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Magazine Stand :: Kaleidoscope – Winter/Spring 2023

Kaleidoscope Number 85 cover

Throughout the Winter/Spring 2023 issue of Kaleidoscope: Exploring the Experience of Disability through Literature and the Fine Arts, unexpected truths are discovered through all genres. Sometimes the truth can be hard to swallow and in other cases, revelations are surprisingly sweet. The featured essay, “Awakening” by Jane Gabriel, recounts the events of a beautiful, sunny, summer day when she picks up her teenager’s phone only to discover her daughter is plotting a murder and has enlisted the help of someone online. Without warning, a fast-moving, dark storm erupts within the home, and what transpires is sure to leave readers stunned. Kaleidoscope hopes readers will enjoy the well-crafted stories, moving poetry, poignant essays, animal portraiture by Katherine Klimitas, much-needed humor, and a review of the book Being Heumann. Other contributors include Matt Flick, Fay L. Loomis, Stephanie Harper, Alpheus Williams, Sharon Hart Addy, Evelyn Arvey, Carol Zapata-Whelan, Judy Lunsford, Vesper North, Courtney B. Cook, Eric Witchey, Judith Krum, Daylyn Carrigan, Jess Pulver, Kristen Reid, Chelsea Malia Brown, Robin Knight, Hudson Plumb, Conny Borgelioen, Dawn Rachel Carrington, Hannah Sward, Kelley A Pasmanick, and Fionn Pulsifer.

January 2023 eLitPak :: Issue 86 of Kaleidoscope Available Now! Accepting Submissions Year-round

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Unexpected truths are discovered throughout this issue, in all genres. Sometimes the truth can be hard to swallow and in other cases, revelations are surprisingly sweet. Kaleidoscope magazine publishes literature and artwork that creatively explore the experience of disability. Submit your best work to us today! Visit our website and view our flyer for more information.

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Magazine Stand :: Kaleidoscope – Summer/Fall 2022

Kaleidoscope literary magazine issue 85 cover image

Kaleidoscope magazine creatively focuses on the experiences of disability through literature and the fine arts publishing personal essays, creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and book reviews. Issue 85 contains nuggets of contentment and acceptance. The featured essay is “My Mother’s Geranium” by AnnaLee Wilson. Desperate to uncover her family’s history and the mystery disease impacting many of the women in it, the author began asking her aging mother questions in search of answers. This essay is the result of those inquisitive visits. This issue’s featured artist is Alana Ciena Tillman, a mouth artist and entrepreneur. Her “Happy Cow” image on the cover is delightful. Kaleidoscope hopes readers will enjoy the poetry, essays, and stories of strength, connection, and contentment offered by their contributors: Marcia Pradzinski, Nancy Deyo, Troy Reeves, Kirie Pedersen, Evelyn Arvey, Sylvia Melvin, Cristina Hartmann, John William, Kale Bandy, Jen Eve Taylor, Doug Tanoury, Dina S. Towbin, Mary Wemple, Colleen Anderson, Levi J. Mericle, and Sandra J. Lindow.

July 2022 eLitPak :: Issue 85 of Kaleidoscope Available Now! Accepting Submissions Year-round.

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In this issue you’ll find nuggets of contentment as authors share stories of disability and the connections they experience with those who travel this journey with them. A pioneer in its field, Kaleidoscope magazine publishes literature and artwork that creatively explore the experience of disability. Submit your best work to us today! Visit our website or view our flyer for more information.

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New Podcast :: Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope magazine logo image

Established in 1979 as the first magazine to creatively explore the experience of disability through the lens of literature and fine arts, Kaleidoscope is once again breaking new ground to share the experiences of disability through literature and the fine arts.

“The Kaleidoscope podcast,” the editors write, “is meant to expand the outreach of the magazine in a new and modern way and we want to offer more opportunities for writers to present their work. In the first episode, most of the featured writers read their own pieces, making it a more authentic and powerful experience to enjoy. We also hope to make the publication more accessible for those with visual impairments or other disabilities for whom reading can be a challenge. The very nature of the podcast format makes it more accessible to a broader audience whether listening at home, at the office, or while on a commute.”

Kaleidoscope hopes that future podcasts will include interviews with writers and artists to further explore perceptions of disability as well as interviews with individuals who bring fresh insight to issues of interest to those living with a disability or those caring for someone with a disability.

January 2022 eLitPak :: Kaleidoscope

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Issue 84 of Kaleidoscope Published this Month! Accepting Submissions Year-Round

Resilience is the common thread running through the work selected for this issue, which includes writing by authors in India, Bahrain, Australia and across the United States. A pioneer in its field, Kaleidoscope magazine publishes literature and artwork that creatively explores the experience of disability. Submit your best work to us today! Visit our website for more information.

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Kaleidoscope – No. 84

In this issue, we see a common thread of resilience. Humor and an appreciation for the little things are along for the ride. Featured essay by Kavitha Yaga Buggana. Featured art by Sandy Palmer. Fiction by Kelly A. Harmon, Lind McMullen, and Courtney B. Cook; a personal essay by Jackie D. Rust; creative nonfiction by Judy Kronenfeld, Laura Kiesel, Kristin LaFollette, and Tereza Crvenkovic; and a book review by Nanaz Khosrowshahi. Poetry by Alan Balter, Lucia Haase, John Dycus, Linda Fuchs, Diane S. Morelli, Alana Visser, Wren Tuatha, and T.L. Murphy.

Download the new issue PDF at the Kaleidoscope website.

Kaleidoscope – Summer 2021

In this summer issue of Kaleidoscope, we have personal essays, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, a book review, a dance feature, and information regarding the release of the documentary film Fierce Love and Art. Featured essay by Kimberly Roblin. Featured art by Diane Reid. Additional work by Mariana Abeid-McDougall, Dyland Ward, Carrie Jade Williams, and more. See a further list of contributors at the Kaleidoscope website.

July 2021 eLitPak :: Issue 83 of Kaleidoscope Now Available!

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Accepting Submissions Year-Round

In addition to American authors, this issue includes the work of seven writers from abroad who share experiences that reveal we are more alike than we are different. A pioneer in its field, Kaleidoscope magazine publishes literature and artwork that creatively explores the experience of disability. Submit your best work to us today! Visit our website for more information.

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Kaleidoscope – Winter Spring 2021

“We Are Worthy” is the theme of this issue of Kaleidoscope. Our featured essay is “Wrap Me Up and Tie It with a Bow” by Shawna Borman. Author Marilyn Slominski Shapiro writes with vivid imagery in her story, “Rejoice the Archangel Raphael!” Judi Fleischman shares creative nonfiction, “My Man George.” This issue contains our first lyric essay, and our first publication of a drabble. In poetry, anxious thoughts are “Intruders” in the mind of Mari-Carmen Marin. You’ll find many other stories, personal essays, and thought-provoking poems that reflect the experience of disability and life in the midst of a pandemic. Cover art by Philadelphia street artist Blur.

Kaleidoscope – No. 81

During periods of unrest and uncertainty, when ominous dark clouds roll in and the sky becomes black, it can be easy to give in to feelings of despair. Kaleidoscope contains stories of adversity but it also offers hope. Featuring the essay “Between Rooms” by N. T. McQueen, the story “Mother Bear” by Melissa Murakami, and the essay “Nacre Upon Nacre” by Jenna Pashley Smith. In addition to these three, this issue contains an array of thought-provoking poetry and other wonderful stories of fiction and nonfiction. Issue 81 brings the promise that storm clouds will dissipate and the sun will shine again.