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Published by the MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte with an editorial staff comprised of current students Qu Literary Magazine publishes fiction, poetry, essays, and script excerpts. Payment upon publication is $100 per prose piece and $50 per poem. The Winter 2022 contributors include Nathan Alling Long, G.G. Silverman, Naomi Anne Goldner, Mariah Lanzer, Susan Comninos, Alex Dodt, Susan Comninos, Michelle McMillan-Holifield, Brent Ameneyro, Jose Hernandez Diaz, Kate Horowitz, John Leonard, Seif-Eldeine, Lisa Summe, Neal Adelman, Jake Alexander, and Kristin Dombek. Each new issue is free to read online and also available to purchase in print.

Qu – Winter 2021

This issue of Qu features “Rogue Valley” by Midge Raymond, “Social Studies” by Stephany Brown, “The Summer of Disappearing Moms” by Kristin Gallagher, “Brooklyn” by Roy Bentley, “survival float” by Rachael Gay, “Touch Starvation” by Rachael Gay, “Last Seen Leaving Campus with Unnamed Male” by Mary Wolff, “A Marriage of Lies and One Truth” by Mary Wolff, and more.

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Qu Literary Magazine - Winter 2020Qu Literary Magazine, published by the MFA Program at Queens University of Charlotte, publishes poetry, prose, and script excerpts from new and established voices. Writers are paid for their contributions: $100 per prose piece and $50 per poem.

For readers, past contributors have included Keija Parssinen and Jon Pineda.

Learn more about their submissions (opening soon) and more at their listing.

Qu Literary Magazine – Winter 2020

Qu Literary Magazine - Winter 2020

The Winter 2020 issue of Qu Literary Magazine is out. Fiction by Renay Costa and Kevin M. Kearny; nonfiction by Jackie Kenny and Stephanie Dickinson; and poetry by Betty Rosen, nicole v basta, Sara Moore Wagner, Tom C. Hunley, Kelly Weber, and Elsa Ball. Patricia Powell provides “On Listening” in our “The Writing Life” section, and in stage/screen writing: Kate McMorran and Libby M. Gardner.

Patricia Powell “On Listening” in Qu Winter 2020

Qu: a Literary Magazine logoQu, the literary magazine from Queens University of Charlotte, features regular articles on The Writing Life.

Patricia Powell, author of Me Dying Trial, A Small Gathering of Bones, The Pagoda, and The Fullness of Everything, dives into how listening is purposeful, and sometimes down right difficult, not only in workshops and writing, but in our everyday lives and our relationships.

When we write we are listening. We often choose a quiet place free from noise and interruptions and close the door. We still the thinking, chattering mind and slowly tune inward. We sit, our bodies like giant ears, waiting for the sound under all things to burp into consciousness.  This kind of full-bodied listening provides spaciousness for the work to show up without pressure, for the work to be.

[ . . . ]

Deep Listening can often lead to right speech and right action. We must listen before we act. We must not slouch in our efforts to fight for climate and food and housing justice. We must not slouch in our efforts to fight for racial and gender and wage justice.

Read Powell’s full article in Qu‘s Winter 2020 issue.