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Young Writer Summer Mentor Program

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Now in its tenth year, The Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program is an entirely online program that pairs experienced writers with high school and secondary students (students in grades 9-12 and gap year students, high school class of ’21 or ’22) interested in learning more about the creative writing processes of drafting, redrafting, and editing. The program offers mentorships in the genres of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. The aim of the program is not formalized instruction, but rather an individualized, flexible, and often informal correspondence. Poetry students will share weekly work with mentors and peers, while fiction and creative nonfiction/memoir students will share biweekly work with mentors and peers.

Participation in the mentorship for students who do not qualify for financial aid will cost $450 per mentee. There is no application fee. Mentee applicants for whom tuition will be a barrier are assured that fee remission and robust financial aid will be available.

Applications will be open through March 15, 2022.

The Adroit Journal – No. 40

In this issue of The Adroit Journal, find poetry by Chen Chen, Eugenia Leigh, David Ehmcke, Sarah Fatimah Mohammed, Melissa Cundieff, Rose Alcalá, Monica Gomery, Gustav Parker Hibbett, Arielle Kaplan, Patrick Donnelly, Mark Kyungsoo Bias, Rick Barot, and more; prose by Kim Fu, Erin Sherry, Alyssa Asquith, Marcus Ong Kah Ho, Daniel Riddle Rodriguez, and Ann-Marie Blanchard; and art by Kathy Morris, Jack Jacques, Claire Hahn, Scarlett Cai, and others.

Plus five interviews that you can learn more about at The Adroit Journal website.

Winners of the 2021 Adroit Prizes

Adroit Journal‘s Adroit Prizes are awarded to two undergraduate or secondary students annually. The 2021 judges were Carl Phillips and Samantha Hunt.

Winners receive $200 and publication. Runners-up and finalists also receive publication. You can read the pieces now in Issue 39 released in October.


Stephanie Chang | Poetry | Kenyon College, ‘25
Enshia Li | Nonfiction | Stanford University, ‘22


Amal Haddad | Fiction | Swarthmore College, ‘22
Delilah Silberman | Poetry | Bennington College, ‘21


Aluna Brogdon | Fiction | Williams College, ‘26
Eliza Browning | Poetry | Wheaton College, ‘22
David Emeka | Fiction | The Federal University of Technology – Owerri, ‘21
Aidan Forster | Fiction | Brown University, ‘22
Jack Goodman | Poetry | Walter Payton College Preparatory School, ‘22
Sharon Lin | Poetry | Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ‘21
Sofia Montrone | Fiction | Columbia University, ‘21
Jackson Neal | Poetry | University of Wisconsin – Madison, ‘23
Ngoc Pham | Poetry | Macalester College, ‘21
Kit Pyne-Jaeger | Fiction | Cornell University, ‘21
Clara Rosarius | Fiction | Oberlin College, ‘23
Kyle Wang | Poetry | Stanford University, ‘22

The Adroit Journal – 39

Welcome to Adroit 39 featuring words and art by Stephanie Chang, Ngoc Pham, Eliza Brownig, Julian Guy, Nur Turkmani, Amy Woolard, Paul Tran, Ari Banias, Lory Bedikian, Jack Goodman, Matilda Lin Berke, Robin Gow, Despy Boutris, Kate Lee, So Eun Kim, Seungmin Kang, David Kirby, Sharon Lin, Kyle Wang, Enshia Li, Amal Haddad, David Emeka, Sofia Montrone, Kate Wisel, Andrew Grace, the students recognized by our Adroit Prizes, and more! Cover art by Veronika Vajdova. More info at The Adroit Journal website.

Coming Up: The Adroit Journal Issue 39 Release Reading

Join The Adroit Journal in two days, on Tuesday October 26, 2021 for the release reading for their 39th issue.

Readers include Jonny Teklit, Paul Tran, Lory Bedikian, Anthony Okpunor, Kate Wisel, and our Adroit Prizes winners Stephanie Chang and Enshia Li! Kate Gaskin will host the Zoom event.

Register for the event and learn a little bit more about the readers at Eventbrite.

The Adroit Journal – Issue 38

Issue 38 of The Adroit Journal is out! Poetry by David Hernandez, Mark Doty, Patricia Liu, Margaret Ray, Chris Santiago, Maja Lukic, Rachel Long, Mai Der Vang, Rebecca Morton, Rita Dove, and more; prose by Tucker Leighty-Phillips, Raye Hendrix, Krystle DiCristofalo, and Perry Lopez; and interviews with Rachel Yoder, Forrest Gander, Brandon Taylor, and Shangyang Fang. Read more info at The Androit Journal website.

