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Notre Dame Review – No. 52

Notre Dame Review cover image

The Summer/Fall 2021 issue of Notre Dame Review is subtitled “New Life” and offers stellar prose and poetry from Adam Byko, Natalie Storey, and John Vanderslice, as well as poetry from Mary Gilliland, David Moolten, and Honora Ankong, among many others. As a companion to the print issue, the website includes additional content such as author commentary on their published work, weblinks, expanded bios, links to other works, and related interviews. The publication also provides a “web extra” from the print edition to read in full. For this issue, William O’Rourke’s A Covid-19 Journal: Intermittent is available. Stop by the Notre Dame Review website for all this and more.

Kestrel – Issue 46

Kestral literary magazine cover image

In the Winter 2021-2022 issue of Kestral: A Journal of Art and Literature, the editors comment that “A theme emerged organically” around food, hunger, and thirst: “We not only spend time thinking about food; we have deep feelings about it, hard thumbs up for our favorites or thumbs down for disgusting foods we’d rather start than eat. Food can provide solace and sustain us with its memory. It’s mythic and essential, political and also a point of conflict.” Visit the Kestral website to read select content by Patricia Caspers, Mark Crimmins, Hayley Harvey. Lily Lauver, Jory Mickelson, Jane C. Miller, and Rose Strode.

Rivanna Review – Issue 3

Rivanna Review cover image

The March 2022 issue of Rivanna Review (#3) includes stories by Lynne Barrett, Harris Coverley, Maija Haavisto, and Mitchell Toews, essays by Maxim Matusevich, Brother Boncoeur, Brent Howe, and Muriel Gudgeon, art by Jim Ross, Lia Mageira, and Norm Melichar, as well as a feature called “Notices” which includes three historical essays about “Little Blue Books,” “The Sorcerer,” which examines “the writer as sorcerer […] and none more adept than Marcel Proust,” and “La Scarzuola,” the Franciscan monastery. Visit Rivanna Review for more information.

Allegro Poetry – No. 28

Allegro Logo

The March 2022 issue of online literary magazine Allegro Poetry Magazine features poetry by Christopher Southgate, Elizabeth Barrett, Anna Saunders, Tim Love, Jane Angué, John Grey, Tony Beyer, Gareth Roberts, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Jane Simpson, Rod Whitworth, Stephen Cramer, Marjory Woodfield, Simon Smith, Richard Cecil, Peter J. Donnelly, Ed Ahern, Tim Dwyer, Alwyn Marriage, Hélène Demetriades, D A Prince, Phil Wood, Julie Mullen, and Caroline Maldonado.

Read the issue online at Allegro Poetry Magazine‘s website.

Magazine Stand :: The Gettysburg Review – 33:4

The Gettysburg Review cover image

The Gettysburg Review 33:4 features paintings by Erik Weisenburger, fiction by Jackson Saul, Benjamin Ehrlich, and Sofia Ergas Groopman; essays by Molly Gallentine, Alexis Richland, Cassandra J. Bruner, Stephen Corey, and James McKean; poetry by Kathryn Cowles, Janice N. Harrington, Colin Pope, Alice Friman, Albert Goldbarth, Christopher Howell, Margaret Gibson, Bruce Snider, Floyd Collins, Sherod Santos, Jaswinder Bolina, Nicholas Friedman, and Sydney Lea.

Rattle – 75

Rattle magazine image cover

The Spring 2022 issue of Rattle featured a Tribute to Librarians. Librarians work on the front lines of literature and are often the last bulwark against censorship, as we discuss with former librarian Janice N. Harrington in the conversation section. The theme includes 16 poems by librarians and their always-interesting contributor notes. The open section features 22 poets exploring the mysteries of life, both large and small. You can purchase the new issue at the Rattle website.

Grand Little Things – Feb 2022

Grand Little Things logo

Online literary magazine Grand Little Things is dedicated to “returning versification to verse.” They publish work on a rolling basis throughout the month. During February, they featured poems by J.P. Sexton, Gillian Thomas, Mark Burgh, Fabrice Poussin, Seth Wieck, Diane Lee Moomey, Louise Machen, J. Napolitano, Lisa Creech Bledsoe, and Paul Jones. Stop by Grand Little Things to read these and more.

The Penn Review – No. 71

Issue 71 of online literary magazine The Penn Review features poetry by Anne Kwok, Grace Gilbert, Tom Hunley, Grug Muse, Sheree La Puma, and more; fiction by Merridawn Duckler, Scott Karambis, Christina Irmen, Thea Goodman, and K.C. Mead-Brewer; nonfiction by Siamak Vossoughi, Caitlin McDermott-Murphy, and Denise Tolan; plus art by Sijia Ma, Jay Mitra, Michael Hower, Susan Slocum Dyer, and Nicole Fang.

Stop by The Penn Review website to read the current issue.

Terrain.org – Feb 2022

This month online literary magazine Terrain.org published the winners of their 12th Annual Contests. Find “The Frontier” by Sean Sam, “The Snake and the Sanctuary” by Melina Walling,” and two poems by Jennifer K. Sweeney. Plus, find work by John Washington, Rob Carney, Molly Lanzarotta, Laurel Anderson, Sharon Hashimoto, Cassandra Cleghorn, Cheryl Merrill, Ian Capelli, Amy Dryansky, D.S. Walsman, and more.