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Magazine Stand :: South Dakota Review – 57.1

South Dakota Review print literary magazine issue 57.1 cover image

South Dakota Review Volume 57, Number 1, kicks off its new volume with poetry by Ana Maria Caballero, Ross White, Dana Salvador, Jennifer Met, James Cihlar, Eloise Klein Healy, Sean Cho A., Claudia Putnam, Pen Pearson, and Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán; fiction by LJ Kessels and Charles Holdefer; and nonfiction by Lane Chasek, Mardith Louisell, Gail Hosking, and Richard Holinger, as well as an experimental collaborative essay by Corinna Cook & Jeremy Pataky.

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Magazine Stand :: South Dakota Review – 56.3

South Dakota Review print literary magazine volume 56 number 3 cover image

Readers will love to luxuriate in this generously sized 9″x9″ print South Dakota Review (with beautiful cream-colored pages). Volume 56, Number 3 features poetry by Jeffrey Bean, Claudia Buckholts, Holli Carrell, Mary Cisper, Gillian Cummings, Marlon Hacla (translated by Kristine Ong Muslim), Jacob Griffin Hall, Twyla M. Hansen, Callia Liang, Kevin McLellan, Laurie Saurborn, Tyler Smith, Kevin West, John Sibley Williams, Keith Woodruff, and Adrena Zawinski; short fiction by Joseph Biancalana; nonfiction by Sharon Goldberg; an epistolary essay by John Yohe; and a scholarly experimental essay by Jessica Hudson.

Magazine Stand :: South Dakota Review – 56.2

South Dakota Review literary magazine cover image

I’m a huge fan of the 9×9 format South Dakota Review and the luxury of poetry that doesn’t have to be font-shrunk to fit the page and the double-column prose. This lovely new installation includes poetry by Brandon Krieg, Hollie Dugas, Laura S. Marshall, Sunni Brown Wilkinson, Samantha Padgett, Lana I. Ghannam, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Annette C. Boehm, Charlie Clark, and Adam Scheffler, essays by Lee Ann Roripaugh, E. J. Meyers, Oakley Ayden, Lori Horvitz, Margaret Erhart, and short stories by Suzy Eynon, Cassandra Woodard, Jenny McBride, and Katie Schmid.

South Dakota Review – 56.1

In this issue: poetry by Jordan Escobar, John McCarthy, Mary Buchinger, Dorsía Smith Silva, Kayla Sargeson, Maggie Graber, Nazifa Islam, Eddie Kim, and Miles Waggenr. Short fiction by Jennifer Gauthier, Andrew Zhou, Abby Walthausen. Essays by Elizabeth Henry, Yelizaveta P. Renfro, Gary Fincke, and Janine DeBaise. Hybrid prose by Jim Peterson, plus a collaborative essay by Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade. Find it at the South Dakota Review website.