Join Adroit Journal for Word is Bond #3

Join The Adroit Journal on Thursday, June, 2021 for the Word is Bond #3 reading. 100% of the proceeds will go toward the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund and the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

Readers include Jessica Abughattas, Chen Chen, Taylor Johnson, and Paul Tran with host Anthony Thomas Lombardi and co-host/co-curator Alexa Patrick.

Purchase tickets and find out more at Eventbrite.

The Adroit Journal – January 2021

Adroit 36 is a brilliant collection of work—elegiac in its nature—both hopeful and loud in its grief. Poetry by Angelo Nikolopoulos, Ocean Vuong, Martha Collins, D. A. Powell, Ellen Bass, Alex Dimitrov, Tariq Thompson, Aurielle Marie, Nomi Stone, and more; prose by Ghinwa Jawhari, Blake Bell, Robert Long Foreman, Ethan Chatagnier, Steffi Sin, and Ben Reed; and art by Gyuri Kim, L.I. Henley, Connie Gong, and Tianran Song.

The Adroit Journal Celebrates Ten Years

Online literary magazine The Adroit Journal is celebrating 10 years of publication! They are inviting you to join them for a special free virtual reading to help them celebrate on November 21 at 7PM EST on Zoom. The reading will be hosted by Heidi Seaborn, executive editor of The Adroit Journal.

Readers include K-Ming Chang, Victoria Chang, Chen Chen, Tiana Clark, Megan Giddings, Laura Kasischke, Dorianne Laux, Ben Loory, LaTanya McQueen, José Olivarez, Justin Phillip Reed, and Arthur Sze.

The Adroit Journal – August 2020

We’re beyond excited to bring you new work from Alicia Ostriker, Diane Seuss, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Jos Charles, Yalie Kamara, David Naimon, and Jordan Jace. We’re also extremely excited to feature poetry by Asa Drake, Thomas Dooley, Mary Biddinger, Kevin Prufer, Maya C. Popa, Jordan Keller-Martinez, and more, prose by Emily Yang and Andreas Trolf, and art by Caroline Zhang, Taylor Wang, Ariel Kim, and others. Read more at The Adroit Journal website.

The Adroit Journal – Adroit Prize Winners

There is plenty for readers to check out in Issue 34 of The Adroit Journal, including the results of the Adroit Prizes.

Poetry Winner
“On Their Birthday, Suge Knight & My Daddy Discuss Forgiveness” by Tariq Thompson

Poetry Runner-Up
“Cha” by Stephanie Chang

Prose Winner
“Valley of Saints” by Yasmeen Khan

Prose Runner-Up
“A Dominicana’s Guide to Surviving a PWI” by Coral Bello-Martinez

In addition to these winners, you can also find a selection of high school and college students who placed as finalists.

The Adroit Journal – May 2020

The May 2020 issue is here with poetry by Jenny George, Arthur Sze, Jessica Abughattas, Melissa Crowe, Jamaica Baldwin, C.X. Hua, Kara van de Graaf, Hala Alyan, Mark Wunderlich, Raymond Antrobus, Stephanie Chang, and more; prose by Scott Broker, Alyssa Proujansky, Maura Pellettieri, and Mina Hamedi, with a prose feature by Dima Alzayat. See what else the issue has in store for you at The Adroit Journal website.

The Adroit Journal – March 2020

Adroit Journal - March 2020

Find the newest issue of The Adroit Journal is out. Readers can check out poetry by Bryan Byrdlong, Steven Duong, Garous Abdolmalekian, Emily Lee Luan, John Freeman, Erin Adair-Hodges, Peter Streckfus, Ae Hee Lee, Matthew Gellman, Sara Elkamel, Seth Simons, Imani Davis, Kim Addonizio, Sahar Romani,  Zach Linge, Matthew Rohrer, Joanna Klink, and more; prose by Cathy Ulrich, K-Ming Chang, Connor Oswald, and others; plus conversations with Natalie Diaz, Matthew Rohrer, Brian Teare, Deb Olin Unferth, and Matthew Zapruder.

The Adroit Journal – January 2020

Adroit Journal - January 2020

The Adroit Journal Issue 31 is here with new poetry by Victoria Chang, Michael Bazzett, Bruce Snider, Mark Halliday, Paul Guest, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, Faylita Hicks, Caroline Crew, Paige Quiñones, Abby E. Murray, Natalie Eilbert, and more; prose by Kate Folk, Pete Segall, Alexander Weinstein, Alex Perez, Wendy Oleson, and John Elizabeth Stinzi; and art by Heather Betts, Jenny Shi, Anna Frankl, Niya Gao, You Young Kim, and Serge Gay Jr. Plus five new interviews with Victoria Chang, Danez Smith, Paige Lewis, Corrie Williamson, and Carmen Maria Machado.