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Magazine Stand :: American Writers Review – Turmoil and Recovery

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American Writers Review is a multi-genre literary journal published by San Fedele Press welcoming writers, artists, and photographers of all backgrounds, styles, and experience levels who want to explore their art. Their 2021 issue was the first they had themed and was grounded in the turmoil of the past two years and the hope for an eventual recovery. Submissions of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, photography, and other art for their 2022 themed issue “The End or The Beginning” are being accepted until May 31, 2022, and Wayne Benson will be their poetry editor, joining the team of D Ferrara, Pat Florio, and Dale Louise.

Contirbutors to their 2021 issue include Robert Armstrong, Dale Bailes, Elizabeth Browne, David Brubaker, Jacalyn Carley, Anne Casey, D Chase-Herber, DeWitt Clinton, Jean Colonomos, Craig Czury, Dawn Denham, Kari Despain, Mario Duarte, Patricia Dutt, Jo Angela Edwins, Rachel Elam, Rachel Evans, D Ferrara, Gregory Fletcher, Patricia A. Florio, Ralph F. Florio, Ana M. Fores Tamayo, Lara Frankena, Peter David Goodwin, Lenore Hart, Deb Hemley, Cynthia Hilts, Richard Holinger, Vivian Imperiale, David Michael Jackson, Rosie Johnston, Jennifer Judge, Babitha Marina Justin, R. J. Keeler, Candice Kelsey, Richard Key, Mila Lachica, Jennifer Lagier, Allan Lake, Sheree La Puma, Dawn Leas, Dotty LeMieux, Monique Antonette Lewis, Lynnette Li, Carol MacAllister, Gale Martin, Margaret McCaffrey, Helen McDonald, R.F. Mechelke, Tara Menon, Mona Miller, Shelly Gill Murray, Linda Murphy Marshall, Lori Myers, Elizabeth Nash, Kevin Oderman, Mary K O’Melveny, Patrick O’Neil, Michael Penny, Colin Pink, Anita S. Pulier, A. Rabadeux, Burt Rashbaum, Mary Kay Rummel, Joel Savishinsky, Hilary Sideris, Al Simmons, Dave Sims, Jeff Talarigo, Holly Tappen, Paul Telles, Butterfly Thomas, Barry Lee Thompson, Katie Toskaner, Diane Valeri, Bissera Videnova, Lois Villemaire, Julene Waffle, Russell Willis, and Diana Woodcock

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