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About Frostwriting: Frostwriting, an online journal, encourages developing writers trying to put broadly cross-cultural experiences into words. Should these words in any way involve Sweden, all the better.

Contact Information:

c/o William Males

Ostindienfararen 21 III

Göteborg, Sweden  417 65

Phone: (01146) 70 35 111 36



Submission Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: yes Reading period: year-round Response time: 1 day to 12 weeks; don't query until 3 months have passed Payment: no Contests: no ISSN: 2000–0189 Founded: 2008 Issues per year: 2

Publisher’s description: You can take in an issue of Frostwriting on your coffee break, breathing between pieces. The writing hits you every time, or at least it hit us. Everything’s short so you can read it on your phone.

Frostwriting's not concerned with categories, so it's hard to summarize what we publish, except to say it's short and what we at the mag find good. Poetry or prose that's finely wrought but without substance doesn't fly. Our pieces are about something specific, but easy to relate to.

We don't pay our writers anything or run contests. We just have a simple site that's easy to read, and publish the best stuff we get. We've been running for five years and keep getting better and better stuff.

We two issues a year - autumn and spring. Between the issues we perk up the site with outstanding new material that comes our way.