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Magazine Stand :: Kaleidoscope – Summer/Fall 2023

Kaleidoscope Summer/Fall 2023 issue cover image

A pioneer in its field, Kaleidoscope magazine publishes work that creatively explores the experience of disability. With the theme of “The Ties that Bind,” there are two prominent threads woven into Issue 87: family and deafness. Our featured essay, by Paul Hostovsky, contains elements of both. The featured artist is Kelly Simpson. Kaleidoscope hopes readers will enjoy the work by these contributors: Roly Andrews, Caitlin C. Baker, Shanan Ballam, Rebecca Brothers, Connie Buckmaster, S. Leigh Ann Cowan, Benjamin Decter, Ellis Elliott, Robert Douglas Friedman, N.J. Haus, Shelly Jones, Susan Whiting Kemp, Lori Lindstrom, Claire McMurray, Gloria g. Murray, Wendy Nikel, Rachel Papirmeister, Ujjvala Bagal Rahn, Melanie Reitzel, Kate Robinson, Seth Schindler, Nancy Scott, Margaret D. Stetz, Marya Summers and Lee Ann Wilson.

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