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  • A Journal of Poetry & Prose
  • About this Magazine:

    Allium publishes work that is provocative, evocative, and bold. We are about inclusion—representing the range and diversity of writers’ voices. We believe the art of writing is an exploration—of a complex and evolving world.

  • Editor(s): Tony Trigilio, Alexis Pride, Marc Meierkort
  • Contact Information:

  • Organization (if applicable): Columbia College Chicago
  • Address 1: English & Creative Writing
  • Address 2: 600 South Michigan Avenue
  • City: Chicago
  • State Code: IL
  • Postal Code: 60605
  • Phone: (312) 369-8212
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Submission/Subscription Information:

  • Format: Online, Print
  • Genres: Cross-Genre, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry
  • Simultaneous Submissions: yes (with notice)
  • Postal Submissions: no
  • Email Submissions: no
  • Online Submissions: yes (via Submittable)
  • Reading Period: 11/15 – 1/31
  • Response Time: 3–5 months
  • Payment: no
  • Contests: no
  • Founded: 2020
  • Issues Per Year: 2 online, 1 print

Publisher’s description: Allium, A Journal of Poetry & Prose, from Columbia College Chicago’s Department of English and Creative Writing, is a multi-genre print and online publication. Allium publishes three issues each year: two online issues (Fall and Summer) and one print issue (Spring).

Allium are flowering plants that include hundreds of species. These plants’ dramatic variation in size, shape, and color, are cultivated as both vegetable and ornament—they naturally resist taxonomy. Our Allium aspires to create a similar resistance by publishing diverse creative voices, recognized and emerging writers, and a variety of forms and genres from the traditional to the experimental.

We are dedicated to promoting the finest work of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry written by both recognized and emerging writers, in a variety of forms that range from traditional to experimental. We want the work we publish to embody a sense of journey and discovery.

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