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Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – Issue 48

Wordrunner eChapbook 48 Salvaged cover image

Salvaged is the Spring 2023 Wordrunner eChapbook anthology exploring what can be salvaged from lost or damaged relationships, troubled times, or long lives well lived. Twelve authors write about retrieved memories, industrial waste, car wrecks, lives rescued from despair or death, and what the dying leave behind that may or may not be salvaged. This 48th issue explores emotional residue ranging over time and space from pre-industrial Europe to 1930s Taiwan to an Afghani war zone. New to this issue is Prose Editors’ Choice: “Imperfect Machines” by Joyce Hinnefeld, a meditation on her mother’s life (and the history of the sewing machine). This issue can be read online or downloaded as a pdf along with all the previous Wordrunner eChapbook publications: 26 fiction, 5 memoir, and 5 poetry collections, each featuring one author — and 13 anthologies by multiple authors.

Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – Issue 47

Wordrunner eChapbooks issue 47 cover image

Wordrunner eChapbooks‘ 47th issue, Winter 2022 fiction echapbook, is Death in the Cathedral: A Novella in Five Stories by Malcolm Dixon. These five linked stories immerse readers in the turbulent, disturbing and sometimes hilarious misadventures and rivalries of Catholic schoolboys in late 20th century Liverpool—Stephen Mattimore, the boy who tries to play by the rules, his rebellious and scornful classmates who torment their cassocked teachers, the misfit who runs the campus sundries shop. Death, lurking in the title story, whether sudden or anticipated, alters everyone. Outside the confining Cathedral College flows “the inky black waters of the Mersey, opaque to the point of invisibility, like the dark unwritten page of [Stephen’s] future.” This collection may be read free online or you can purchase an ebook edition for only $2.99. Authors receive 50% of all royalties, it’s a way to support a small press, and they make thoughtful gifts during the holiday season!

Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – Summer 2022

The Satisfaction of Longing stories by Victoria Melekian book cover image

With its 46th and newest issue, Wordrunner eChapbooks‘ Summer 2022, The Satisfaction of Longing by Victoria Melekian, the number of fiction collections published in their free, online or epub format is 24. Add to this 5 memoirs, 5 poetry collections, and 12 anthologies, and visitors will find plenty to keep their reading needs satisfied, indeed!

Melekian’s stories are considered “emotionally rich and ethically complicated. . . suffused in longing and loss.” The collection of seven stories opens with the chance encounter of a woman and man who had once endured unbearable tragedy. A fatherless woman with an imprisoned husband has a mysterious benefactor. Two sisters conflict over what to do with their father’s ashes. In the final story, a woman and her son flee her estranged husband, who never wanted children.

This collection may be read free online but can also be purchased as an ebook edition ($2.99) from Amazon or Smashwords with authors receiving 50% of all royalties. ALL Wordrunner Authors are paid, and this also supports an indie press!

Later this year, Wordrunner will be publishing their 25th fiction collection, Death in the Cathedral by Malcolm Dixon. Look for it in December.

The theme for the Spring 2023 issue will be announced by December and submissions open January 1 through February 28, 2023. Guidelines may be found here.

Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – April 2022

Wordrunner literary magazine cover image

The prose and poetry in the 12th anthology and 45th issue of Wordrunner eChapbooks is themed “Up Ending” and offers both heartache and hope, wonderfully nuanced characters, and mostly upbeat endings. Read online or download as a PDF with fiction by Nancy Bourne, Frank Diamond, D.B. Gardner, Joyce Goldenstern, Natascha Graham, Mary Lewis, and Fabriana Martinez; nonfiction by Rachel Cann, Sarah Mullen, and Mary Cuffe Perez; and poetry by Iris Dunkle, Mark Heathcote, and Christopher Rubio-Goldsmith. Wordrunner notes that “ALL AUTHORS ARE PAID and have been since this series was launched in 2010.”

Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – Winter 2021

We are pleased to announce publication of Wordrunner eChapbooks‘ 44th issue, our Winter 2021 fiction echapbook: Arrest, Stories by Lazarus Trubman. A riveting and grimly comic collection, Arrest is the account of a Moldavian-Jewish dissident’s interrogation by the KGB, subsequent imprisonment in a labor camp, and a difficult emigration from the former Soviet Union with his family. The author’s life is the source for this fiction, narrated by a character named Trubman, a survivor scarred by his experience who finds a new home in the USA.

More info at the Wordrunner website.

Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – September 2021

A novella in stories, these ten powerful and gritty, interlinked tales take readers inside an impoverished, drug-ridden central Florida neighborhood where the Collins family lives. The three children are being raised by their bartender mother while their father is in prison. The angry oldest son Phillip bullies his siblings—Daniel, who likes to try on his mama’s clothes and lipstick, and little sister Tammy, wise beyond her years. Tammy has a crush on Angelo, a boy across the street whose multi-generation Puerto Rican family provides a contrast with the dysfunctional Collinses. More about this issue at the Wordrunner website.

Magazine Stand :: Wordrunner eChapbooks – 2021

Our theme for this issue is LOVE in all its painful, confusing, passionate, and joyous diversity. Featuring fiction by Louise Blalock, Margaret Emma Brandl, Ed Davis, Stefan Kiesbye, and Nick Sweeney; memoir by Jane Boch, Ruth Askew Brelsford, Laura Foxworthy, and Carmela Delia Lanza; and poetry and prose poems by Leonore Hildebrandt, Robert Murray, and Jacalyn Shelley.

Wordrunner eChapbooks – Winter 2020

First Kings and Other Stories. Here are three haunting winter tales you’ll be glad you stayed home to read. In these dreamy and introspective stories, award-winning author Morrissey take us to a remote and frigid landscape where blinding white snow and sky are indistinguishable, and those who must venture out to pit their resolve against icy weather lose their way and possibly their senses.

Sponsor Spotlight :: Wordrunner eChapbooks

Have you caught up with Wordrunner eChapbooks lately? Each triannual issue features work by one author in a mini, digital chapbook. The journal also produces annual themed anthologies, and many issues are new dimensions to the online reading experience with the use of hyperlinks to photos, videos, background articles, maps, poetry, and artwork. A great companion for the chapbook fan on the go.

Wordrunner eChapbooks – No 40

Wordrunner eChapbooks‘ 40th issue, the Summer 2020 fiction echapbook: The Estrangement Effect: Stories by Rebecca Andem. The five stories in Andem’s collection explore the startling, disconcerting, unsatisfying, and liberating moments in which we understand that the most central relationships in our lives are inhabited by strangers, strangers we are deeply connected to, be they lovers, spouses, parents, siblings or children.

Call :: Wordrunner eChapbooks Closes to Mini-Fiction Collections on June 30

Don’t forget June 30 is the deadline to submit mini-fiction collections between 5 and 15 stories to Wordrunner eChapbooks for their Fall 2020 series to be Reminder :: Wordrunner eChapbooks Closes to Mini-Fiction Collections on June 30published in August and December online and as epubs. Stories may be flash or longer, from 500 up to 5,000 words each. They’d like at least five stories, but no more than 15 (if flash fiction). They will also consider novel excerpts. No genre fiction, please. Stories by authors who receive Honorable Mentions will be considered for their 2021 themed anthology. See www.echapbook.com/submissions.html for detailed guidelines and Submittable link. Payment: $100 plus royalties. Submission fee: $6.

Call :: Wordrunner eChapbooks Seeks Mini-Fiction Collections

Deadline: June 30, 2020
Two fiction collections will be selected for our fall 2020 e-chapbook series, to be published in August and December, online and as epubs. Stories may be flash or longer, from 500 up to 5,000 words each. We’d like at least five stories, but no more than 15 (if flash fiction). We will also consider novel excerpts. No genre fiction, please. Stories by authors who receive Honorable Mentions will be considered for our 2021 themed anthology. See www.echapbook.com/submissions.html for detailed guidelines and Submittable link. Payment: $100 plus royalties. Submission fee: $6.

Wordrunner eChapbooks – 2020

Wordrunner eChapbooks - April 2020

The title and cover art for Wordrunner eChapbook‘s 2020 anthology reflect a future more uncertain than usual, as well as hopefulness as we intend to publish more excellent writing in the next decade. Fiction by Cathy Cruise, Sam Gridley, Ashley Jeffalone, Lazar Trubman, and more; nonfiction by Lisbeth Davidoff, Kandi Maxwell, and others; poetry by Michelle Lerner and a prose poem by Robert Clinton.

Call :: Wordrunner eChapbooks Spring 2020 Anthology

Wordrunner eChapbooks is celebrating 10 years of publishing with the release of their Spring 2020 anthology.

Writers can submit poetry, fiction, memoir, and creative nonfiction for this anthology through February 29. They want emotionally complex and compelling writing on any theme or subject that has not been previously published. $3 submission fee.

They pay accepted authors $5 to $25.