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Magazine Stand :: Glass Mountain – Spring 2022

Glass Mountain online literary magazine Spring 2022 issue cover image

Congratulations to Glass Mountain Editor Natalie Dean who graduated this spring from the magazine’s home base, University of Houston. She reminds us in her editor’s note that “art is always worth the trouble. Making time, even when you truly have none, to create and to engage with art is worthwhile. Always.” Likewise, it is worthwhile to appreciate what others have created, using it to fortify and inspire us all through our own busy lives. The Sping 2022 issue of Glass Mountain online is at the ready, with art by Rebecca May, Gabriela Carrion, Sydney Cristofori, Samantha Capps, Guliz Mutlu, Bill Wolak, Mellany Medina; poetry by Victoria Woolf Bailey, Laurinda Lind, Zoe Elisabeth, DS Maolalai, Zoe Korte, Sarah Mills, Nicole Knorr, Alex Blum, Clara McShane; prose by Julie Beals, Stephan Lang, Lena Levey, Annalisa Morganelli, Ashley Sgro, Abbi Tobin; and Writing Competition Winners: “night drive” by Vanna Do, and “Rumors of Resurrection” by Katy Borobia.

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