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Magazine Stand :: South Dakota Review – 57.4

South Dakota Review 57.4 cover image

South Dakota Review is delighted to wrap up Volume 57 with a marvelous roster of authors! Volume 57, Number 4 includes poetry by Craig Blais, Maggie Bowyer, Lawdenmarc Decamora, Deidra Suwanee Dees, Aidan Dolbashian, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Joanna Doxey, Kristin Entler, Kennedy Amenya Gisege, Korey Hurni, Evan J. Massey, King Tina, Sara Moore Wagner, Terin Weinberg, Kenton K. Yee, and Hafsa Zulfiqar; fiction by Ryan Burruss and Noah Pohl; creative nonfiction by Alyse Bensel, Anna Oberg, Emily Stedge, Caroline Sutton, and Natasha Williams; and a scholarly essay by Joanna Acevedo. Issues can be ordered here.

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