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Magazine Stand :: The Woven Tale Press – September 2022

The Woven Tale Press literary magazine v 10 n 6 2022 cover image

The newest issue of The Woven Tale Press is available for free reading online once you register, or you can order a print copy via MagCloud. This newest collection features embroidered paitings, photo transfers, installation art, poetry, prose, and more from Jessie Bloom, Stanislav Bojankov, Gray Brokaw, Maddie Hinrichs, Coralie Huon, Jeanne LaCasse, Sydney Lea, Farah Mohammad, Bruce Murphey, Mike Reis, Barbara Schweitzer, and Gina Troisi. The editors promise an eclectic mix of literary and visual arts with an effort to “grow the online presence of noteworthy writers and artists.” Many contributors have links to their own websites as well as art galleries.

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