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The Sunlight Press

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  • A Literary Journal for New and Established Voices
  • About this Magazine:

    The Sunlight Press, is a nonprofit literary journal, publishing new and established voices in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, craft essays, and photography. Founded in 2017, the journal is strictly online publishing twice weekly. We’re interested in how people turn toward light and hope, respond to darkness, and navigate unknown spaces.

  • Editor(s): Beth Burrell, Rudri Patel
  • Contact Information:

  • Organization (if applicable):
  • Address 1: PO Box 161
  • City: Merion Station
  • State Code: PA
  • Postal Code: 19066
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Submission/Subscription Information:

  • Format: Online
  • Genres: Fiction, Nonfiction, Photography, Poetry, Reviews
  • Postal Submissions: no
  • Email Submissions: yes (see website)
  • Reading Period: year-round (unless noted on website)
  • Response Time: within 3 months
  • Payment: yes (see website)
  • Contests: yes (see website)
  • Founded: 2017
  • Issues Per Year: twice weekly

Publisher description: The Sunlight Press is a digital literary journal publishing an array of emerging and established voices from around the world. Work featured includes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, book/film reviews, craft essays, and photography. Yearly, we offer writing and/or photography contests with cash awards, and nominate for the Pushcart, Best of the Net, and other awards.

Founded in 2017 by two writers, Sunlight is a nonprofit journal focused on responsiveness, integrity, and financial support of the arts. (Find current pay rates on our Submit page.) Editors are particularly looking for fresh perspectives, and writing that moves and sparkles, offering unique experiences with universal appeal. The journal publishes twice weekly (occasionally running full weeks of one genre); and submissions are open throughout the year unless otherwise noted on the website. Yearly, the journal closes for two months in the summer and three weeks over the holidays. No fee to submit.

The Sunlight Press is listed in Brecht's Top 1000 Lit Magazines (as of January 2023). Additionally, the journal had two stories nominated for the Wigleaf Top 50 in 2021. (Nominated stories were "A Shiny Little Blue World," by Dan Crawley, and "Blood Roots," by Alyssa Jordan.)

The Sunlight Press staff includes Beth Burrell and Rudri Patel (Editors & Founders); Caroline Packard (Copyeditor & Reader); Clive Collins (Poetry Editor); Meg Freer (Poetry Reader); Elizabeth Spencer (Writer & Reader) and Annie Scholl (Writer); Susan Pohlman, Windy Lynn Harris, Amanda Nicholson, and Kate Jones (Readers); and numerous volunteer photographers.

Questions? Contact [email protected].

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