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Magazine Stand :: South Dakota Review – 57.2

South Dakota Review 57.2 cover image

Since its inception in 1963, South Dakota Review has maintained a tradition of supporting work by contemporary writers writing from or about the American West. The newest issue, South Dakota Review 57.2, continues this tradition, featuring poetry by Mercedes Lawry, Jane Zwart, Jessica Goodfellow, Josh Mahler, Elizabeth Tracey, Emma Aylor, Jey Ley, Carol Everett Adams, Brooke Harries, Michelle Otero, Dianna Vega, Nathan Whiting, E.B. Schnepp, and Jonathan Louis Duckworth; short stories by Elizabeth Tracey, Emily García, Vinh Hoang, and Jarrett Kaufman; as well as essays by Sihle Ntuli, Dannielle Shorr, and Joe Sacksteder.

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