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Magazine Stand :: South Dakota Review – 58.2

South Dakota Review is published quarterly at the University of South Dakota through the Department of English, and the newest issue (58.2) continues their commitment to cultural and aesthetic diversity with contributions from S.M. Badawi, Shlagha Borah , Rebecca Bornstein, Ronda Piszk Broatch, Jacob Butlett, Joseph J. Capista, Benjamin D. Carson, Richard Cecil, John Compton, William Erickson, Sarah A. Etlinger, Monica Joy Fara, Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi, Gary Fincke, Christopher Heffernan, Andrew Hemmert Justin Hunt, Genevieve Kaplan, Jen Karetnik, Charity Ketz, Anu Kumar Justin Lacour, Hillary Leftwich, Angie Macri, Kristine Langley Mahler, Matt Mason, Terri McCord, Mary B. Moore Marry Morris, Reuben Gelley Newman, John A. Nieves, Marlene Olin, Carolyn Oliver, Rachel Marie Patterson, Jessie Raymundo, Jennifer Richter, Dara-Lyn Shrager, and Anthony J. Viola. Cover art by Editor-in-Chief Lee Ann Roripaugh.

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