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Magazine Stand :: Good River Review – Issue 7

If Good River Review had an aesthetic, it’s that they don’t embrace one aesthetic. Rather the editors, both on the masthead and among their graduate students, only look for writing that excites, writing that avoids sameness. Within this issue, readers will find an essay by Davis McCombs, arguably best known for his award-winning collections of poetry; “Lizard Dreams,” flash fiction by Norie Suzuki; Danni Quintos’s poetry for young adults; and a review of Paisley Redkal’s West: A Translation, which collects poetry and essays in one book-length work. The subjects in Issue 7 are as various as the approaches. Readers will find writing that launches with the Electric Slide to that which describes a good deal of twerking.

The editors also include a reprint work that has been previously published or produced in the hope of giving that writing the extra attention it deserves. This issue features an excerpt from Terry Kennedy’s beautiful book-length elegy, What the Light Leaves Hidden, which dares to suggest grief can be seductive. An excerpt from “Animal Kingdom” is also included, a short story by Kristin Gentry from her debut collection Mama Said. Set in Louisville, the story presents Derby rituals familiar to the locals’ hometown but lesser known outside our city limits.

Magazine Stand :: Good River Review – Issue 5

Good River Review Issue 5 cover image

Good River Review is the literary journal of the School of Creative and Professional Writing at Spalding University publishing two issues per year. Between issues, readers can enjoy book reviews, interviews, essays on the practice of writing, and other literary news on the publication’s website. Issue 5 features poetry and prose by Adeleke Adeyemi, makalani bandele, DeMisty Bellinger, Kris Bigalk, Bea Bolongaita, Terri Brown-Davidson, Ndidi Chiazor-Enenmor, Cindy Corpier, Tony Crunk, Debra Kang Dean,  Jane Donohue, Mitchell L. H. Douglas, Monic Ductan, Devin Kelly, Iris A. Law, Jeremy Paden, Claudia Putnam, Jack Ridl, Mervyn Seivwright, Jason Tandon, and Melanie Weldon-Soiset.

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Magazine Stand :: Good River Review – Issue 3

Good River Review Issue 3 Spring 2022 literary magazine cover image

The newest issue of Good River Review, the biannual online literary journal of the School of Creative and Professional Writing at Spalding University, is available to read online. In between issues, Good River Review regularly features book reviews, interviews, essays on the practice of writing, along with literary news.

In addition to the poetry and prose selected for this issue, Editor in Chief Kathleen Driskell shares that the issue “closes with two essays on the writing life from our new anthology Creativity & Compassion: Spalding Writers Celebrate 20 Years. Faculty member in Writing for Children and Young Adults Beth Bauman offers her thoughts ‘On Crafting Surprise in Fiction,’ and Bruce Marshall Romans, faculty member in Writing for TV, Screen, and Stage, shares his essay ‘On Fear.'” Works are also included from authors Tommy Dean, Jessy Easton, Michael Henson, Crystal Wilkinson, Dmitry Blizniuk, Akhim Yuseff Cabey, Alexander Etheridge, Julia Gibson, January Gill O’Neil, Julia Koets, Andrew Najberg, Tatiana Retivov, F. Daniel Rzicznek, and Fernando Valverde (trans. by Carolyn Forché).

Good River Review is free to read online.

Good River Review – Fall 2021

The second issue of Good River Review is out. Prose by K.B. Carle, Whitney Collins, M Shelley Conner, Melissa A. Domjan, and Quinn Grover; poetry by Chelsea Dingman, Elizabeth Dodd, Naoko Fujimoto, Beth Gordon, Kinshuk Gupta, Jacob C. Harris, Kaylor Jones, Kiki Petrosino, Jeremy Radin, Mark Lee Webb, and Nicholas Yingling. Katy Yocom interviews filmmaker Skye Wallin, as well as ATL’s Robert Barry Fleming. Plus, three book reviews. More info at the Good River Review website.

Good River Review Issue One

Good River Review Spring 2021 cover

Back in October of 2020, we let you know that Spalding University’s School of Creative and Professional Writing was launching online literary magazine Good River Review in 2021. Well, the first issue has officially launched!

The first issue features prose by Rigoberto González, Pico Iyer, Brian Leung, Chris Offutt, and Julie Ann Stewart; lyric by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Alan Chazaro, Molly Peacock, Charlotte Pence, J.D. Schraffenberger, Evie Shockley, Katerina Stoykova, and Claire Wahmanholm; and drama by Ifa Bayeza and Kia Corthron.

They also feature book reviews of Dinty W. Moore’s To Hell with It: Of Sin and Sex, Chicken Wings, and Dante’s Entirely Ridiculous, Needlessly Guilt-Inducing Inferno; Zadie Smith’s Intimations; and Julia Phillips’s Disappearing Earth. Under “The Practice of Writing” heading, they feature an excerpt of Felicia Rose Chavez’s Anti-Racist Writing Workshop: How to Decolonize the Creative Classroom.

You will also find interviews with Keven Willmott, Lydia Millet, and Pico Iyer.

Between their biannual issues, they will regularly feature book reviews, interviews, and essays on the practice of writing, along with other important literary news. Swing by their listing on NewPages to learn more and don’t forget to read their inaugural issue!

Their submissions period is open and ongoing and they do accept work written for children and young adults, too! Since they love work that doesn’t fit neatly into genre categories, that is why they publish work under the headings of prose, drama, and lyric.

Spalding University’s School of Writing Launches Good River Review

Good River Review website screenshot

Spalding University’s School of Creative and Professional Writing, home of the flagship low-residency Spalding MFA in Writing program, is launching a new online literary magazine, Good River Review. The first issue will appear in Winter 2021.

Good River Review resides at Spalding in Louisville, Kentucky, which sits on the Ohio River, providing inspiration for the name: Ohio is a Seneca word for good river. Issues will appear twice a year. Between issues, the website will regularly publish interviews; book reviews; reviews of new plays, television, and films; craft essays; and literary news.

“We intend to publish the best writing in all the genres we teach in our graduate writing programs,” Kathleen Driskell (chair of the School of Writing who will serve as editor-in-chief) said. “We love writing that blurs boundaries, so contributors will find their work published as prose, lyrics, or drama.” The journal will also publish writing for children and young adults, as well as original web, TV, and short film productions.

The journal’s submission period will be ongoing. Good River Review allows for simultaneous submissions and does not charge reading or submission fees. For more information, email [email protected].