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Magazine Stand :: Rivanna Review – Issue 6

Rivanna Review issue 6 December 2022 cover image

Issue 6 of Rivanna Review offers readers an eclectic collection of content “from Virginia and beyond,” with stories by Jerry Gabriel, Christine Schott, Dylan James, and Mitchell Toews; features like “Osoyoos Homecoming” by Sonia Nicholson, “Southwest Petroglyphs” by Edward Boucheron, a tribute to Melody Edwardsen by Ed Meek, an introduction and portfolio of “Venice Watercolors” in full color by Karen Rosasco, a tribute to Isaac Boyd by Carol Cutler, photographs by Raegan Pietrucha, an intriguing series of “Welsh Portraits” by John Thomas (1838-1905), and articles on the Lang Fairy Books and the Little Free Library, book reviews, and the column “News from Hapsburg,” which features “The Bell Ringer,” James Pettigrew. If you appreciate history, literature, arts, and photography – the Rivanna Review has got you covered!

New Lit on the Block :: Rivanna Review

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Many literary ventures begin in response to some need, and in doing so, become a vital component in building a literary community. Rivanna Review is just such a venture. Founder and Editor Robert Boucheron took a look around him and comments on what he observed, “Charlottesville is a university town, a hotbed of readers, and home to many writers, yet it lacked a publication for books, book reviews and literary news. Rivanna Review is here to fill the gap. It exists ‘for your reading pleasure.’ At the same time, it promotes small presses, American writers, and Virginia.”

Indeed, the name itself is reflective of its community, as Charlottesville is located on the Rivanna River, a tributary of the James. But writers and readers, know that contributors to the magazine come from around the globe and write about “places far and wide.” The most recent issue invites readers “to visit small town New England, downtown Atlanta, rural Highland County, Virginia, the Silk Road in Kazakhstan, a high school in suburban New Jersey, and the shadow world of hoaxes, malls, and Bigfoot.” Some recent contributors include Lynne Barrett, Jonathan Russell Clark, Maxim Matusevich, Ed Meek, Lisa Johnson Mitchell, Karl Plank, Christine Sneed, and Lucy Zhang.

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Rivanna Review – Issue 3

Rivanna Review cover image

The March 2022 issue of Rivanna Review (#3) includes stories by Lynne Barrett, Harris Coverley, Maija Haavisto, and Mitchell Toews, essays by Maxim Matusevich, Brother Boncoeur, Brent Howe, and Muriel Gudgeon, art by Jim Ross, Lia Mageira, and Norm Melichar, as well as a feature called “Notices” which includes three historical essays about “Little Blue Books,” “The Sorcerer,” which examines “the writer as sorcerer […] and none more adept than Marcel Proust,” and “La Scarzuola,” the Franciscan monastery. Visit Rivanna Review for more information.