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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 50, 2015
This year, Tampa Review celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with this second of two anniversary issues. Like the Arts and Crafts Movement that blurred and blended lines between decoration and utility, the literary texts in this issue explore a series of contrasts and connections while refusing to treat them as binaries. This issue includes work by Poet Laureate of Florida Peter Meinke, as well as work by Isabella David, J. Malcolm Garcia, D. J. Sheskin, and more, with a special letterpress insert.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 3 Issue 2, Summer 2015 online
The latest issue of Sukoon is finally online! Issue # 6! Read, enjoy and share. A special interview with Etel Adnan! Poems, stories, translations, reviews, plays and art by Etel Adnan, Philip Metres, Kim Jensen, Lisa Suhair Majaj, Sahar Mustapha, Shebana Coelho, Zeina Hashem Beck, Pam Laskin, Omar Khalifa, Farheen Khan, Kenneth E. Harrison, Steven Schreiner, Jeff Friedman, Nada Faris, Anna Cates, Chaun Ballard, Marsha Mathews, Marguerite G. Bouvard, Shahd Alshammari, Nora Baksh, Layla Goushey, J. Tarwood, Mark Tardi, A. Reed Garner, Jana Aridi, Zahi Khamis, Zeina Azzam, and Bob Tomollilo.
The Malahat Review's Autumn 2015 issue features the winner of the 2015 Far Horizons Award, Mark Rogers, plus poetry by Joelle Barron, Jan Conn, Dani Couture, Jennifer Houle, Stevie Howell, Chris Hutchinson, Sean Kilpatrick, Sina Queyras, matt robinson, Joe Rosenblatt, Bardia Sinaee, Ali Sohail, Mallory Tater, and Stephanie Warner; fiction by Joshua James Edgar, J. R. McConvey, and Thomas Wharton; and nonfiction by Magie Dominic, Robert Horn, and Alex Leslie.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 20 Number 4, Fall 2015
This issue features an interview with NC Poet Laureate Shelby Stephenson by Lisa Zerkle, photography—including the cover—by William C. Crawford, poetry, fiction, reviews, and, in the Back Seat section, the ever-abrasive sound of the editor’s voice grinding away at social and political matters of the day.
In the Winter 2015 issue of The Gettysburg Review: essays by Jen Silverman, Shara Lessley, Sarah McRae Morton, Char Gardner, and Derek Mong; fiction by Polly Buckingham, Gabrielle Hovendon, Keith Lesmeister, and Patricia Grace King; and poetry by Natalie Mesnard, Jeff Worley, Meridian Johnson, Grahahm Barnhart, Jon Loomis, and more.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 29 Number 2, Fall 2015
The Fall 2015 issue of CRR features fiction by Jeffrey DeLotto, Daniel Gunter, David Langlinais, and Lauren Doyle Owens; nonfiction by Laura Bernstein-Machlay, John Gist, Ron Riekki, and Michael Milburn; poetry by, among others, Jo-Anne Cappeluti, George Drew, Keith Dunlap, Mike Faran, Bob Gaskin, Ken Hada, Deborah Phelps, Jeffrey Talmadge, and James Valvis; plus seven book reviews.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 10, Fall 2015
The Common's milestone Issue 10 features new fiction from Maine, Nigeria, and a corporate high-rise by Nick Fuller Googins, Gbolahan Adeola, and Michelle Ross; essays exploring the personal and the historical in Siena and Nantucket by Katherine Dykstra and Ben Shattuck; poetry by award-winning American poet Denise Duhamel, editor of the Best American Poetry series David Lehman, and new Caribbean voice Colin Channer, as well as a collection of new Chinese poetry; and images harkening from the 17th century and projecting into the next millennium.
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  • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 193, Fall 2015
In addition to the wonderful cover art by Amy Guidry, this issue features provocative poetry by Judith Skillman, David Ebenbach, Monica Berlin, Jan Beatty, Patricia Clark, and many others, as well as arresting fiction by Syed Ali Haider, Glen Pourciau, Jenny Irish, and John Twohey.
The Fall 2015 issue features poems and an in-depth interview with Kerrin McCadden, author of Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes, plus new work by Joshua Bennett, Mark Burke, Carol Ann Davis, David Hernandez, Lizzie Hutton, Sandra Kohler, Robert Malloy, Bill Neumire, Takamichi Okubo, Joe Pan, sam sax, Sean Shearer, and Jeffrey Thomson.
This issue includes a special spotlight section entitled “The Most Beautiful Powwow in the World” guest edited by Jerry Brunoe. It also contains the work of more than thirty Indigenous writers, including Susan Power, Gordon Henry, Trevino Brings Plenty, Eliza Kelley, Tiffany Midge, R. Vincent Moniz, Jr., and Ralph Salisbury.
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