press Magazine: A Premier Literary and Fine Art Publication Highlighting Stellar Writing and Visual arts releases ten issues per year, and the newest issue features works by Britt Breeden, Laurence Elle Groux, Carol Hamilton, Lydia Host, Ivan Kanchev, Gaya Lastovjak, Diane G. Martin, Michele O’Brien, Cynthia Parson McDaniel, Nick J. Perez, Rob Price, Darren Smith, and Sharon Wahl. Sign up for free to read it online or subscribe and have each new issue delivered fresh to your inbox!

Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – X #2

The Woven Tale Press literary magazine cover image

The Woven Tale Press publishes “an eclectic mix of literary and visual arts” in an online magazine format, and the newest issue features works by Jeff Corwin, Richard Hoffman, Joseph Hurka, Greg St. John, Joshua Jones, Joe Klaus, Sydney Lea, Mike Maggio, Irmari Nacht, Nina Tichava, Vinci Weng, and Pam Wolfson. The artwork is reproduced in a high-quality, full-color format, with paintings, book art, digital composite photographs, mixed media, and photography. Pages and pages of reading and imagery to get lost in. Or, perhaps, found.

Biology and Connection: An Interview with Lauren Taylor Grad

The Woven Tale Press – Volume 9 Number 9, 2021

Lauren Taylor Grad’s work was featured in Woven Tale Press Volume XI Number 9. Jennifer Nelson, WTP feature writer interviewed Taylor Grad recently on the meaning and thought processes behind several of her works along with her pursuit of an MFA.

From using found items to create sculptures to utilizing her undergraduate work in biology to create paintings, Taylor Grad’s work is diverse. One of the most interesting pieces is Tethered which is comprised of used clothing made to create two concrete boulders and a connecting line between them. She also created a video art piece to accompany the sculpture about moving these boulders around a curving path.

Nelson: Why did you feel it was important to earn an MFA?

The decision to go to graduate school and earn my Masters in Fine Arts was not one that I took lightly. It is a huge investment, both in time and money, and I wanted to be sure that it was the right path for me to take before I made that leap. I personally really enjoy academia; I think that the amount of growth and nurturing that occurs in an individual throughout art school in such a short amount of time is transformative, and unlike anything that you can get elsewhere.

Taylor Grad also talked about taking time off after earning her undergraduate degree to try out being a living artist and other avenues before ultimately going back to earn her MFA so that she can also become an art instructor.

Read the full interview here and look at some of Taylor Grad’s amazing work.

The Woven Tale Press

What’s new this month? A physical and structural approach to painting, stunning pixelated images, our usual resonate prose and poetry, and so much more. Work by Carolyn Anderson, Cliff S. Berman, Emil Brägg, Neil Carpathios, Dianne Corbeau, Ann S. Epstein, Mary Gilliland, Sherry Karver, Jeanne LaCasse, Joyce Peseroff, Kari Souders, and Lauren Taylor Grad. More info at The Woven Tale Press website.

A Studio Transformation

What’s more satisfying than a drastic before and after comparison? The Woven Tale Press blog has a great one to check out as part of theirInside the Studio” series, which “offers a behind-the-scenes peek into the work environments of WTP artists, as well as insight into their creative process within these resonate spaces.”

Artist Joe Hedges spent a month remodeling a neglected shed into a creative space for him to work and teach during the pandemic. The blog post includes before and after pictures, as well as some of Hedges’ process. Looking at the final product, it’s hard to believe the cozy space once started as a cluttered shed.

Take a moment to check it out and gain some inspiration for renovations of your own, or see what other artists have going on inside their own studios.