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Magazine Stand :: Kaleidoscope Podcast – Episode 6

Kaleidoscope: The Art and Language of Inclusion has launched Episode 6 of its podcast. Focusing on selections from issue 88 of Kaleidoscope magazine, this podcast aims to lift the words directly from the pages of the publication to deliver them to an audience through a new perspective.

Host Nick deCourville takes listeners on a journey through the art of living with a disability. Looking at our own lives, we may often choose to make positive changes that help us live a more authentic existence. On the flipside, we may decide that something we have always done is no longer in our best interest, and we choose to let it go. Throughout this episode, the presenting authors share the essential elements they have found to living a life crafted creatively.

Episode six of the Kaleidoscope podcast features readings from authors Hareendran Kallinkeel, Carrie Hinton, Aisha Ashraf, Nancy J. Fagan, Stacie Eirich, Tim Campbell, Geri Lipschultz and Kelsie Bennett.

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