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Magazine Stand :: Rivanna Review – Issue 6

Rivanna Review issue 6 December 2022 cover image

Issue 6 of Rivanna Review offers readers an eclectic collection of content “from Virginia and beyond,” with stories by Jerry Gabriel, Christine Schott, Dylan James, and Mitchell Toews; features like “Osoyoos Homecoming” by Sonia Nicholson, “Southwest Petroglyphs” by Edward Boucheron, a tribute to Melody Edwardsen by Ed Meek, an introduction and portfolio of “Venice Watercolors” in full color by Karen Rosasco, a tribute to Isaac Boyd by Carol Cutler, photographs by Raegan Pietrucha, an intriguing series of “Welsh Portraits” by John Thomas (1838-1905), and articles on the Lang Fairy Books and the Little Free Library, book reviews, and the column “News from Hapsburg,” which features “The Bell Ringer,” James Pettigrew. If you appreciate history, literature, arts, and photography – the Rivanna Review has got you covered!

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