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Magazine Stand :: Boulevard – Spring 2023

Boulevard Spring 2023 cover image

Boulevard Spring 2023 is a double issue (38.112 & 38.113) that includes winning entries from all three of the publication’s emerging writers contests: 2022 Poetry Contest winner Danielle Lemay, 2021 Fiction Contest winner Lacy Arnett Mayberry, and 2021 Nonfiction Contest winner Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell. It also features a Boulevard Craft Interview with Danielle Dutton, a symposium on appropriation in art, new fiction from Joyce Carol Oates, David Nikki Crouse, Brad Eddy, Kristen-Paige Madonia, and Alexandra Munck, new poetry from Emma DePanise, Auden Eagerton, Bob Hicok, Abbie Kiefer, Weijia Pan, Doug Ramspeck, JC Talamantez, and Yun Wei, and essays by Amy Mevorach, Rebecca Owen, and Jess Smith. Cover art: Self-Portrait (2020), oil on canvas by Isabelle Roig.

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Magazine Stand :: Boulevard – Summer 2022

Boulevard Summer 2022 literary magazine cover image

The newest issue of Boulevard (Summer 2022) includes the winning poems from the 2021 Poetry Contest by Jennifer Conlon, a Boulevard Craft Interview with Joyce Carol Oates, new fiction from Michael Czyzniejewski, Willie Fitzgerald, Kelly Ann Jacobson, Stephanie Mullings, Elizabeth Stix, and Julian Zabalbeascoa, new poetry from Linette Marie Allen, Diedrick Brackens, Shutta Crum, Nicelle Davis, Jessica Dionne, Benjamin S. Grossberg, Bill Hollands, Betsy Johnson, Alicia Byrne Keane, Jayson Keery, James Lineberger, Alicia Ostriker, Alpay Ulku, Tianru Wang, and Joan Wickersham, and essays by Marianne Abel-Lipschutz, Adrian Acu, Heather Donovan, Barbara Haas, Brandi Nicole Martin, K. B. Merritt, and Marcus Spiegel. Plus, a captivating digital collage by Julia Terbrock on the cover.

Boulevard – Fall 2021

This issue includes the winning story from the 2020 Short Fiction Contest by Seth Bockley, a Boulevard Craft Interview with Best Show host Tom Scharpling, new fiction from Joyce Carol Oates, Melissa Chadburn, Angela Ma, Liwen Xu, and Roy Parvin, new poetry from Michaela Carter, Michael Hettich, Lee Ann Roripaugh, Brooke Sahni, and Alexandra Teague, and essays by Stephen Benz, Anne Kenner, and Jessica Weatherford.

More info at the Boulevard website.

Boulevard’s 2020 Winning Emerging Writers

The Spring 2021 issue of Boulevard features the winner of the 2020 Nonfiction Contest for Emerging Writers and the winner of the 2020 Poetry Contest for Emerging Writers.

2020 Poetry Contest for Emerging Writers
“Black Zombi” by Bryan Byrdlong

Honorable Mentions
Esther Ra
Calvin Walds
Christine Robbins

2020 Nonfiction Contest for Emerging Writers
“The King’s Game” by Jonathan Wei

“Six Articles for Survival” by Laura Joyce-Hubbard

Grab a copy of the issue or check out these pieces on the journal’s website.

Boulevard – Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 edition of Boulevard is now available with winning poems from the 2020 Poetry Contest by Bryan Byrdlong, the winning essay from the 2020 Nonfiction Contest by Jonathan Wei, and a craft interview with Emily St. John Mandel. New poetry by Adrian Matejka, Adedayo Agarau, JD Amick, Clare Banks, Lory Bedikian, Ava C. Cipri, Laura Davenport, Kwame Dawes, Rosalind Guy, Rachael Hershon, Lisa Low, Jane Morton, and more.

Boulevard – Fall 2020

Boulevard No. 106 contains a fantastic and diverse slate of great writing, including the winning story from the 2019 Short Fiction Contest by Sena Moon; a Boulevard Craft Interview featuring a conversation between J. Ryan Stradal and Beth Dooley; new poetry from Shara McCallum, Eloisa Amezcua, Molly Brodak, Doug Ramspeck, Katherine Smith, Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, Dara Elerath, and Jeannine Hall Gailey; new fiction from Ron Austin, Matthew Di Paoli, Christine Sneed, and Adam Roux; essays by Christine Spillson, Jodie Varon, Matt Jones, Brandon Parker, and Min Han; and a new symposium about re-examining history. Plus, fantastic, and striking cover art by Xizi Liu!

Emi Nietfeld Investigates Her Past

Magazine Review by Katy Haas

Opening the Spring 2020 issue of Boulevard is the winner of the journal’s 2019 Nonfiction Contest for Emerging Writers: “My Mom Claims I Had a Drink with My Rapist. I Investigate.” by Emi Nietfeld.

In this piece, Nietfeld looks back to June 28, 2010 when she was raped while in Budapest and to the conversations she had with her mother immediately after and eight years later about the incident. This investigation focuses on the drink that Nietfeld did or didn’t have and the influence the drink had on her mother’s reaction to the rape.

Nietfeld breaks the piece up into sections, investigating in-person conversations, emails that were sent in 2010, and her old computer documents. After she presents the “evidence,” she breaks it down and discusses it. I found this approach to be interesting and impactful as she turns a critical eye on past conversations, her memory, and her relationship with her mother.

Not only is this piece a strong start to the issue, but it demonstrates why Nietfeld deserves to have won the Nonfiction Contest for Emerging Writers.