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Magazine Stand :: Allegro Poetry Magazine – Issue 29

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Publishing two issues of Allegro Poetry Magazine a year, Editor Sally Long hasn’t missed a beat since 2014. Each online issue is free to read and features a fine selection of works that are not longer than 40 lines each. Long introduces Issue 29: “When I set the theme of ‘Freedom’ I had in mind an expression of solidarity with the poets and people of Ukraine and others around the world whose freedom is threatened by war and various forms of oppression. I’m pleased that the theme captured the imagination of so many poets. I’m especially delighted to be welcoming poets from Ukraine whose works are featured in this edition. I hope you enjoy reading the variety of interpretations of freedom represented in Issue 29.”

Authors who made this cut this issue include Dee Allen, Rupa Anand, Byron Beynon, Fiona Cartwright, David Chorlton, Craig Dobson, Philip Dunkerley, Tim Dwyer, Paul Fenn, S.C. Flynn, Cole Henry Forster, Jeff Gallagher, Rebecca Gethin, Marcello Giovanelli, Amlanjyoti Goswami, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Eve Jackson, Vyacheslav Konoval, Steve Lang, Mary Mulholland, Eira Needham, Robert Nisbet, Jon Plunkett, Marc Isaac Potter, Mykyta Ryzhykh, Finola Scott, Louise Warren, and Gareth Writer-Davies.

The next submission window is December 1-January 31 for the March 23 edition, which is a general issue with no set theme.

Allegro Poetry – No. 28

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The March 2022 issue of online literary magazine Allegro Poetry Magazine features poetry by Christopher Southgate, Elizabeth Barrett, Anna Saunders, Tim Love, Jane Angué, John Grey, Tony Beyer, Gareth Roberts, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Jane Simpson, Rod Whitworth, Stephen Cramer, Marjory Woodfield, Simon Smith, Richard Cecil, Peter J. Donnelly, Ed Ahern, Tim Dwyer, Alwyn Marriage, Hélène Demetriades, D A Prince, Phil Wood, Julie Mullen, and Caroline Maldonado.

Read the issue online at Allegro Poetry Magazine‘s website.

Allegro Poetry Magazine – Issue 27

Allegro Logo

Issue 27 on the theme of ‘Geography’ is now online. Poetry by D A Prince, Lynne Lawner, George Moore, Ruth O’Callaghan, Rebecca Gethin, Finola Scott, Phil Vernon, Grant Tarbard, John Grey, Simon Perchik, Alistair Noon, Kelley White, Kristine Johanson, Chris Pellizzari, Joe Crocker, Caroline Davies, Philip Burton, Paula Aamli, Stuart Mckenzie, Toby Jackson, and more. See a full list of contributors at the Allegro Poetry Magazine website.

Allegro Poetry Magazine – March 2021

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Welcome to the first edition of Allegro for 2021. Enjoy poems by Anthony Lawrence, Marc Woodward, Roger Bloor, Robin Helweg-Larsen, David Harmer, Glenn Hubbard, Jane Blanchard, Craig Coyle, Sophia Agyris, Robert Ford, Ian C Smith, Marius Grose, Phil Vernon, James Dowthwaite, Rebecca Gethin, John Rogers, Judy Clarence, Helen May Williams, Carolyn Oulton, Sean Chapman, Barbara Parchim, and more. See a full contributor list at the Allegro Poetry Magazine website.

Poetry – June 2020

New poetry by Karen An-Hwei Lee, Jan Freeman, Ashanti Anderson, Ken Babstock, Drew Swinger, W. Todd Kaneko, Susan Parr, Noah Baldino, Faylita Hicks, Erika Martínez, Ian Pople, Bradley Trumpfheller, Alla Gorbunova, Marion McCready, Eleanor Hooker, Tim Seibles, Carol Ann Davis, Karisma Price, Rita Dove, Fran Lock, Emily Fragos, Rajiv Mohabir, Cynthia Guardado, Sandra McPherson, Elizabeth Metzger, Miller Oberman, Catherine Cleary, and more. In “The View from Here” section: Nicolas Bos, Zach Pino, Leah Ward Sears, Mairead Case, and John Green. Plus two essays by Torrin A. Greathouse and Christian Wiman. Check out other poetry contributors at the Poetry website.

Allegro Poetry Magazine – No. 24

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Allegro Poetry Magazine has recently moved to a biannual publication schedule. This issue’s contributors include Judith Russell, Michael G. Casey, John Grey, Leslie Tate, Ruth Taaffe, Dan Overgaard, Ken Cumberlidge, William Snyder, Beth McDonough, Holly Day, Goran Gatalica, Kate Noakes, Aaliyah Cassim, Awósùsì Olúwábùkúmí A, Phil Wood, Gordon Gibson, Sean Howard, Michael Burton, Julia White, Julie Mullen, and Michele Waering.