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Magazine Stand :: Glass Mountain – Spring 2022

Glass Mountain online literary magazine Spring 2022 issue cover image

Congratulations to Glass Mountain Editor Natalie Dean who graduated this spring from the magazine’s home base, University of Houston. She reminds us in her editor’s note that “art is always worth the trouble. Making time, even when you truly have none, to create and to engage with art is worthwhile. Always.” Likewise, it is worthwhile to appreciate what others have created, using it to fortify and inspire us all through our own busy lives. The Sping 2022 issue of Glass Mountain online is at the ready, with art by Rebecca May, Gabriela Carrion, Sydney Cristofori, Samantha Capps, Guliz Mutlu, Bill Wolak, Mellany Medina; poetry by Victoria Woolf Bailey, Laurinda Lind, Zoe Elisabeth, DS Maolalai, Zoe Korte, Sarah Mills, Nicole Knorr, Alex Blum, Clara McShane; prose by Julie Beals, Stephan Lang, Lena Levey, Annalisa Morganelli, Ashley Sgro, Abbi Tobin; and Writing Competition Winners: “night drive” by Vanna Do, and “Rumors of Resurrection” by Katy Borobia.

New 5-in-5 Interview with Mohja Kahf

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Love interviews with writers? How about bite-sized ones? Don’t forget about Glass Mountain‘s weekly 5-in-5 series. The series gives established writers 5 minutes to answer just 5 questions.

On April 15, they published their interview with Mohja Kahf. Kahf is the author of My Lover Feeds Me Grapfruit, winner of several awards (including a Trailblazer Award from the Radius of Arab American Writers), and her writing is available in Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, and German translations.

One of my favorite parts of the interview is how she expresses erasure poems as her least favorite trend, but how she values those who can devote themselves to the genre.

Erasure poems is my least favorite because it means you have to devote a lot of time to a piece of writing you want to undermine by strip-mining it to create a counter-statement that exposes the ironies of the original text, or its ambiguities or moral flaws or whatever.

Mohja Kahf, 5-in-5 interview with Glass Mountain

Stop by their site to learn who Kahf is reading right now, what work by someone else she wished she had written, what was the best money she ever spent as a writer, and what she would do if she wasn’t a writer.

New 5-in-5 Interview at Glass Mountain

Glass Mountain has a new 5-in-5 interview up at their website. This interview series features five questions answered in five minutes by established writers.

Big Poppa E was interviewed this week, and the questions asked were:

  • What work (by someone else) do you wish you had written?
  • If you could tell your young writing self anything, what would it be?
  • Which book have you reread more than any other?
  • What are some common “traps” writers should look out for?
  • If you didn’t write, what would you do for work?

Stop by Glass Mountain‘s website to see Big Poppa E’s answers.

Robertson Prize Winners in Glass Mountain Volume 27

Glass Mountain hosts their annual Boldface Writers’ Conference. Attendees are invited to enter the Robertson Prize after revising their work. Winners of this free contest (one per genre) receive $100 and publication in Glass Mountain. This year’s winners are included in Volume 27.

“Four Yelp Reviews (After J. Bradley)” by Robin Burns
“The Masseuse” by John Cai
“An Obituary for the Ginko Berry Tree in Drexel” by Coutney DuChen

Learn more about the Boldface Conference here.

Glass Mountain – Fall 2021

Volume 27 is out with art by Isabella Celentano, David Dodd Lee, Weining Wang, Emily Fannin, Nicole Choi, and more; poetry by Jose Wilson, Tom War, Tobias Tegrotenhuis, David Romanda, Riley Morrison, Annie Martin, Delaney Kelly, Ambrose Day, and Lorelei Bacht; and prose by Amber Barney, Nicole Collingwood, Devan Hawkins, Haley Herzberg, Hannah Lindsay, Khalid McCalla, Adia Muhammad, Elena Negrón, and Beatrix Zwolfer. Plus the winners of the Robertson Prize. More info at the Glass Mountain website.

Glass Mountain – Fall 2020

The Fall 2020 issue of Glass Mountain features the Robertson Prize winners: Sarah Han Kuo in fiction, Yasmin Boakye in nonfiction, and Stephanie Lane Sutton in poetry. Also in this issue, find art by Martin Balsam, Jailyne España, Rain Mang, and more; fiction by Rain Bravo, Eric Dickey, Caitlin Helsel, and others; nonfiction by Linda Schwartz; and poetry by Danny Barbare, Emily Fernandez, Kathy Key-Tello, Stephanie Niu, and more.

Glass Mountain Goes Digital

Literary magazine Glass Mountain has launched a new website as they transition from a print journal into an online-only journal. They are also working on digitizing their past volumes. You can keep up on the status of this project on their archives page.

Glass Mountain Volume 25 feature

Glass Mountain was conceived of in 2006 by the undergraduate students of the University of Houston and was designed as a counterpart to their literary magazine Gulf Coast, which is edited by graduate students in the creative writing program. It’s name hails from Donald Barthelme’s short story “Glass Mountain.”

This journal is ran and edited by undergraduate writers and is dedicated to showcasing the writing of fellow undergraduate writers from across the country. They accept submissions year-round from emerging and undergraduate writers. They do not charge a submission fee.

You can read their current Fall 2020 issue in its entirety online. It features the winners of the Robertson Prize, Sarah Han Kuo (fiction), Yasmin Boakye (nonfiction), and Stephanie Lane Sutton (poetry).

They also hold an annual conference dedicated to emerging writers. The 2021 Boldface conference will be conducted virtually May 24-28.

Don’t forget to stop by their listing on NewPages to learn more, too.