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SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review)

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  • About this Magazine:

    Contemporary poetry in English from the U.S. and around the world in English translation.

  • Editor(s): Kirstin Hotelling Zona
  • Contact Information:

  • Organization (if applicable): Illinois State University
  • Address 1: 4241 English Department
  • City: Normal
  • State Code: Illinois
  • Postal Code: 61790-4241
  • Phone: (309) 438-7986
  • Submission/Subscription Information:

  • Format: Print
  • Genres: Poetry, Translations
  • Copy Price: $10
  • Simultaneous Submissions: yes (with notice)
  • Postal Submissions: yes
  • Email Submissions: no
  • Online Submissions: yes (see website)
  • Subscription (individuals): $18
  • Subscription (institutions): $20
  • Reading Period: 9/15-2/15
  • Response Time: 2-5 months
  • Payment: copies and year's subscription
  • Contests: yes (see website)
  • ISSN: 0738-8993
  • Founded: 1976
  • Issues Per Year: 2

Publisher’s Description: SRPR celebrates a poetics of emplacement: writing that reveals the borders of our comfort zones as sites of connection rather than irreconcilable difference. In this spirit, each issue of SRPR features a poet with an Illinois connection as well as a variety of poems that often experiment with and sometimes cut the moorings by which we feel tethered to the known. Additional highlights include “The SRPR Interview,” an in-depth conversation with our featured poet, as well as “The SRPR Review Essay,” a long article by an established poet-critic on new books of poetry and relevant conversations in contemporary poetics.

Recent and forthcoming issues feature poems by Laynie Browne, Jack Collom, Joshua Corey, Joanne Diaz, Ewa Chrusciel, Arielle Greenberg, Linda Gregerson, Gabriel Gudding, Edward Hirsch, Allison Joseph, Joanne Kyger, James Longenbach, Jamaal May, Shane McCrae, Hoa Nguyen, Danielle Pafunda, Kristin Prevallet, Andrew Schelling, Jonathan Skinner, Jean Valentine, Rachel Zucker, and many more.

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