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Magazine Stand :: Broadsided – Spring 2024

“Literature & art for your walls & streets,” Broadsided Spring 2024 brings readers a bright palette and strong patterns – both visual and linguistic. This new folio dances over and along the deep emotions and, in many cases, sorrows held in the poems. Isn’t that the essence of spring? Readers can enjoy the color echoes between “Cytokine,” “Graffiti on Moving Day,” and “Tall(grass) Prairie Song.” “Highlights” and “Tomcat” use patterning in ways that ask us to consider how memory and desire repeat themselves in our minds. The enigmatic, powerful images of “Black Dissection” and “Pelt” draw us in to look more closely, to spend more time with each. We ask ourselves: what does abstraction open? What about enigmatic photographs? How do images of childhood linger for us, perhaps as afterimages?

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